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Friday, 8 August 2008

BB9: Day 65 - Darnell Heads Towards Final

Darnell is a a lot happier as this weeks Big Brother eviction looms, either Dale or Stuart will be evicted tonight and even though Darnell couldn't nominate - two of the people that don't make up "Happy House" are up for the chop.

As Darnell heads towards the final, he's in a more confident mood after listening to housemates discuss who would make the final six. Kat, Rachel and Michael are all set to make it and Darnell is more sure he will be there as well. If Dale is evicted tonight, Stuart, Lisa, Sara and Mo are heading towards relegation. Rex and Nicole will either walk out of the house or kill each other and that leaves Darnell in a good position for a three way final race for the £100,000 prize on September 5th.

Now you can understand why Darnell smiles when he sees people arguing - it increases his chances of staying in the BB9 house and maybe, just maybe he could have the final laugh and win Big Brother.

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