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Saturday, 9 August 2008

BB9: Day 66 VIDEO - Darnell and Sara In Bedtime Flirt

The 'Love Triangle' is a bit confusing (at least the Dale/Jen/Stu triangle was easier!), Sara flirts with Stu but tells him he's not her type, Stuart just carries on being Stu. Darnell tells Sara that he doesn't fancy her but spends the whole of Saturday moaning about Sara because he thinks she fancies Stu.

The housemates think Sara is leading Darnell on and using him to get to Stuart, but since he says he doesn't fancy her - why worry? Or could it be someone is lying - Does Sara really fancy Stu? Does Darnell really like Sara?

Before it all got way too complicated, Sara and Darnell had a late night heart to heart flirtation. Watch the C4 video below and see if you can work out who likes who!!

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