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Sunday, 4 July 2010

BB11: Ben Punished By Tree Of Temptation

Day 26: Ben was being punished by the Tree of temptation and as part of his day of punishment, Big Brother played two video clips into the House on the monitor.
The first video showed a moment in which Ben told the other housemates a pack of lies regarding what the Tree of Temptation had asked him to do the other night. He said to the housemates he had been asked to take away the rest of Shabby’s hats which he said would be horrible and wouldn’t do it.

He made up this fib when he was rumbled by his fellow housemates while talking to the infamous tree.

The truth came out in the second video, which contained the conversation that actually took place between Ben and the Tree. In this, Ben was asked to organise an arm wrestling competition among the housemates and drop some street slang into conversation.

The object of showing these videos to the housemates was to expose Ben as a ‘Liar Liar Pants on Fire’ (these words appeared on screen at the end) and a quitter as he had clearly made little or no effort to complete what Dave has since termed ‘not exactly an impossible task’.

Added to this, Ben gave up on his punishment task earlier and the other housemates were not happy.

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