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Saturday, 6 September 2008

BB9: PICTURES - Rachel's Best Pictures

Rachel became the winner of Big Brother 9 and surprised the nation. Yet she was consistent throughout her time in the BB9 house as she quietly got involved with all the tasks. Rachel may have "sat on the fence" with her opinions but she was never on the fence when it came to life in the house.

Here are some of Rachel's Best Pictures from her 93 days in the Big Brother house:

Rachel enjoys the sun

Winning the Alphabet Backwards Task

Head girl during Puppet Task

Playing dead during Thriller Task

Rachel the Rapper

Egg and spoon race during BB Games
A controversial cake!
Forging money during Cops and Robbers Task
Time on her hands
Impersonating Mohamed

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BB9: Day 93 - Rachel's Interview With Davina McCall

Rachel became the eventual winner of Big Brother 9 in a close final, winning on 51.3% of the vote to scope the £100,000 prize money ahead of her friend Michael. She looked genuinely shocked when Davina McCall announced the result and went on to be interviewed by the Big Brother host.

"Oh my gosh!" she told Davina. "These things just don't happen! How?!"

"This was one of the closest Big Brother finals ever," revealed Davina.

Over the past three months, Rachel has faced a lot of criticism in the House. "People accused you of sitting on the fence, and of being fake," Davina told her.

"I feel like when you give your opinion it can cause problems and upset people," replied Rachel. "I know who I am. It's fine!"

"Lisa thought you fancied Mario," Davina commented, with Rachel looking horrified.

"He's a lovely guy, if I was 40..." said Rachel tactfully. "He's not my type."

"Were you being the real you?"

Rachel laughed. "How can you not be who you are when you're in there for 13 weeks?!"

"What have you learnt about yourself?" asked Davina.

"I've learnt about chickpeas and rice, and I've also learnt to be true to who you are," said Rachel happily.

She finished the interview by shouting into the crowd, "Thank you so much! Thank you thank you thank you!"

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BB9: VIDEO - Rachel Wins Big Brother 9

It is the moment of truth as Rachel and Michael sat on the sofa waiting for Davina McCall to announce the winner of Big Brother 9. Watch this Channel 4 video as it captures the expressions and emotions of the final moments in the BB9 house.

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BB9: PICTURES - Michael's Best Pictures

Michael never failed to entertain the viewers of Big Brother 9. Who can forget his love of cake, chilli or sprouts? Mikey got involved in all the tasks and here are a selection of his Best Pictures:

"Taste my cake!"

With Sara's knickers

Exercising with Rachel

Mikey as Kiki Dee

Overseeing the BB Games

Shaves off hair for Task
With 'Mario' at engagement party
Impersonates Darnell
Mikey goes goth!
Tries eating Brussels Sprouts

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BB9: VIDEO - Michael's Best Bits

Michael became the runner-up in this years Big Brother Final, only just losing out on the £100,00 prize. He was always a straight talker and never afraid to get involved during every task. To many viewers Mikey will always be the real winner of BB9.
Here is the Channel 4 video of Michael's Best Bits during his 93 day stint inside the Big Brother house:

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BB9: PICTURES - Sara's Best Pictures

Sara may have entered the Big Brother house on Day 30, but she proved a winner by surviving until the end and finishing in third place. We've seen her flirt and kiss a few housemates as well as winning £25,000, now re-live Sara's Best Pictures:

Rapping a Sara tune

Licking sauce off Lisa

Winning £25,000 in Prisoner's Dilemma

Alphabet Task fun

Sara as Eros in Statue Task

Sara during BB Games
Sara and Stu during Cake Task
Sara and Darnell get close
Time stands still
Kat and Sara impersonate Rex

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BB9: PICTURES - Rex's Best PIctures

No-one stirred up more reactions in the Big Brother house than Rex. He was always entertaining and never afraid to inject a bit of fun, even if it was for his own pleasure. He had a roller coaster of a time during his 93 Days so here are Rex's Best Pictures:

Rex the Rapper

Rex and Nicole

Hands up Rex!

Bored during French Task

Freeze - it's Rex!

Small tropical island - big ball Rex
Rex in shorts
Chef during Cake Task
Playing Cops and Robbers
Serious during Clock Task

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BB9: VIDEO - Rex's Best Bits

Rex finished in 4th place during this years Big Brother Final , you either loved him or hated him but we couldn't help watch him. Here is the C4 video of Rex's 'Best Bits':

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BB9: PICTURES - Darnell's Best Pictures

Darnell finished in 5th place during the Big Brother 9 Final after providing the nation with a character worth watching for the past 93 Days. Here are a selection of Darnell's Best Pictures during his time in the house:

Darnell's naked shower

Tight pants

Darnell examines Darnell during Puppet Task

Darnell the Rapper

Thriller Task

Darnell in BB Games
Darnell in Cops and Robbers Task
Darnell as Elton John
Pasta Face!
Special Friends

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