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Monday, 5 July 2010

BB11: Ife In Tears As Girls Fall Out

Day 27: It ended in tears as all hell was let loose inside the Big Brother house, the housemates argued with each other last night and Ife was reduced to tears. As a reward for winning the Wheelchair Basketball game earlier Steve, Nathan, Corin, John James and Ife got treated to a party with music and fast food but the other housemates looked on in disgust.

During the party Ife let her hair down as she rocked out to a bout of Tina Turner. As the chick went crazy, Shabby and Caoimhe looked on with despair. 'It looks like a GCSE party' jibed Shabby as she banged her head against the wall. Caoimhe carried on the onslaught by saying that it was like watching 'a Church group get-together'.
Ife, who is an ex-professional dancer, said that it was 'her release' and seemed to be having a jolly time jiving to Rolling Down the River. Nathan exclaimed that she looked like 'Billy Elliott'. However, onlookers Shabby and Caoimhe said they found her dancing 'embarrassing'.

According to the official website, Ife had caught wind of what was said by the girls and she confided in Nathan. 'I don't care what anyone thinks' she says, before letting out a few tears. 'I feel really stupid, I've been so blind. So many times people have taken the p**s out of me', she sobbed. Even Corin tried to put in a good word, telling Ife that she was having a good laugh and reminded her 'not to let anyone pull you down'.

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