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Saturday, 12 July 2008

BB9: Day 38 - Who's Picking Their Nose?

Michael picking his nose
Stuart picks his nose

Being on camera 24 hours a day can be tough, and housemates sometimes forget we see everything in the Big Brother 9 house. Caught on camera picking their nose, Michael and Stuart were caught sticking their finger up their nose - maybe they need more than just chick peas!

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BB9: Day 38 - New Housemate Poll

The Big Brother Blog Squad Poll has been running all week to find out who YOU like the most out of the three new housemates that entered the BB9 house eight days ago.

While it seems Belinda, Belinda, Belinda has managed to get up every one's nose, Sara and Maysoon have proved popular inside and outside the house.

Initially Maysoon was getting the most votes, but Sara has leaped up in popularity and now the pair are going head to head as the Poll draws to a close in a few hours. If you haven't voted yet, then cast your vote here on Big Brother Blog Squad at the top right hand side of the page.

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BB9; Day 38 - Life Without Mario

Lisa will have a chance to bloom!

Without Mario in the Big Brother 9 house, Lisa will have a chance to blossom and come out from under his shadow. We've already seen her stand her ground several days ago when Mario accused her of changing and playing the game.
The pair have spent many hours together, away from the housemates or in the bath scrubbing each others feet - now it's time Lisa came out of her shell. She has already told housemates this week that she often acts younger than her age and feels fitter now than years ago. So with Mario out of the house could we see a new side to Lisa? Will she make new friends or become isolated and an easy target for nomination next week?
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Friday, 11 July 2008

BB9: Day 37 - Would Luke Cope Without Rebecca?

Luke alone on the sofa

Rebecca could be out of the Big Brother house in a few hours and Luke would have to cope with life without her. Ever since the pair teamed up, we have been entertained by the two opposites. Luke will find it a big loss without Rebecca as his comedy side kick but will bounce back as he has the ability to mix with all the other housemates.
Rebecca has been vocal about which housemates she dislikes, but Luke has kept his views limited to conversations rather than arguments. It would be better for Luke if Rebecca stayed in the BB9 house, as the couple bounce off each other so naturally, but it is the public who will decide tonight.
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BB9: Sara Flirts

Sara has added spice to the Big brother 9 house, after flirting with Stuart and Lisa last night the Aussie looks set for more nights of fun in the coming days - if she can handle the booze!

The picture above captures her in one of her many sensual poses. Watch out Stu, Mikey, Lisa ............

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BB9: Big Brother's Big Beard Speaks Out!

Big Brother's Big Bread Speaks Out (again!):

"It's Day 37 in the BB9 house and a whole week since Jennifer was evicted with Mario or Rebecca facing the boot tonight. It's amazing how quickly the house dynamics can change, with Jen gone the group was finally destroyed. A sad Dale soon recovered and a crying Stuart found new bonds in the Basic Bedroom as focus turned from groups to rooms.

Darnell and Luke are now going head to head as room leaders as the housemates focus more on which room they are in. Belinda's snoring is guilty of creating the "room wars", with the Basic Bedroom refusing to house her. Darnell refused to be told by the Luxury Bedroom to have Belinda - and this is the crux of future arguments. The "them and us" complexity will kick in this week and help create a few heated debates.

Hard to believe that a week ago Rex hardly had any friends in the BB9 house, but as soon as Sara and Maysoon came in and Rex survived the public vote - his popularity rocketed in the house. Who would have thought Dale would be sitting with him chatting like best friends, when days before he had been caught by Rex talking about him saying he spoke with "his cock out". Mo and Rex have benefited with the arrival of the new housemates. Belinda has become the new housemate that has been marginalised, maybe Mario and Lisa should have taken her under their wing and won over a new friend.

Luke and Rebecca have become more cut off following the nominations, but found comfort in Mario and Lisa - but it was a dangerous place to be as they will make it easier for the other housemates to nominate them as they become outsiders. Rachel and Kathreya made a very wise move by going over to B-Block to sleep instead of the Luxury Bedroom. The move will spare them from nomination next week as Lisa looks more vulnerable if Mario is evicted tonight.

Mario may have burnt his bridges by upsetting several housemates this week and the argument with Lisa may have cost him a place in the BB9 house. My beard would prefer to see Rebecca stay in the BB9 house, not only because she is from my beloved Coventry but because is the the better out of the two. It would be a sad night for Luke next Wednesday if Rebecca was not there for his birthday.

Big Brother's Big Beard thinks that Darnell will be the housemate to watch in the coming week, he is a ticking bomb waiting to explode and a week of rations might just push relationships over the edge."

Written by: robmacca *BB official website:

BB9: Day 37 VIDEO - Sara Likes Stuart

Only a week in and new housemate Sara confessed to Rebecca that she fancies Stuart. Rebecca told her that Stuart had looked after her during her time in the house and had been amazing and genuine.

It wasn't long before Sara was throwing up, she really must be love sick!

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BB9: Day 37 - Bex Turns Luke On!

Rebecca turned Luke on after he challenged her to turn him on using just one hand. The pair had been chatting to Rex about being questioned by Big Brother about the bed antics. They both re-enacted the kiss and Luke challenged Rebecca to turn him on without going below the waist.

Later in the Luxury Bedroom, Luke confessed that Rebecca had won the bet when she Rebecca's put on a topless show in the Luxury Bedroom, caressed his earlobe and gave him a sensual shoulder rub.

"Okay, so it might have worked but please don't tell Rex," he begged while in bed, before turning his back on Rebecca.When Rebecca told Lisa that she had succeeded in her mission, Lisa jumped on the bed and replied: "Let me see."

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BB9: Day 3 - Sara Throws Up!

Sara threw up after a night of booze in the Big Brother house, although it was hardly a massive party. Housemates had won alcohol after the Singing Task and so took full advantage of the free booze on offer.

Sara had been sick in the toilet and then in the Luxury Bedroom, where she called for a bucket. Lisa was the one who was the most caring as she scrubbed the carpet. Rex was surprised at the lack of alcohol tolerance in the BB9 house.

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BB9: Day 37 - Mario or Rebecca?

It's D-Day for either Mario or Rebecca today as the public decide who will be the next housemate evicted from the BB9 house. Since the nominations were announced on Tuesday, both Rebecca and Mario have become stressed at facing eviction. Neither wanting to go and Mario has billed it as the biggest clash yet.

The clash of the giants takes place tonight on Channel 4, with either Mario and Lisa being split up or the comedy relationship between Rebecca and Luke coming to an end. Will Mario survive the third attempt to get him out of the house or can Bex become the first girl to survive the public vote this series?

These two characters are complete opposites and it is up to the public to decide, Will Mario's moaning keep him in? Can Bex's boobs save her? Tune in tonight and find out.

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Thursday, 10 July 2008

BB9: Day 36 VIDEO - Singing For Booze!

Big Brother took pity on the housemates after they were condemned too rations next week after failing the Shopping Task. Housemates were given the chance to earn alcohol and lemonade tonight IF they communicated via song for one hour. Here is a demonstration of Luke and Mikey in action in this Channel 4 video from the official website.

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You can't accuse Big Brother of being a soft touch as housemates were called to the Diary Room this evening while cooking rice. Big Brother told them to return the rice as it was not part of the rations. Housemates had earlier hidden food in an attempt to fool Big Brother, as all food from the Luxury Budget was removed. Big Brother told housemates tokens would be removed unless all food was returned, including the cooking rice.
Not wanting to face a week of cold water housemates complied with the request. Who said life would be easy inside the BB9 house?!

BB9: Day 36 - Lisa Tells Mario He Will Stay

Lisa told Mario he wouldn't be evicted on Friday saying, "I don't think you're going." She went on, "I really don't think you are. You've worked hard in this house to keep it, maintain it, and you've kept a level head. Becky hasn't."

The couple then lay into Rebecca with Michael joining in by calling her a "spoilt brat". Mario argued that the eviction depended on what the public had seen. "They might want a spoilt brat," he explained. "The men might want a girl who gets her breasts out."

Only a few hours earlier Mario and Lisa had been pals with Rebecca and Luke in the Luxury Bedroom, but as soon as her back was turned the knife was being pushed in............

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BB9: Day 36 - Mario Upsets Rachel

Rachel was reduced to tears after Mario branded her a "spineless jellyfish". He had also called her a "beast" after she told the group number six had been her number during the selection process.

Kat comforted Rachel in the basic bedroom saying, "Why care? He broke your heart. Why care?". Mario said he was going to tell a few "home truths" before being evicted, Rachel told Kathreya,"I'd rather he say it now so I can talk to him about it." She said she should be annoyed not upset because she had viewed Mario as a friend.

Who will be next on the Mario "home truth" list?

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BB9: Day 36 - Singing For Alcohol

Big Brother offered housemates a chance to win alcohol and lemonade, the task was to communicate via song for the next hour. Luke read out the task as housemates cheered, and once the start time began the noise of 15 housemates singing filled the BB9 house.

New housemates Sara and Maysoon were sitting in the Ashtray and quickly forgot it was a task as they spoke instead of singing. Lets see if Big Brother will let that one slip...........

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BB9: Day 36 - Housemates Hide Food

Having lost this weeks Shopping Task, the housemates will be forced to survive on a £1 a day budget. Knowing things will be tough this week, some housemates hid food. Big Brother put all the housemates in B Block while they carried out "essential maintenance" - in other words, removing the food!

The housemates tried to outsmart Big Brother by hiding some food, including pizza's, which they put into the oven once they were allowed back into the house. Big Brother then called on housemates to return all food and drink to the Diary Room.

Looks like it could be a hungry day as food will not be arriving until 6pm.

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BB9: Day 36 VIDEO - Irish Dance Task Result

Here is the video of the moment Big Brother revealed to the housemates they had failed this weeks Shopping Task with their Irish Dancing. Was it a slight fail or a massive failure? Watch the C4 video to find out:

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BB9: Day 36 - Mario To Tell Home Truths

Mario is going to tell housemates a few 'home truths' before Friday's eviction. The nominated BB9 housemate told Lisa, Luke and Rebecca in the Luxury Room that he was going to use Thursday as the day to tell it as it is. Luke said, "I thought you'd wait for the 15 minutes after the announcement on Friday" but Mario joked that 15 minutes wouldn't be long enough.

Lisa said she might have acting lessons and audition for X Factor in a jibe at Belinda. Luke told Lisa she'd have Belinda as a friend if Mario goes on Friday. Can we expect trouble in the BB9 house today?

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BB9: Day 36 - Darnell Bitches With Mo

Darnell said he would cheer if Rebecca goes on Friday, as he was bitching with Mohamed. He said he would do it in her face if Rebecca gets evicted. He also told Mo that B-Block had got stronger this week.

The conversation took place after the housemates had been playing a truth game where they told each other what they first looked for when they meet a person. Sara said eyes and Belinda said physique.

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Wednesday, 9 July 2008

BB9: Day 35 - Quote of the Day

Rebecca: "Something smells of fags"
Luke: "It's probably you"
Rebecca in Diary Room talking about Rachel saying: "She has the personality of a wooden brick, I mean a wooden plank."

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BB9: Day 35 - Irish Dance Task Pictures

Kat and Mo dressed for Irish Dance Task
Sara looking fab in wig for task

The housemates may have failed the Shopping Task this week, but they looked good in the process. Big Brother gave the housemates wigs and outfits to wear as they performed the Irish Dance Task. The Irish Dance judge must have been in hysterics as the dancers tried to follow the routine, complete with smiles. Sadly, they failed miserably and Big Brother lost count at how many mistakes they made.
Now the housemates are in a desperate rush to eat the remaining food as it will be chick peas and rice next week.

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BB9: Day 35 - Housemates Fail Irish Dance Task

The housemates failed this weeks Shopping Task as they performed their Irish Dancing Task.

The drummers incurred 3 fails and the BB9 announcer said, "Big Brother lost count" of the mistakes made by the dancers. But the housemates were praised for their efforts and high kicks.

Alcohol would be provided for their efforts but they would have to survive on a basic food supply next week, with just £1 per day.

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BB9: Day 35 - Mikey Praises Dale After Task

As the housemates were locked inside the Luxury Bedroom following the Irish Dancing Task, Mikey was full of praise for Dale. He told the task choreographer he did a good job leading the task.

Mikey said to Dale that he was a good coach because he cared for both the dancers and the drummers during the task. While the housemates awaited the result, most felt they would win the task. Dale said they had done the best they could do. Rachel said her wig fell off during the task, mid way through her dance routine.

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BB9: Day 34 - Rebecca Topless In Bath

Bex in the bath (again!)
Rebecca caused a stir again as she took a bath with just her knickers on, much to the amusement of Luke and the other housemates. Luke couldn't believe that Bex had resorted to going topless yet Kat was dissapointed she still had her knickers on!

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BB9: Day 34 - VIDEO - Belinda's Snoring

Here is the evidence of Belinda's snoring that has caused sleepless nights in the Big Brother house, in the video below Rebecca is wide awake with Stuart as Belinda snores the night away.......

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BB9: Day 35 - Belinda 'Snorgate' Drama

Another sleepless night in the BB9 house, with most of the housemates awake at 3am thanks to Belinda's snoring. The Luxury Bedroom have had enough, B Block refuse to have her and now Belinda's snoring is on every one's lips.

Luke wants to call a meeting and vote Belinda into B Block on alternate nights but B Block won't like that. Mario pointed out to those in the Luxury Bedroom they have the majority vote as they discussed where to stick Belinda. Luke called the situation 'Snorgate' as he likened the vote to a debate in the House of Commons, getting rather animated in the Luxury Bedroom as Michael joined in the heckling!

We all know how disastrous calling a BB meeting can be...................

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BB9: Day 34 - Bex In Bedroom Fun With Luke

It was a night of action in the Luxury Bedroom as Luke and Rebecca spooned together, but Rebecca had put water in the bed - forcing Luke to sleep closer than normal. The pair messed about as Luke joked that Sara would replace Rebecca in the bed after Friday. Sara jumped in bed as part of the joke, but later left the pair.

Then things got hot when Rebecca reached out for Luke's hand and got a surprise. Seconds later amid a flurry of covers, Bex questioned: "What was that?", prompting Luke to reply: "What do you think?"

Rebecca started laughing hysterically, catching the attention of Stuart, Sara and Maysoon.When Stuart asked: "Was he excited, Bex?", she laughed so hard that she fell off the bed. "You are not living that down now," Stuart told Luke.

Bex apologised and told the others that she was mortified and couldn't talk about it. "Have a good feel if that is what you need," said Luke."Oh my God," Rebecca continued to giggle. "Honestly, I thought it was your hand."

Big Brother called Luke into the Diary Room today (Day 35) to check it had been an accident and he was OK. Bex said, "they must think I'm terrorising you" but Luke assured her he had told Big Brother it was a complete accident.

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Tuesday, 8 July 2008

BB9: Day 34 - Mario Blasts Lisa In Arguement

Throughout the day Mario had digs at Lisa for spending too much time in the kitchen looking after everyone. He said the other housemates were laughing at her for being a mug, to which Lisa said she didn't think she was as she enjoyed cleaning up. Lisa continued to defend herself saying she had days off and that cleaning came naturally as a mother.

Later in the evening Mario verbally attacked Lisa saying she was doing the cleaning just to "win the game" and that she had changed in recent days. Mario then left the Living Area and walked into the Luxury Bedroom, where Lisa soon followed and told him that she was not playing a game but just being herself. Others were in the room so the couple said they would discuss it later.

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BB9: Day 34 - Rebecca v Mario

It could be a close call on Friday between Mario and Rebecca as the pair go head to head in the public vote.

Mario appears calm since the announcement, but told Lisa and Michael that he was going to continue to be himself -which would mean telling a few home truths, even if it made him unpopular. So expect some sparks to fly before Friday's eviction show.

Rebecca was more upset at being nominated, saying she doesn't want to go this week as she wants to be in the house for Luke's upcoming birthday. Although she did think she would be up for the vote, Bex thought it would be someone other than Mario.

The public will decide either to end the comedy duo of Luke and Rebecca or split up the cosy couple Lisa and Mario. Whatever the result, we can expect tears in the Big Brother house this week.

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BB9: Day 34 - Nominations - Mario and Rebecca Face Eviction

This weeks nominations are:

Which couple will YOU split up on Friday?

Here is how each housemate voted:

Dale voted for Mohammed and Rex
Darnell voted for Mario and Rebecca
Katreya voted for Luke and Mario
Lisa voted for Darnell and Stuart
Luke voted for Darnell and Kathreya
Mario voted for Darnell and Rex
Michael voted for Rebecca and Rex
Mohamed voted for Mario and Rebecca
Rachel voted for Luke and Rebecca
Rebecca voted for Mohammed and Rachel
Rex voted for Lisa and Mario
Stuart voted for Mario and Rachel

Mario = 5 votes Rebecca = 4 votes (Rex and Darnell =3 votes)

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 34 - Irish Dancing Task Pictures

The lads check out Darnell's package
Bex finds the dance routine stressful
Maysoon watches the DVD

This could turn out to be the hardest task yet as the housemates spent the afternoon trying to learn the Irish Dance Task.

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Big Brother Viewing Figures: Jen's Eviction

Viewing figures for the ninth series of Big Brother held up well at the weekend as Jennifer became the latest housemate to be evicted from the BB9 house. Her interview with Davina McCall was watched by 3.6m with 121,000 watching an hour later on C4+1. Channel 4 had 21% of total viewers watching Jen's eviction.

Earlier in the evening, the highlight show also watched by 3.6m, the second most viewed programme in the 9pm slot. On Sunday 2.8m tuned into the show with 277,000 watching an hour later.

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 34 - Irish Dancing Task

This weeks shopping task will involve all the housemates taking part in the Irish Dancing Task. Dale read out the task, which will allow 3 failures and then it will be no luxury food budget.

Housemates then watched the DVD of the traditional Irish Dance and then had just 15 minutes to decide who would take on the roles of choreographer, 4 drummers and rest dancers. After much debating the roles will be:

Choreographer - Dale
Drummers - Belinda, Mikey, Mario and Luke
Dancers - Lisa, Rachel, Mohamed, Maysoon, Rex, Sara, Kathreya, Stuart, Darnell and Rebecca

Within minutes several of the housemates were bitching and warning the new housemates about certain people in the house.

*BB official website:

BB9: VIDEO - Kat Kisses Sara In Pool Snog

Sara and Kat enjoyed a full on snog in the pool after Rebecca encouraged the pair to kiss by shouting "Snog her, snog her". While Kathreya covered her face saying she was too scared and couldn't do it, as Rex and Darnell watched egging her on with chants of "Do it" and "snog snog!".

"Sara's gonna get no action in this House," said Darnell. "Bloody hell, what is wrong with me," smiled Sara. Hearing her pal felt a bit sad, Kathreya swam across the pool and gave Sara a full on snog in front of the other housemates.

"I feel a connection with you!" was Sara's response following the kiss. "OK. I kiss you tomorrow. Same time. In the pool," laughed Kathreya. Watch the full Channel 4 video below:

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BB9: Day 33 - Mohamed Fancies New Housemate

Mohamed has already fallen for new housemate Maysoon, but nothing stays secret for long in the BB9. It wasn't long until Maysoon knew and Mo sought advice from sensible Rachel.

Rachel asked if he did like Maysoon, and he explained that he found her attractive but needed to get to know her better."You need to talk to her," advised Rachel. "Just the two of you. Just explain it to her, because she doesn't know what you're thinking."

So Mohamed did exactly that a few hours later when he said to Maysoon, "I thought you might feel awkward around me," Mohamed explained. "I don't want you to feel like that. I do think you're very attractive, but this could be my last week in the Big Brother house and I don't want you to feel uncomfortable."

Maysoon replied that she hadn't spent much time with him today. "I normally speak to you more than that," she said. "I thought you might have been awkward around me." They cleared the air and went for a fag together.

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 33 - BB's Got Talent

Rachel, Rex and Stuart judge the BB Talent

It's a Goth party in the BB9 house and what better time to have a talent competition - Rachel, Rex and Stuart judged the other housemates as they performed. Time to bring on the singing and dancing as the contestants copied the TV talent shows. Maybe the home made punch helped shake off any nerves. Watch the Channel 4 programme tonight for the results.

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 33 - Luke and Rebecca Bath Pictures

Bex and Luke bath together

Rebecca and Luke may be the most unusual 'couple' in the Big Brother house ever, the pair make compulsive viewing because of their funny antics. While they are both complete opposites, Luke and Rebecca are so funny when they are together. As seen in the pictures above, Rebecca and Luke shared a bath after they had played party games dressed as zombies.
Why not, they do the washing and cleaning together and now Belinda's snoring has caused a rumble - the pair are now sleeping in the same bed in the Luxury Bedroom. No need to worry about any sex - these two are more like the Two Ronnies!

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Monday, 7 July 2008

BB9: Day 33 - Mario "I'm About To Explode"

Mario is about to explode - that's what he told Lisa in the Big Brother house this afternoon as they waited to nominate. He had a go at his partner and told her to "wake up and smell the coffee" as he complained about housemates who seemed to think the kitchen or bathroom or towels were their own property.

He was not happy that Lisa spent so much time cleaning up when others wouldn't even wash a cup. "Maybe we should have another meeting", was Lisa's reply to the situation. She said cleaning up was her thing, just like Rex who didn't mind doing the cooking because that's "his job".

Mario said he wasn't worried about being up for eviction, he was just being himself and not afraid to say what he feels - things need to be shaken up, he was telling Lisa.

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 33 - Darnell Happy With Changes

Darnell is a lot happier today as he begins a new week in the Big Brother house, he believes the new group dynamics have made the house a better place. Telling Dale and Kathreya, "There's a different cool crowd now. The group dynamics have changed so much," he declared. "It's completely flipped."

He thinks nominations are going to be completely nuts this week and a flip reversal from last week. It seems the new housemates have made Rex and Mo happier, even Lisa is staying up late to try and work out the new housemates. Darnell even joined in the late night game of charades, something he says he wouldn't have done a few weeks ago, but now it's all cool.

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BB9: Day 33 - Belinda's Snoring Winds Up House

Belinda is already causing a stir in the Big Brother house, Michael ended up in Jail yesterday because of her snoring and now the rest of the house is getting more and more wound up by her constant snoring.

The poor new housemate can't even get any help from Big Brother - they have refused her request for nasal clips. Mario, Luke and Rex were discussing her sleeping noises and fellow newcomer Sara wants to move to B Block.

Belinda has offered to sleep in the Living Area but Luke said she wouldn't be allowed by Big Brother, just as well the new housemates are exempt from nominations this week or Belinda's snoring might have earned her an early exit.

*BB official website:

BB9: VIDEO - Dale's Pained Face

Dale got a bit tipsy after drinking a few glasses of champagne, but while he tried to rest his eyes, Rebecca played a prank on him. She painted whiskers on his face while he slept and it was a good 20 minutes before Dale finally woke up.

Watch the video below to see the moment Dale discovers he has been turned into a cat:

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 32 - Luke Gets Down To Boxers For Rebecca!

Luke was at the mercy of Rebecca after he let the excitable housemate cover him in fake tan, much to the amusement of Stuart and Dale. Stripping down to his boxers shorts, the housemates fell about laughing saying, "You can't go round in your uncle's boxers though!" Dale told him scornfully.
"It looks like you're wearing a skirt!" agreed Rebecca, before collapsing into helpless giggles.

Rebecca had tried to pull Luke's boxer shorts down during her fake tan application, watch the video below and watch the hilarious results. Poor Luke later lost at arm wrestling against Rebecca, confirming his status as Mr Muscle!

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 32 - Housemates Upset By Chanting

While Mickey was in jail and Rachel and Belinda were chatting to him - several people chanted names outside saying who they wanted out of the Big Brother house. For the rest of the afternoon all the housemates were discussing who the names were.

Rachel thought it was her name they called and looked visibly disturbed, while Belinda thought she'd heard a "Ch" sound and thought it could be Rachel or Rebecca. Then the Chinese whispers set in and before long Stuart had been told that Belinda had said his name. This then led to Belinda seeking solace in the Luxury Bedroom confiding in Mario as she she a little tear or two. Mario tried to explain that this is what happens in the BB9 house.

Stuart had already had his worst 24 hours in the house, crying earlier in the day and missing Jen, plus to top it all - Rebecca had cut his hair and she's not even a hairdresser. Any thought of being hated would have only made matters worse. Rex seems like the only person who wasn't fazed by any chanting saying he wasn't bothered.

*BB official website:

BB9: POLL - The Final 4 Housemates You Want.....

The results of the latest Big Brother Blog Squad Poll are in and the final 4 housemates you would want to see in the BB9 house are:

1. Darnell - 77 votes
2. Kathreya - 76 votes
3. Dale - 66 votes
4. Rex - 58 votes

It was the closest result yet but shows the rising popularity of Darnell, who beat Katreya by just one vote. In previous polls, Kathreya has been the clear winner but it looks like the public mood for "Cookie Power" is waining and others like Dale and Rex are shining through. Dale was a surprise third place, his looks might be the reason or could it be that the public find him genuine and "nice". Rex was fourth, even though he faced the public vote during the poll he proved very popular in this poll and with the voting public - getting just 11% of the votes on eviction night.

5. Luke - 53 votes
6. Rachel - 48 votes
7. Lisa - 36 votes
8. Rebecca - 34 votes

Rebecca and Luke have slipped down the popularity ladder, missing the Top 4 after a week of back stabbing and arguments. Non- argumentative Lisa and Rachel proved fairly popular, maybe if they produce an interesting story they might increase in popularity.

9= Mohamed - 30 votes
9= Jennifer - 30 votes
11. Michael - 26 votes
12. Stuart - 25 votes
13. Mario - 15 votes

Mario was the least likely person you would want to see in the final four of BB9, propping up the bottom of the poll, his smug personality put most of the voters off. Stuart was a surprise 12th place - maybe his quiet approach has turned viewers off or could it be his "man liner"? Michael and Mohamed failed to ignite public interest and Jennifer just simply wasn't liked by the public!

*BB official website:

Sunday, 6 July 2008

BB9: Day 32 - Stuart Sheds Tears In Private

Stuart shed some tears in private while on his bed this afternoon. Pulling a hat over his eyes the sad housemate cried while holding a model flower signed by his five year old daughter.

Looks like today has been the toughest day for Stuart in the BB9 house as he misses those on the outside. Added to this Stuart is finding it tough in the house without Jennifer and told Big Brother in the Diary Room recently that he wishes he'd spoken out more on certain subjects. He was also feeling quite isolated inside the house with the different groups that had formed.

Will the addition of Sara, Maysoon and Belinda save him?

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 32 - Michael In Jail

Big Brother threw Michael into jail this afternoon as the other housemates protested about his innocence. Chants of "Set Mickey Free" could be heard as he defended his innocence. Stuart bought over the protective wet clothing as he sat outside in the BB Jail as Luke asked him why he had been put into the slammer.

Michael had been talking about a certain housemate snoring and that they would need to leave B Block, but Big Brother has told him the conversation could influence peoples nominations. Michael said he was stunned into silence by the accusation.

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 32 - Maysoon and Sara Gossip

Maysoon and Sara settle in the BB9 house

It's been a few days since Maysoon and Sara entered the Big Brother house and now the initial excitement and newness is quickly wearing off, the two girls will need to develop a thick skin in the BB9 house. Already the original housemates have formed opinions on Sara and Maysoon (we all know they think Belinda is mad so no need for debate there!), the group dynamics are changing and they will need to decide who will be their "friends".

As discussed earlier, Mohamed is flirting, and most of the other housemates try to sway the newbies into forming early opinions on the other housemates. Could we see Sara become the new group leader to replace Jen? Will Maysoon be a diplomatic floater and it's almost certain Belinda will be marginalised and forced on the outside.

Big Brother will no doubt add a few twists and turns to keep things in the house on a knife edge, we can expect some surprise evictions in the coming weeks. Let the gossip begin..............

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 31 - Street Art Task Winners Are.....

Rachel and Michael are the winners

Belinda, Maysoon and Sara were the judges of the Street Art Task and had to decide which housemates had created the best stencil drawings. It was a tough decision but the victors were Rachel and Michael, with Darnell and Dale a close second. Maysoon praised every one's efforts, while Rebecca protested saying there had been a "miscarriage of justice".

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 31 VIDEO - Lukes Fake Tan

Luke had a touch of the "Umpa Lumpa's" after Rebecca applied Dennis' fake tan. Watch the funny video below to see the results!

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BB9: Day 31 - Street Art Task

Big Brother called new housemate Belinda to the Diary Room and revealed the new task would be Street Art. The housemates would have to get into pairs. Once in their pairs, housemates must work together to make graffiti stencils of what they think the new housemates Belinda, Maysoon and Sara look like naked.

When instructed by Big Brother, Belinda, Maysoon and Sara must each choose a podium to pose on. One pair of housemates should stencil at each art table. The pairs of housemates have 30 minutes to make a stencil of each new housemate. After 30 minutes, the pairs of housemates will be asked to move to another art table to make their stencil of the next new housemate, until they have made a stencil of all three new housemates," Belinda explained.

Once the housemates have made stencils of all three new housemates they must, on Big Brother's instruction, collect a brick wall on which to spray their stencils. The pair of housemates must then spray a tag of their names onto their street art. They must describe their art to the rest of the group and Belinda, Maysoon and Sara will judge which pair's stencils they think are the best.

Before being let loose on the paints, the housemates paired up as follows: Darnell and Dale, Luke and Rebecca, Mohamed and Rex, Kathreya and Stuart, Lisa and Mario, and Michael and Rachel.

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