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Sunday, 4 July 2010

BB11: Let's Talk About Sex!

Day 26: The housemates were feeling in a fruity mood after a few drinks last night as they played Truth Or Dare. Ife was first up to spin the bottle, with her effort landing on John James who opted for a truth, reports Digital Spy.

"What is the most embarrassing sexual experience you've ever had?" she asked him.

After thinking for a while the Australian offered: "I've been caught by my mum batting off. Does that count?"

John James was next up to spin, and after the bottle pointed at Caoimhe he posed her the same question.

"I was seeing this guy," she began. "He had a girlfriend - and nothing happened, we didn't have sex but there was a lot of sexual tension between us." She confessed that she stayed in his bed one night "in her bra and knickers" and was shocked in the morning when his girlfriend walked in to find them.

"I legged it. I got dressed so quickly. I spent the whole day in a cafe drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes and telling the girls the story," she finished.

"It sounds like you're fully repentant, let me just absolve that sin," Dave said to the Irish student.

Ife admitted that the same thing had happened to her, but that it was her boyfriend that she caught in bed with another woman.

Next up was Shabby, who told a story about when she was at a house party with friends. "I was with my girlfriend at the time, in the kitchen... we decided we would have some sex," she revealed, admitting that they had sex without realising the revellers in the garden could see them through the window.

The game was cut short just as Ben was about to reveal his most embarrassing sexual exploit when Big Brother started playing music into the house.

Later in the garden, Mario told John James and Josie that he has been celibate for six months, with Josie then admitting that she hadn't had any loving for the last 'eight months'.

John James' face was one of shock and intrigue, as he exclaimed 'What?! Why?'.

'I just can't be bothered' said a nonchalant Josie. 'I have to be with someone I'm comfortable with' the Bristolian admitted to John James.

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