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Saturday, 10 July 2010

BB11: New Housemates Settle In

Day 32: The first night for the three new Big Brother housemates went down well as the house celebrated with champagne. Andrew immediately clicked with Ben, Mario and Dave as he naturally sided with the intellectuals.

Corin was really excited to have some new girly mates. Since Rachel and Keeley have arrived she has been 'buzzing' and says that Rachel is so energetic that it is like a breath of fresh air.
Keeley seemed more subdued but John James seemed eager to get to know her, just how long will it be before Josie gets jealous as the Aussie turns his flirting towards the newest member of the Big Brother house?
Ben wasted no time in getting to know Keeley as he gave her the low down on the housemates as they chatted in The Nest.

Josie jokingly warned Keeley not to make John James angry or he would bite her head off. Keeley replied that she already knew all about John James' temper and said that she would make sure he behaves himself.

Andrew admitted that he found it weird being surrounded by so many cameras. Caoimhe reassured him that he would get used to it after a few days and he would eventually forget about them all together.

Finally Rachel got some insight of her own from John James. The Aussie walked her through some of the tasks that have taken place, he then told her how the housemates do the shopping list every week.

Yet within hours of their arrival, Ben was soon bitching about one of the new housemates, branding Keeley as 'Cruella'!

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BB11: Nathan Evicted From Big Brother

Day 31: Nathan lost the battle of the boys in this week's eviction and became the fourth housemate voted off Big Brother with 89% of the vote. The results were similar to our poll this week Nathan on 95% of your votes as he went head to head with house hunk John James.

The northern lad proved popular with the Big Brother eviction crowd as he was mostly greeted with cheers as he prepared for his eviction interview with Davina McCall. Nathan had plenty of kind words for his fellow housemates and enjoyed having Davina hold his hand prior to his interview!

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Thursday, 8 July 2010

BB11 PICTURE: Josie In Bath

Day 30: Just what Josie is doing in the bath is anyone's guess as this picture from the Big Brother reveals. The Bristol lass looks like she is giving herself a good old scrub as best as she can, given that camera's are watching 24/7.

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BB11: Three New Housemates To Enter Big Brother

Day 30: Three new housemates will be entering the Big Brother house on Friday, according to the official website. As the picture above shows, two girls and one boy will join the BB11 housemates.

Housemate 1: Andrew, 19, a "loveable maths geek"
Andrew's biography reads that he "moved to Oxford last year to start university and currently lives in a house with 6 boys and 12 girls. Andrew passed his maths A-Level when he was 13 years old".

Housemate 2: Rachel, 28, a "funny, bouncy, confident Scouser"
Rachel "considers herself a risk taker, hates negative people and was once sacked from a job for being too loud".

Housemate 3: Keeley, 30, a "very focused, attractive business woman".
Keeley believes that "personal success is extremely important to her and she admits she has a superiority complex. This, she feels stems from her being a small woman as she's not quite five foot tall".

The three new housemates will appear on Big Brother's Little Brother on Friday at 6pm on E4 and are expected to enter the house after Friday's eviction.

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BB11 VIDEO: Housemates Discover The Robot

Day 30: While Steve is brushing his teeth he discovers Titan the robot is watching and wastes no time telling the other housemates. Watch the video above and watch their reactions.

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BB11 PICTURE: Dave Gets A Haircut

Day 30: Dave looks totally different after allowing Ben to cut his hair as part of this weeks Shopping Task. The challenge meant that Ben had to cut more hair than the robot in five minutes - thankfully the housemates won this part of the task.

Housemates were positive about the new look and John James tidied up the haircut for brave Dave.

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BB11: Who Would You Evict This Friday?

 Day 30: It seems an unfair eviction this week as Nathan looks the most likely to be voted out of the Big Brother house after Caoimhe replaced herself with Nathan. John James is up for the public vote for the first time and has proved a hit with the viewers as the house hunk.

Our latest Big Brother BlogSquad Poll currently has Nathan on 91% as the housemate that will be evicted on Friday. Vote and tune in to find out which housemate is evicted!

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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

BB11 PICTURES: Robots v Housemates

 Day 29: Housemates woke up to find robots had invaded the Big Brother house and it looked like robot wars had broken out for control of the Big Brother house as part of this weeks Shopping Task.

 'Man vs. Machine' will see the robot challenge housemates to battle with his sidekick Titan in various scenarios. If housemates lose, they will be forced to wear a robot costume for the remainder of the task.

If the housemates succeed, they will face 'Bigger Brother' in a final showdown tomorrow. It has also been announced that Chaser Bot 3000, a brand of robot, will enter through a hatch in the garden in order to catch humans.

Meanwhile, a losing housemate will have to start every conversation with "I am a robot", and instead of responding to questions with "yes" and "no", they will have to say "affirmative" and "negative".

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BB11: Nomination Results

Day 29: Here are the results to this weeks Big Brother nominations, Caoimhe won the 'Save And Replace' Task and picked Nathan to replace her. He joins John James who will face the public vote, find out who nominated who below.......

Ben nominated Ife and John

Caoimhe nominated Nathan and Ife

Corin nominated Caoimhe and John

Dave nominated Ife and Caoimhe

Ife nominated Caoimhe and Ben

John nominated Caoimhe and Ben

Josie nominated Nathan and Corin

Mario nominated Corin and Steve

Nathan nominated Caoimhe and John

Steve nominated Ben and John

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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

BB11: Caoimhe Proposes To Boyfriend

Day 28: It didn't take long for Caoimhe to get over Shabby's departure from the Big Brother house according to this story from the official website. Some of the housemates have been discussing Caoimhe’s boyfriend and whether or not Big Brother would put him in the House.

Caoimhe then went on to tell them how they fell in love instantly and they then went on to talk about marriage. Caoimhe told the others that she would propose to her boyfriend in the Diary Room and Dave offered to marry them in the House.

The Irish lass then went on to get down on one knee to demonstrate how she would propose. She said she would want Ben to be her best man and that John James could be flower boy.

She then went to the Diary Room to propose to her boyfriend!

Could this be the first ever Big Brother wedding? The first ever genuine one anyway- forget Mario and Lisa!

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BB11: Big Brother Viewing Figures - Day 21 - 27

Year on year Big Brother 11 seems to be winning the ratings battle as the series attracts over 2 million viewers each night for Channel 4. Here are the latest Big Brother viewing figures from the past week:
Day 21 (Tues 29 June) - Big Brother attracted 2.23 million(12.9% audience share)viewers, with another 190,000 (2%) watching on C4+1 as housemates found out who would face the public vote this week.

Day 22 (Wed 30 June) - BB11 averaged 2.48m (11.4%) for Channel 4 from 9pm, a further 423,000 (2.4%) on C4+1.

Day 23 (Thurs 1 July) - Big Brother brought in 2.17m (12.8%) for Channel 4 from 9pm and 179,000 (2%) on timeshift, as tempers flared once again in the BB house.

Day 24 (Fri 2 July) - Sunshine's eviction from Big Brother grabbed 2.17m (9.6%) at 9pm and 2.3m (13.6%) at 10.30pm, with timeshift figures of 165k (0.8%) and 178k (1.9%). BB10's eviction of Angel on Day 23 was seen by 1.9 million viewers (9% share) at 9pm and 1.6 million and 10% share. So up year on year.

Day 25 (Sat 3 July) - 1.72m (8.3%) tuned in at 9pm, while a further 376,000 (2.2%) watched on C4+1. Up from 1.3m year on year, although a week earlier due to the timing of this year's Big Brother launch date.

Day 26 (Sun 4 July) - Big Brother attracted a healthy 2.52m (10.4%) viewers to Channel 4 in the 9pm hour, with a further 328,000 (1.7%) watching the programme on C4+1. This was the best Sunday night viewing figures for Big Brother in a long time.

Day 27 (Mon 5 July) - Earlier slot of 8pm harmed the Big Brother viewing figures as 1.72m (7.5%) tuned in, although another 503,000 (2.1%) watched an hour later on C4+1.

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BB11: Latest Housemates Up For Eviction

Day 28: After the drama of Shabby's sudden departure from Big Brother, housemates still had the task of nominating. This week just two housemates are up for eviction so far, Caoimhe and John James both received the most nominations and would have faced the public vote on Friday.

Big Brother added the 'Save And Replace' Task into the equation and Caoimhe beat John James, she picked Nathan to replace her for eviction.

Who do you think should be evicted on Friday? Vote in our POLL at the top of the page for either John James or Nathan.

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Monday, 5 July 2010

BB11: Shabby Leaves Big Brother

Day 27: According to the official Big Brother website, at 15.08 this afternoon Shabby made the final decision to leave the Big Brother House. After lengthy conversations with Big Brother and her fellow housemates, she left via the Diary Room.

Describing herself as the 'most unpopular housemate' Shabby said that her time in the Big Brother House had come to an end.

It follows an argument with Ife last night following a party for five of the housemates as a task prize.

After this, both Caoimhe and Shabby asked to leave the House. Caoimhe has also requested to leave today but has decided to spend some time thinking about it.

Shabby has requested to leave the House a few times in the past couple of weeks. She faced eviction twice and last week made a pact to leave with Caoimhe should one have been evicted in the public vote but both were saved on Friday night as Sunshine was evicted.

Shabby will be remembered for her love for Caoimhe, her hot headed tantrums, crying over her hat and for wearing copious amounts of black eyeliner.

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BB11: Josie Hates John James

Day 27:  The love-hate relationship between Josie and John James definitely turned to hate following last nights party for half the house. John James took issue with a facial expression Josie had supposedly pulled earlier.

He accused her of having rolled her eyes when she found out Ife was threatening to walk out of the house, but Josie denied having done such a thing.

He proceeded to probe the Bristolian, asking whether she had lost respect for Ife due to the episode, which only served to anger Josie further.

She headed outside to vent her frustrations at Mario, Ife and Corin. "He's pissed off that he's got to be involved in all the dramas and I'm cool as a cucumber. He's trying to rile me up," she fumed, vowing that she now "hates" the Australian.

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BB11: Ife In Tears As Girls Fall Out

Day 27: It ended in tears as all hell was let loose inside the Big Brother house, the housemates argued with each other last night and Ife was reduced to tears. As a reward for winning the Wheelchair Basketball game earlier Steve, Nathan, Corin, John James and Ife got treated to a party with music and fast food but the other housemates looked on in disgust.

During the party Ife let her hair down as she rocked out to a bout of Tina Turner. As the chick went crazy, Shabby and Caoimhe looked on with despair. 'It looks like a GCSE party' jibed Shabby as she banged her head against the wall. Caoimhe carried on the onslaught by saying that it was like watching 'a Church group get-together'.
Ife, who is an ex-professional dancer, said that it was 'her release' and seemed to be having a jolly time jiving to Rolling Down the River. Nathan exclaimed that she looked like 'Billy Elliott'. However, onlookers Shabby and Caoimhe said they found her dancing 'embarrassing'.

According to the official website, Ife had caught wind of what was said by the girls and she confided in Nathan. 'I don't care what anyone thinks' she says, before letting out a few tears. 'I feel really stupid, I've been so blind. So many times people have taken the p**s out of me', she sobbed. Even Corin tried to put in a good word, telling Ife that she was having a good laugh and reminded her 'not to let anyone pull you down'.

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Sunday, 4 July 2010

BB11: Ben Punished By Tree Of Temptation

Day 26: Ben was being punished by the Tree of temptation and as part of his day of punishment, Big Brother played two video clips into the House on the monitor.
The first video showed a moment in which Ben told the other housemates a pack of lies regarding what the Tree of Temptation had asked him to do the other night. He said to the housemates he had been asked to take away the rest of Shabby’s hats which he said would be horrible and wouldn’t do it.

He made up this fib when he was rumbled by his fellow housemates while talking to the infamous tree.

The truth came out in the second video, which contained the conversation that actually took place between Ben and the Tree. In this, Ben was asked to organise an arm wrestling competition among the housemates and drop some street slang into conversation.

The object of showing these videos to the housemates was to expose Ben as a ‘Liar Liar Pants on Fire’ (these words appeared on screen at the end) and a quitter as he had clearly made little or no effort to complete what Dave has since termed ‘not exactly an impossible task’.

Added to this, Ben gave up on his punishment task earlier and the other housemates were not happy.

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BB11: Let's Talk About Sex!

Day 26: The housemates were feeling in a fruity mood after a few drinks last night as they played Truth Or Dare. Ife was first up to spin the bottle, with her effort landing on John James who opted for a truth, reports Digital Spy.

"What is the most embarrassing sexual experience you've ever had?" she asked him.

After thinking for a while the Australian offered: "I've been caught by my mum batting off. Does that count?"

John James was next up to spin, and after the bottle pointed at Caoimhe he posed her the same question.

"I was seeing this guy," she began. "He had a girlfriend - and nothing happened, we didn't have sex but there was a lot of sexual tension between us." She confessed that she stayed in his bed one night "in her bra and knickers" and was shocked in the morning when his girlfriend walked in to find them.

"I legged it. I got dressed so quickly. I spent the whole day in a cafe drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes and telling the girls the story," she finished.

"It sounds like you're fully repentant, let me just absolve that sin," Dave said to the Irish student.

Ife admitted that the same thing had happened to her, but that it was her boyfriend that she caught in bed with another woman.

Next up was Shabby, who told a story about when she was at a house party with friends. "I was with my girlfriend at the time, in the kitchen... we decided we would have some sex," she revealed, admitting that they had sex without realising the revellers in the garden could see them through the window.

The game was cut short just as Ben was about to reveal his most embarrassing sexual exploit when Big Brother started playing music into the house.

Later in the garden, Mario told John James and Josie that he has been celibate for six months, with Josie then admitting that she hadn't had any loving for the last 'eight months'.

John James' face was one of shock and intrigue, as he exclaimed 'What?! Why?'.

'I just can't be bothered' said a nonchalant Josie. 'I have to be with someone I'm comfortable with' the Bristolian admitted to John James.

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