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Saturday, 1 August 2009

BB10: POLL - Who Would You Throw In Jail Results

This week we asked, "Who would you throw in the BB jail and throw away the key?" and it became a battle between Noirin and Marcus. As the week went on Noirin almost caught Marcus up, but he eventually won by one vote. Surprisingly, quiet Hira came third along with outspoken Lisa. David, Halfwit and Rodrigo got a few votes each with Bea and Charlie the only other housemates you voted to throw in jail.

Siavash and Dogface were the only housemates you wouldn't throw into the BB jail, Tom had walked so didn't get any votes.

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BB10: Day 59 PICTURES - Talent Contest

Time to cheer up the housemates after the departure of Noirin and Issac and what better way than a talent contest. Armed with a few props and one hour to prepare, each housemate had to go on stage and do a two minute routine in order to win tokens. The best act would win a trophy, while the loser will be forced to wear a rosette until Big Brother decides they can take it off.

Siavash clowns around
Hira goes to the dark side

Dogface looks pretty in pink

David goes some crotch grabbing

She's behind you Charlie!

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BB10: Day 59 - Charlie And Rodrigo Row

Charlie had accused Rodrigo of not saying goodbye to Noirin when she was evicted, and in return Rodrigo told Charlie that he was always trying to be the 'nice one'.

"I'm not trying to be the nice one, I'll be who I ******* want to be," shouted a very angry-looking Charlie.

And then Rodrigo stoked the fire by talking to the others about Charlie as if he wasn’t there.

"You're a stupid ******* ****," shouted Charlie. "The person she loved came in the House. I would do exactly the same. Get out me face," he spat.

Rodrigo just carried on though, prompting Charlie to reach boiling point – somewhere he never usually reaches.

"You try to put me down because you want to win," Charlie said to Rodrigo. "Did you say goodbye to her?" he asked accusingly.

"She didn't say goodbye to anyone Charl," said Lisa in an attempt to calm things down.

Then it was Bea's turn to stick her oar in. "Usually I would agree that if you don't say goodbye it's rude on either side, but I don't think she wanted to say goodbye to anyone," she suggested.

And that was almost all it needed – the flames were dowsed and all but a few sparks of anger were all that remained.

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BB10: Day 58 VIDEO - Issac Walks

Possibly one of the worst housemates EVER, Issac has walked out of Big Brother 10 after just a few days in the house. Just minutes after his ex girlfriend was evicted, Issac told Big Brother he wanted out.

I guess he knew he would be hated in the house as much the pair were hated on the outside - watch the video below as he says his goodbyes to the remaining housemates...........

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Friday, 31 July 2009

BB10: Day 58 PICTURE - Lisa Looks Like A Ghost!

Has Lisa become a ghost or is she trying to disguise herself with the hope of not being noticed after almost facing eviction last week. The hot tempered housemate has been much quieter over the past two weeks, in fact Lisa has often held her tongue.

The Brummie housemate might look like a ghost, but she knows exactly what is going on in the BB10 house. Rather than get involved in arguments with Noirin (like Bea did), she has almost become invisible, choosing to ignore Noirin instead. Lisa told David that,"When Bea came in this House she was all 'Noirin, Noirin, Noirin'. She hardly spoke to me. Now she wants me to back her up and listen to what she wants to say about Noirin."

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BB10: Day 58 - Noirin Evicted From Big Brother

It was a close eviction a few days ago but as Noirin's ex-boyfriend entered the house, the public turned on the Irish housemate and voted her out with 60% of the vote and a chorus of boos as she left the BB10 house.

As housemates hugged Noirin goodbye, Bea sat looking without getting up - the pair had fallen out earlier in the day and no love was lost between the two. Marcus will get to spend another week inside the Big Brother house - but how will Issac cope without Noirin?

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BB10: Day 58 - Siavash Tells Bea "Just Leave It"

It's all been kicking off today and Bea could come out as the loser as she tries to fight Siavash's battle with Noirin.

"It's happened, I just want to forget it now," Siavash told Marcus. "Why are they having a talk about stuff that's got nothing to do with them?"

"Just soldier through it," advised Marcus. Yeah, when Marcus's feelings got hurt last week he handled the whole thing with total dignity...

"I'm trying to soldier through it, but if people keep on talking about it, how can I?" replied Siavash, looking miserable.

After the fight blew over and Noirin stormed out of the Bedroom, Siavash headed in. Bea immediately attempted to tell him her side of the story but he interrupted her. "Can you please, I beg of everyone, if you're my friends, can you not talk about this whole thing ever again? Yes, Bea? Never again?"

Bea nodded sheepishly.

"Just leave it," he added.

Bea valiantly left it for a good minute and a half before telling him, "I really hope she goes. Honestly hon, she's something else."

"Oh, I don't wanna know, I don't wanna know," moaned Siavash.

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BB10: Day 58 VIDEO - Charlie Let's Secret Out

Charlie couldn't help but blab a secret out to Noirin and Issac as he chatted away with the love birds. But maybe on this occasion it would have been better if charlie had kept his mouth shut. Watch the video to find out what was said ...........

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BB10: Day 58 - Housemates Rally Around Marcus

A few days ago we all hated him and couldn't wait to get Marcus out of the Big Brother house, but how quickly things change. Since Issac arrived in the house it seems Marcus is popular once more and the housemates have rallied around Marcus, hoping he survives eviction.

"I really hope you don't go," Bea told Marcus.
"It's a win-win either way for me," said Marcus philosophically.

"Oh my god, you cannot leave me in this house to deal with all this **** for another week or so," Siavash told him, looking miserable. "I just wanna go back to living, having the Big Brother experience. I did not sleep at all last night," he revealed.

Looks like Marcus might survive for another week...............

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BB10: Day 58 VIDEO - Bea And Noirin Cat Fight

It was the cat fight waiting to happen as Bea and Noirin exchanged strong words, with Noirin telling Bea she was "such a nosey little cow" and that she should "mind her own f**king business". Bea had been saying to Noirin that she shouldn't be surprised people in the house weren't supportive because of the way she had ditched Siavash for Issac.

Watch the heated debate unfold in the video below, even Issac has to butt in..........

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BB10: Day 58 - Eviction Time - Noirin v Marcus

At the start of the week it seemed like a two horse race between Noirin and Marcus as both housemates faced the public vote in Big Brother. Then Noirin's ex-boyfriend Issac was added to the house and suddenly the choice was easy - the public will vote Noirin out and Issac won't be too far behind.

Noirin was already the bookies favourite to go and this was to be the closest eviction battle of the series, but the fortunes for Marcus changed when Issac entered the house on Wednesday evening. Marcus had been in a sulk for a few days after finding out Noirin had kissed Siavash, then his face was one of glee as Issac arrived - knowing the effect it would have on Siavash and Noirin.

Could the voting public turn things around once more and keep Noirin in the BB10 house, just to wind up Siavash, Bea and the rest of the housemates? How will Issac cope if Noirin is voted out? What effect will all this have on Marcus and Siavash?

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Thursday, 30 July 2009

BB10: Day 57 VIDEO - Issac Enters Big Brother House

Watch the video below as Issac enters the Big Brother house, bringing fish 'n' chips and a surprise to Noirin's face........

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BB10: Day 57 VIDEO - Tiny Dancers Performance

This week's Shopping Task had housemates performing a Girls Aloud and Take That track as Tiny Dancers with viewers choosing if the housemates passed the task or not. The video below shows part of the performance, and the bad news is - housemates WILL be on basic food after failing the Task.

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Wednesday, 29 July 2009

BB10: Day 56 - Rodrigo and Marcus Discuss Masturbation

Rodrigo and Marcus opened up about a very private matter as they had a chat about masturbation. Marcus asked Rodrigo how many times he had masturbated while inside the Big Brother house, to which Rodrigo replied, "Seven". Marcus then confessed he had masturbated three times, but that was about to change.........

Marcus then told Rodrigo he was about to go into the sitting room and masturbate, then while he disappeared into the toilet with the duvet over him to fulfil his desire - a cruel Big Brother called him to the Diary Room. "F**king leave me alone," he moaned before finally leaving the Diary Room for a walk around the garden - wrapped in that same duvet!

Minutes later Big Brother teased Marcus even more by telling him to switch his microphone back on.

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BB10: Day 56 - Noirin's Ex-boyfriend Enters Big Brother

Noirin is in for a big shock tonight as her ex-boyfriend will be entering the Big Brother house. She has told Marcus many times that she was still in love with her ex-boyfriend, but has flirted with several of the housemates during her time in the house.

The housemates will be ordering fish and chips tonight and Issac will be the one who delivers the meal.

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BB10: Big Brother 10 Sree Slashes Wrists

Ex-Big Brother 10 housemate Sree was rushed to hospital after slashing his wrists in the early hours of Friday morning according to reports in The Sun. Although it is not believed Sree was attempting suicide, the actions are thought to be a cry for help.

Sree was able to appear later on TV for Big Brother's Big Mouth and the former housemate was being constantly assessed by a show psychologist over the entire weekend. It is thought Sree had become upset while watching Big Brother in his room.

The incident raises doubts about the future of Big Brother and the effects of reality TV programmes on those who take part.

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BB10: Day 56 - Nominations Revealed

This is how each Big Brother housemate voted this week:

Bea nominated David and Lisa
Charlie nominated Siavash and Noirin
David nominated Marcus and Noirin
Dogface nominated Hira and Marcus
Halfwit nominated Lisa and Charlie
Hira nominated Marcus and Siavash
Lisa nominated Noirin and Bea
Marcus nominated Hira and Noirin
Noirin nominated Marcus and Lisa
Rodrigo nominated Noirin and Marcus
Siavash nominated Lisa and Hira

Noirin and Marcus face the public vote with five nominations each.

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Tuesday, 28 July 2009

BB10: Day 55 VIDEO - Tiny Dancers Practise

The Big Brother housemates practise the Tiny Dancers Task to the tune of 'Could It Be Magic' by Take That. Watch Rodrigo, Dogface, David, Siavash and Halfwit go through the mini motions in the video below.

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BB10: Day 55 - Tiny Dancers Task

Housemates will be Tiny Dancers performing Take That's Could It Be Magic and Girls Aloud's smash, Something Kinda Ooh for this weeks Shopping Task.

One housemate will be chosen by the rest of the group as the leader of the Task and they will be required to do twice as much work as everyone else. The housemates will divide themselves into a boy band and girl band and perform as tiny miniature dancers, with one person controlling the body and a pair of little legs, and another performing as the arms.

The leader will become a member of both bands, and must learn both performances. The final performance will take place in a specially built miniature stage with typical band costumes.

Housemates will be judged to have passed or failed based on how well they managed to follow the set choreography by a viewer vote on the official Big Brother website: *BB official website:

BB10: Day 55 - "You Picked The Wrong Woman Siavash"

Bea declared, "You still picked the wrong woman Siavash," in a conversation in the garden - to which Siavash and David couldn't tell if Bea was being serious or not. "I'd be a better girlfriend for Siavash than Noirin," she said. "I'm gonna tell Noirin, back off. Back off *****."

"Look at me. I'm perfect for you," she continued. Bea pressed on with her suggestions of great couply things they could do, but Siavash looked unconvinced.

"If only you'd come in from the start Bea," he joked. "But you have Freddie and I have Noirin. And we have this friendship forever." Then Siavash suddenly looked really awkward. "Oh god, let's stop this joking. They can make it look like we are talking seriously."Bea looked at him. "I am talking seriously. I've never been so certain in all my life.

*BB official website:

BB10: Day 55 - Marcus and Noirin Face Eviction

Seems like the public will be spoilt for choice as to which housemate to evict from the Big Brother house on Friday as Noirin and Marcus will be going head to head after getting the most nominations.

Marcus and Noirin were nominated by the other housemates on Monday following days of unrest in the BB10 house. Both housemates stir deep emotions in each other and viewers with equal measure and bookies have said this is the first real eviction contest of the series - but who will the public vote out?
Noirin is the bookies' favourite for the chop with odds of 4/6 to go. But it is likely to be a close contest as moody Marcus has odds of 11/10 to be put out of his misery.

Will sparks fly between Marcus and Noirin? Will Marcus lose the plot and murder all the housemates before he leaves? Can Noirin flirt with anyone else in the house before she faces the public? Should Bea continue to stir things up in the house in a clever way?

*BB official website:

BB10: Day 55 - Marcus And Noirin Make Up

After a prickly few days, Marcus and Noirin finally made up and became friends again. The Big Brother housemates had a good heart to heart under the duvet and finally said sorry.

"I'm sorry if I upset you," she said as they finally shared a huge make-up cuddle.

"I'm sorry for the way I've been," he said. But Marcus clearly had one thing on his mind.

"What's going on with Siavash?" he asked.

"I don't think we should talk about that," she said. But Marcus began a full-scale assault on her burgeoning romance.

"I think if you were on the outside you wouldn't get a look in," Marcus told her. Noirin continued to listen as Marcus pulled apart her personality, her romance and everyone else in the House.

"You're an idiot Noirin. You're an *******," he said, half smiling. "I should hate you but I don't."

After more chat, Marcus suddenly said: "I wish you fancied me. It's amazing how much you listen to people just cos you fancy them." Noirin said nothing. But Marcus tried again.

"It felt nice holding you. Do you feel safe around me?" he asked.

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BB10: Day 55 PICTURES - Dogface Gets New Bath Partner

Looks like Dogface has found a new bath partner to replace Kris in the Big Brother house............

Guess who's joined Dogface in the bath tub?

Rodrigo shocked by Dogface letting wind in bath

Dogface enjoys a good soak in the bath

Rodrigo takes the place of Kris in the bath

Has Dogface lost Kris from the bath?

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Monday, 27 July 2009

BB10: Day 54 - Lisa Flirts With Bea

Now it is Lisa's turn to have a flirt in the Big Brother house (why not everyone else has been at it!), she turned her attention towards new girl Bea as they sat together on the bench.....

"I hope I'm not turning you on lying like this," purred Lisa as she basked in the sunshine in her green leggings. "Are you tempted?" she asked.

Ever the professional and ever the armchair psychologist, Bea thought it best to turn the conversation around. "Do you fancy me Lisa?" Bea asked.

"You're quite a good looking girl Bea," growled Lisa seductively. "Nice ass, nice eyes, I like your hair in a bob, you're tall," she added.

"Am I in there?" asked Bea provocatively.

"You could be," said Lisa. "You can sting me if you want to. But I wouldn't want you to die on me," she added with a cackle.

"I know I'm in there Bea," continued Lisa. "I could easily chat you up if I wanted to. With a couple of vodka and cokes I think I could charm you."

"Don't make me blush Lisa," said a flushed-looking Bea.

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BB10: Big Brother Viewing Figures Dip Back

Viewing figures slipped back to historic lows as two of the new housemates walked out of the Big Brother 10 house during the week. Sadly BB10 was unable to continue on the gains made the previous week when old housemates returned to celebrate 10 years of Big Brother.

Here are the latest viewing figures for Big Brother 10:

Day 53 (Sun 26 July) - Tom's departure and Marcus in a mood drew 2 million viewers and a 9% share in the 9pm hour, with a further 235,000 on Channel 4 +1

Day 52 (Sat 25 July) - Growing relationship between Noirin and Siavash was seen by just 1.4m viewers (8%) while 194,000 watched an hour later on C4+1.

Day 51 (Fri 24 July) - A cancelled eviction show didn't please viewers who didn't bother to tune in, leaving just 2.04m (10.2%) for the highlights show and for Kenneth's interview, 1.84m (11.7%) at 10.30pm, where he got a grilling from Davina McCall.

Day 50 (Thur 23 July) - Another failed Shopping Task as housemates fail the Greek Task, with 2.04m (11.9%) watching the results.

Day 49 (Wed 22 July) - Busy learning the Stavros Flatley dance and manning the Kebab stall kept 2.03m (8.7%) viewers entertained - but it was down 1m year on year.

Day 48 (Tues 21 July) - Nominations cause a stir as Charlie and Lisa were almost put up for eviction, then it became 11 housemates, as viewed by 2.24m (10%).

*BB official website:

BB10: Day 54 - Noirin Still Confused About Siavash

Noirin has had an eventful few days, but it's been an emotional roller coaster as she's had Marcus, Siavash and Tom to deal with. Then after telling Big Brother she would go for it with Tom, he walks out of the BB10 house before she can express her true feelings.

Seems like option number two is Siavash, but she had already told him they were to be just friends. Then they seem to be kissing at any opportunity and it's confusing the poor girl - so she spoke to Halfwit and Bea about it.

"What should I do about Siavash and me," she asked Halfwit. "I like him and I like being around him and I fancy him, but I don't think I want any more than that."

But according to Halfwit, Noirin may not have so much to worry about after revealing what Siavash had said to him a few weeks back "It was Siavash himself who said to me that any romance in here, when it gets outside will go," revealed Halfwit.

*BB official website:

BB10: Day 54 VIDEO - More Snogging In Big Brother!

It's getting confusing watching Noirin and Siavash because one minute the relationship is meant to be 'just friends' and then it is full on snog fest. Although Noirin has told Siavash straight, he obviously has fallen for her big time.

The video below shows the pair having another good snog, with the help of a little helium...........

*BB official website:

BB10: POLL - Who Would You Throw Into The BB Jail And Throw Away The Key?

There are always a few of the Big Brother housemates that really get up your nose, so this weeks Big Brother Poll asks, "Who would you throw into the BB Jail and throw away the key?"

Would you like to see Marcus locked up forever so that the other housemates can get on with life? Maybe Lisa annoys the hell out of you and you'd like to throw away the key? Or maybe for the safety of the remaining men, Noirin should be placed in the Big Brother jail?

Voting in the BBBS POLL is at the top left of this page......................

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Sunday, 26 July 2009

BB10: Day 53 PICTURE - Halfwit Has A Cry

Halfwit had a good cry today during a chat with Bea while he was in the bath. It seems the emotions got the better of him as he poured out his heart about his lack of trust in Noirin. He had noted her reactions of glee when Marcus lost out on tokens, witnessed by the housemates on the TV screen. He called into question her behaviour and this led Halfwit to become tearful. Bea was on hand to console him and also found time to give Marcus a much needed hug after an emotional few days for the fiery housemate.

*BB official website:

BB10: Day 53 - Marcus Throws Tantrum

Marcus blew the chance to win tokens when he threw a tantrum at Big Brother. Housemates were called into the Diary Room to answer questions on a 50/50 basis to win stuff for the party.

Lisa had to look at a series of pictures and decide whether they showed a frog, or a toad. Answering five questions correctly, Lisa won chocolate and nougat bars, red shoe laces, flying saucers, chewy sweets and cola bottles for the party

Hira's pictures were of stoats and weasels and she only managed to answer two correctly, winning the tracks ‘Nellie the Elephant’ and ‘Hungry Like the Wolf’ for the party.

Bea was shown some pictures of animals that were either alive, or stuffed and she managed to answer six correctly, winning a selection of take-away treats for the party.

When Halfwit's turn came, he had to identify whether a series of animal sounds were made by a human, or an animal. Getting four questions right ensured that the housemates would have Champagne, beer and alcopops for the party.

And then it was Marcus's turn. Assuming his usual 'petulant child' position in the Diary Room, Big Brother should've guessed that trouble was coming and boy did it come.

Big Brother explained that Marcus's Task was to identify whether housemates had been using percentages properly. "It's called mathematical sense, or mathematical nonsense," Big Brother told him.

"You ******," sneered Marcus.

Big Brother would probably have overlooked Marcus's indiscretion, except when he'd answered all the questions, he broke the stand the question boards had been mounted on.

"Do I get this one as well yeah?" Marcus crowed as he sat back in the Chair.

But Marcus was in for a shock.

"Marcus, you've just forfeited the three bonus Tokens," announced Big Brother.

"Don't be a *****," laughed Marcus

But Big Brother wasn't laughing.

"And Marcus," continued Big Brother, "because you called Big brother a ****** and a *****, you are forfeiting that Token as well."

And like a spoilt child, Marcus still couldn't keep his mouth shut. "You're a ******* ******** as well," he shouted as he threw the Token on the floor.

"Marcus, Big Brother will deal with you later. You may now leave the Diary Room."

Ooh, you in big trouble boy…
*BB official website:

BB10: Day 53 VIDEO - Tom Tells Dogface Home Truths

Just before his departure from the Big Brother house, Tom gave Dogface some parting words of advice. While some of the other housemates were sat in on the conversation he told Dogface some home truths in the video below...........

*BB official website:

BB10: Day 53 - Noirin Says Marcus Breath Stinks!

Noirin may be the next housemate to walk out of the Big Brother house after talking to Dogface about Marcus, "He's being a dickhead, I don't see the point I'm not enjoying it anymore."

Laying into Marcus, she continued by saying, "I don't like being around him, he talks about death and smashing things up and his breath stinks." "He's not even nice to me, he's a control freak," she confessed to Dogface.

She had also been upset about how fake Marcus had been on Tom's decision to leave the house, trying to be his best friend yet, "He couldn't stand him." Will Noirin walk? Will Dogface join her?

*BB official website:

BB10: Day 53 - Tom Quits Big Brother House

Tom became the latest housemate to walk out of the Big Brother house, after just eight days in the BB10 house, Tom left via the Diary Room at 2:25am.

Most of the other housemates got up to try and persuade Tom to stay in the house but he told them, "Everyone's in here for the wrong reasons. I've got no interest in sitting around. I'm bored."

While Tom was in the Diary Room, Noirin joked with David, "We're killing them off like flies, are you next?" He replied, "You're having a laugh aren't you? I love it!"

At 2am Tom began packing his suitcase in the dark and wished everyone "Good Luck", and said to Rodrigo, "I'm backing you to win." He also told Dogface that she could do better than Kris in the outside world.

*BB official website:

BB10: Day 52 - Marcus and Siavash First Chat

Treading on egg shells, Siavash approached Marcus to chat for the first time since his kiss with Noirin. But Siavash probably didn't anticipate just how awkward it would be when he decided to approach Marcus to sort things out.

"Marcus, my man," said Siavash slightly nervously. "What's going down?"

"Not a lot," muttered Marcus.

"You wanna talk?" Siavash asked.

"Not really," came the response.

"Are we cool?" asked Siavash.

"Not really," came the same response.

"Why?" asked Siavash daringly.

"Because if you say you have a girlfriend and stuff like that and then you say you don't and then things get to where they are now, the whole House suffers," said Marcus, pausing for effect.

"Not sure what to say, so I won't say anything until I know what to say," said Siavash before heading off to the Kitchen where he told Dogface what had happened.

"He basically said that we're not cool," said Siavash quietly.

"He's just mad at the moment," Dogface told him. "He'll cool down. He'll be fine. Just leave it for the moment."

*BB official website:

BB10: Day 52 VIDEO - The Moment Noirin Told Marcus About The Kiss

Here is the video capturing the moment Marcus found out from Noirin that she had kissed Siavash. He responds in typical Marcus fashion, which leaves you wondering who will be murdered in their sleep..........

*BB official website:
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