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Saturday, 18 July 2009

BB10: Day 45 VIDEO - Housemates Spank Each Other!

Things just got kinky in the Big Brother house - with Noirin and Dogface dishing out a bit of a spanking to unruly housemates. The video below has the girls in action, with Siavash wanting a piece of the action!

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BB10: Day 45 - Meet The Five New Housemates

Big Brother 10 just got VERY interesting as five new housemates were added to the melting pot, just as the remaining housemates were all very cosy inside the BB house. Here are the new housemates:

Top L to R:

Hira: A fashion designer from Dublin who doesn't like staying up late, untidiness, drinking and smoking. She also says she is a firm believer in 'live and let live'. This could be interesting…

Bea: has been expelled from college, sacked from every job she's had and once lost her clothes in a nightclub. She also has a 2:1 degree in psychology. There could be some interesting test cases for her in the House…

Bottom L to R:

Kenneth: Karly's breathtakingly wealthy other half who once reportedly spent £15,000 on a bottle of Champagne just to show off. Who was it who said a fool and his money are soon parted?

David: uber-camp Yorkshireman who wants to be a model for Vivienne Westwood and once won £4000 of a TV quiz show. Say he'll never fall in love again. Ahh, they all say that!

Tom: Archetypal 'posh boy' who sells yachts for a living. Says he isn't in it for the fame and fortune, but Big Brother has heard lines like that before…

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BB10: Day 44 VIDEO - Karly's Best Bits

Love her or hate her - Karly had her fair of fun inside the Big Brother house and the video below captured her 'Best Bits' from her time as a housemate.

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BB10: Day 44 - Karly Evicted From Big Brother

Imagine you've just been reunited with your partner after 44 days apart - the joy, the emotion and then BANG - Big Brother mucks it all up for you. Karly had just been reunited with her boyfriend Kenneth as he was one of the five new housemates to enter the Big Brother house, then Davina McCall broke the news that Karly was to be the seventh person being evicted.

Karly had 50.4% of the public vote and will now have the torture of having to watch her boyfriend as he became a full Big Brother housemate.

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Friday, 17 July 2009

BB10: Day 44 PICTURES - Rodrigo And Charlie Shower Together

Charlie and Rodrigo enjoyed a shower together today as their love/hate relationship continued. Will anything ever happen between them or will the arrival of the new housemates throw an interesting spanner in the works?

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BB10: Day 44 - Big Brother Rewards Housemates

After a tough week in the Big Brother house where the furniture was removed, it was time for Big Brother to get generous. Big brother called the housemates to the Diary Room to receive their Tokens for completing the Task, Big brother had a surprise – housemates could exchange their Token for a once in a lifetime prize.


And what would they choose do you think? A holiday in the Bahamas? A brand new saloon car? A speedboat? Diamonds? A cuddly toy? Immunity from eviction?

Or – incredibly enough – none of the above?

Charlie's prize request was the most tame. He asked for a burger and fries and a fizzy drink. You didn't fancy a nice fillet steak then Charlie?

Karly's request was pretty pedestrian too. Thinking hard about what she missed recently – things like chocolate and sweets – she simply asked for two packets of cigarettes.

Dogface, however, was thinking of her heart when she made her request and asked if she could see her dogs, which Big Brother was happy to organise.

Halfwit decided to keep his Token and take it back into the House for everyone to share.

Rodrigo, like Dogface, was more concerned with matters of the soul and asked if he could speak to his family. Big Brother denied this request, but agreed to organise a letter from home for him.

Similarly to Rodrigo, Siavash asked Big Brother if he could speak to his mum, but Big Brother would not permit this, so Siavash settled for two bottle of wine, 19 cans of cider and a packet of crisps.

But it was Marcus's request that was the most shocking – and when Big Brother says shocking, Big Brother means shocking. After a little wrangling, Marcus narrowed down his choices to two things: an electric guitar and an amplifier for one hour, or – and you'd best prepare yourselves for this – a date with Noirin. That's right, a date with Noirin.

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BB10: Day 44 - Five New Housemates To Enter Big Brother

Get ready for the biggest shake up in the Big Brother 10 house tonight as five new housemates enter to stir things up. There will be a jet setting playboy, a camp northerner to rival Charlie, a rugby playing Tory, a bohemian polygamist and a Muslim fashion designer.

Here is a short video, giving us a sneak preview of the new housemates...........

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Thursday, 16 July 2009

BB10: Day 43 VIDEO - Marcus Shocks Housemates

Marcus gave housemates electric shocks just for the fun of it, while being egged on by BB9's Rex, who wanted to see a more evil Marcus at work.

Those housemates on the receiving end of the electric shocks were not amused as this video shows.............

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BB10: Day 43 VIDEO - BB9's Rex Gives Shock Treatment

Evil Rex from BB9 returned to perform the Electric Shock Task with Marcus but those getting the shocks were less than happy. Noirin was in tears and Lisa was raging as Rex unleashed his evil upon them.

Watch the video and see just how bad things got. Eventually Noirin and Lisa went to the Diary Room and quit the task, which led to more arguments as the housemates look doomed to fail this week's Shopping Task.

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BB10: Day 43 - Big Brother House Emptied

You should never mess with Big Brother, and housemates woke up this morning to a surprise - an empty house. During the night Big Brother cleared away the furniture and fittings as punishment for yesterday's housemate rebellion.

The housemates were left a note reading: "As Housemates are unable to respect the fixtures and fittings of the House, Big Brother has been left with no other decision than to remove them until further notice."
One person who wasn't happy with the news was Rodrigo .............. get ready for tears before teatime!
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BB10: Day 43 - Rodrigo Says He'll Boycott Diary Room

Rodrigo was fuming with Big Brother and the other housemates after certain housemates staged a protest, Big Brother took away fixtures and fitting due to housemates lack of respect. This is a subject that has frustrated the Brazilian housemate during his stay in BB10.

After breaking down in tears in the Diary Room, Rodrigo came out and told Lisa he would never go back into the Diary Room after being let down by Big Brother. He said: "I'm not going to the Diary Room ever again… I know what they want - they want this."

He said he would cover his face so viewers would not see him, "So I'll stay in bed with my face covered so they don't have anything to film," he told Lisa, who agreed that Big Brother engineers situations to upset housemates.

"I thought [Big Brother] were genuine, but I was wrong," Rodrigo added

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BB10: Day 42 VIDEO - Housemates Stage Protest On Roof

Here is the video featuring the BB10 housemates in a rebellion against Big Brother, climbing the roof - Halfwit, Siavash, Marcus and others protested about the lack of alcohol and food. Big Brother warned housemates that they could be evicted from the house, see what happens below.............

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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

BB10: Day 42 - Housemates Stage A Protest

Today, the housemates have moaned about the lack of cigarettes, alcohol, parties and food. And this evening their moaning has turned into something a little more serious.

They are staging a protest.

Earlier, after Charlie's stint on the Word Task, Siavash suggested that Charlie and Rodrigo had a snog in order to encourage Big Brother to give them more grub. Charlie then suggested sex and Rodrigo admitted that he'd do anything for food and drink. Anything?

Marcus put an end to the conversation by suggesting that Rodrigo should hurt his man areas to seal the food deal. Interesting idea.

But it got them talking, and planning.

"We need to get up on the roof," suggested Siavash as a group of them sat in the Living Area.

"What are we in favour of?" Halfwit asked. It's an important question. Any protest must have a strong foundation.

"Alcohol or whatever it is..?" asserted Marcus, unsure of how to outline their mission.

And, a short while later they were off. Noirin, Marcus, Freddie and Charlie hauled themselves up on to the roof outside.

"This is Big Brother, for their own Health and Safety will all housemates come down from the roof immediately," said a stern BB.

"We want drink, more booze and parties," shouted Halfwit.

"I'm scared of heights," screamed a high-pitched Siavash, who later admitted that he probably shouldn't have climbed up.

And when Big Brother asserted that any housemates who didn't get down from the roof would be removed, there was a mad hurry to scurry down from the starry heights.

Then, minutes later Marcus and Halfwit started hurling items into the pool. First went the outside bath. And then the mangle. "We want a party, we want alcohol." said Halfwit as he jumped into the pool.

Right now the housemates are sitting in the Diary Room staging a mainly silent protest. Karly, Rodrigo and Lisa were in there for a short while but left, heading to the Living Area and saying that their part in the protest was over.

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BB10: Day 42 VIDEO - BB8's Brian Belo Flirts With Housemates

Charlie introduced BB8's Brian Belo to the housemates and that gave Brian the perfect opportunity to flirt with the BB10 girls. He asked Noirin to say "Top 'o the morning To ya" and told charlie she had a sexy voice. His attention soon turned to Dogface and commented on her breasts as he gyrated in front of her. Brian told her she should dump Kris and go on a date with him.

Before Charlie and Brian started their literal Task, Brian laughed when he saw Rodrigo and said he looked like the boy in Ugly Betty. As part of the Shopping Task, both BB housemates would have to give as many synonyms as possible to a certain word.

For instance, BB could get them to recite money words. They could respond - dosh, quid, mullah. Watch the video below to see Brian flirting...........

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BB10: Day 42 - Karly and BB7's Nikki Gossip

As more and more former Big Brother housemates return to perform tasks inside the BB10 house, Karly and BB7's Nikki found time for a quick bitch and gossip before starting their Silent Disco Task.

Nikki wasted no time in telling Karly what she thought of Marcus, "I can't stand Marcus," Nikki said. "He actually thinks he's the most gorgeous man ever!" Then Nikki explained that she thought he was dividing the House, preventing Noirin from getting more into the group with Karly.

"That big fat beast is doing that," said Nikki. "I can't understand why he's lasted this long. Someone needs to cut his hair when he's asleep. Why hasn't anyone said anything to him about being so hairy? If he was nice, it wouldn't matter."

"But he's vulgar," agreed Karly. "I'm glad someone agrees with me. Grotty pig." Nikki also said that Rodrigo had become shirty over the past few days, but Karly defended him.

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BB10: Day 41 - Siavash Meets BB6's Makosi and Craig

Siavash got to meet BB6's Makosi and bunny boiler Craig for his part in this week's 10th birthday celebrations. The trio had to recreate the box task, with hilarious results once again.
Makosi revealed that there was another house with twelve housemates in, to which Craig (from inside his box) told her off because they were not allowed to say.

Craig had been saying it 'wasn't right' being back inside the Big Brother house after four years and then went on to attack 'the two blond girls' saying, "one of them doesn't have very good extensions." This led to gasps from Karly and Dogface who could hear his comments through the glass. "She should have said, I could have done them for her," he told Siavash and Makosi after claiming Dogface has "wispy bits".

It's a pity the BB6 housemates had to leave after the task because they added so much fun.

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Tuesday, 14 July 2009

BB10: POLL - Who Should Be Evicted This Friday?

Vote in the BB10 Poll and decide who you would pick for eviction - Siavash, Karly, Dogface and Noirin all face the public vote this week and BBBS want to know YOUR choice. Will you pick flirty Noirin to go or should Dogface go and join Kris on the outside? Is Karly too much for you or does Siavash drive you mad?

So far it is a two way contest between Karly and Noirin but you can change all that by voting in the POLL at the top of this page before Friday's eviction on C4.

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BB10: Big Brother Viewing Figures Day 33 - 39

Here are the Big Brother viewing figures for last week from Day 33 to Day 39:

Day 39 (Sun 12 July) - On at the earlier time of 8pm and up against BBC2's Top Gear, Big Brother brought 1.6 million and 7% to Channel 4, with a further 331,000 on Channel 4 +1.

Day 38 (Sat 11 July) - Big Brother was up against Katie Price's Interview on ITV so attracted just 1.1 million viewers and a 5% share in the 9pm hour, with a further 419,000 on Channel 4 +1 an hour later.

Day 37 (Fri 10 July) - Eviction time was a shocker for viewers (well those who had tuned in!), 2.04m (9.4%) in the 9pm hour and 2.12m (13.3%) returning at 10.35pm to see Kris Donnelly evicted from the house and interviewed by Davina McCall.

Day 36 (Thurs 9 July) - Tensions were still running high in the BB10 house and 1.9m (11%) watched as "rabbitgate" continued to cause interest. A further 166,000 people watched the reality television show on C4 +1.

Day 35 (Wed 8 July) - Shopping Task antics attracted 1.8 million viewers at 9pm with a 9.2% share, plus a further 309,000 viewers on Channel 4 +1 as Big Brother continued.

Day 34 (Tues 7 July) - While Michael Jackson's Memorial had just finished on BBCand ITV, Big Brother claimed 1.8 million and an 8% share in the 9pm hour, with a further 351,000 on Channel 4 +1 as nominations were revealed.

Day 33 (Mon 6 July) - Life without Sree continued as 1.8 million viewers and a 10% share tuned into Channel 4 between 10pm and 11.10pm, with a further 99,700 on Channel 4 +1.

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BB10: Day 41 VIDEO - Dogface and Michelle Bass Sing

As her part in the Shopping Task, Dogface had to go head to head with BB5's Michelle Bass. They recreated a rendition of Pie Jesu - with very different results. Viewers have until Thursday morning to vote for their favourite on the Big Brother official website.

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BB10: Day 41 - Housemates Find Out Michael Jackson Died

As Noirin joined BB4's Federico for a spot of showjumping around the garden, he told her the news that Michael Jackson had died. "Don't tell me that, I'm not meant to know anything..... I'll start crying", she said in shock before performing her part in the Shopping Task.

Inside the house, she asked Big Brother in the Diary Room if she could tell the other housemates the shocking news. Looking visibly shaken the housemates repeated the news over and over with Charlie concluding Michael Jackson had pushed himself too hard.

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BB10: Day 40 - Rogrigo Fails Egg and Spoon Task

Rodrigo was left disappointed with his part in the Shopping Task because not only did he fail to meet any of the former housemates from BB3, he also failed to guess correctly who would win the Egg and Spoon race. Looking dejected, poor Rodrigo couldn't believe his luck. Charlie correctly guessed who would win, but his guess didn't count as it was Rodrigo's task.

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BB10: Day 40 VIDEO - Lisa Meets BB2's Dean

The ten year celebrations for Big Brother continued with BB2's Dean entering the house to help Lisa with her part in this weeks Shopping Task. A re-creation of the giant record breaking sugar cube tower - watch the video below to find out how these two Brummies got on.......

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Monday, 13 July 2009

BB10: Day 40 - Craig Enters The Big Brother House

The original Big Brother winner, Craig Phillips entered the BB10 house as part of the 10th Anniversary celebrations. As part of this weeks Shopping Task, Craig and Halfwit went head to head in an assault course - reliving the experience from BB1.

Craig and Halfwit enjoyed a few moments chatting together,"You and I have something in common," Craig laughed as he shook Halfwit by the hand, "we've both been nominated the most."

Then Craig began looking around at the Assault Course. "I don't know who made that," said Craig, pointing at the seesaw, "I didn't."

"We had real grass in our House and we had to grow our own vegetables," he added.

Craig was quite keen to know who Halfwit thought would win too. "I don't really know," replied Halfwit. "Maybe Marcus, or Charlie. But I think Charlie needs to come out of his shell a bit more."

"Were you shocked that Kris left?" asked Craig.

"No, he was my prediction for the evening," said Halfwit.

But there was no more time for small talk – Big Brother summoned Craig to the start line. "I hope you don't try too hard," laughed Halfwit.

"I'll take me time," replied Craig, "you need to eat."

Craig put in a respectable performance, before Halfwit dashed around the course, losing his shoes in the process.

"You're out of breath!" remarked Craig as Halfwit crossed the finish line in a similarly respectable time

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BB10: Day 40 - Housemates Turn On Noirin

Noirin has been the target of housemates whispers today as her closest friends - Marcus, Halfwit and Siavash called into question her trust, saying she couldn't be trusted.

Siavash and the others said Noirin was wrong for telling the other housemates about the "rabbit" comments, especially since it was told in confidence. What followed was a blazing argument that now has Noirin and Siavash going head-to-head in this weeks public vote.

Karly and Dogface also turned on Noirin with Karly saying, "She never speaks to me." Dogface joined in, "She's really hard to talk to."

"Whenever I try to speak to her she never looks at me," continued Karly. "I really liked her – I got on great with her and then she said 'I don't trust Karly'," she said, looking offended."I'm just gonna stay away," she added.

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BB10: Day 40 - More Shocking Nominations

Halfwit will not be facing the public vote for the first time in this series after housemates finally gave him a rest and turned their attentions to Noirin and Karly. The girls will face the public vote this week and could be evicted along with Siavash and Dogface (Sophie).

Karly is the bookies favourite to leave the big Brother house this Friday (7/1) but Noirin is still in danger with the voting public. Freddie (Halfwit) is still the bookies favourite to win BB10.

Here are the nominations:

Charlie chose Marcus and Noirin.

Dogface chose Marcus and Noirin also.

Halfwit chose Lisa and Karly.

Karly chose Marcus and Noirin

Lisa chose Noirin and Marcus

Marcus chose Lisa and Karly

Noirin chose Lisa and Karly

Rodrigo chose Lisa and Karly

Siavash chose Noirin and Karly

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Sunday, 12 July 2009

BB10: Day 39 VIDEO - Dogface and Siavash Punished

Dogface and Siavash were called to the Diary Room today to be told of their punishment for talking about nominations.

Here is the video of the pair being told off by Big Brother and being given a chance to save themselves from eviction:

*BB official website:

BB10: Day 39 - Siavash and Dogface Face Eviction

Big Brother promised to punish Siavash and Dogface for talking about nominations, yet gave the pair a chance to avoid the automatic eviction vote this week. If the pair could last a few hours without swearing then they would be safe, but it didn't take Dogface (Sophie) long before she swore. Then Siavash swore so that he would also be up for the public vote, showing solidarity with Dogface.

Nominations will take place today and looks like being another interesting battle - will housemates spare Halfwit or could he be up for eviction once again.

*BB official website:

Big Brother's Big Beard Speaks Out

Maybe it's just me but I can't help but feel this year's Big Brother housemates are boring. I've tried really hard to like them and no matter how hard I try, my BB addiction has failed this year.

The biggest factor for my lack of addiction is because of Channel 4 - they gave us less Big Brother so what do you expect? No more live feed meant I only watch BBLB or the main BB10 show on C4. Then no Big Mouth on E4 Mon-Thurs meant I could just go to bed
and switch off from the BB house. In fact so many viewers have switched off or never bothered to tune in.

The official Big Brother website has hardly been the best this year and other websites have lacked info due to the live feed being cut. We are left with a series that goes on way too long and viewers forced to a limited view of Big Brother. This week is crucial for the series - can the 10 year celebrations ignite viewers once again or is this series doomed to failure?

*BB official website:
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