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Friday, 11 July 2008

BB9: Big Brother's Big Beard Speaks Out!

Big Brother's Big Bread Speaks Out (again!):

"It's Day 37 in the BB9 house and a whole week since Jennifer was evicted with Mario or Rebecca facing the boot tonight. It's amazing how quickly the house dynamics can change, with Jen gone the group was finally destroyed. A sad Dale soon recovered and a crying Stuart found new bonds in the Basic Bedroom as focus turned from groups to rooms.

Darnell and Luke are now going head to head as room leaders as the housemates focus more on which room they are in. Belinda's snoring is guilty of creating the "room wars", with the Basic Bedroom refusing to house her. Darnell refused to be told by the Luxury Bedroom to have Belinda - and this is the crux of future arguments. The "them and us" complexity will kick in this week and help create a few heated debates.

Hard to believe that a week ago Rex hardly had any friends in the BB9 house, but as soon as Sara and Maysoon came in and Rex survived the public vote - his popularity rocketed in the house. Who would have thought Dale would be sitting with him chatting like best friends, when days before he had been caught by Rex talking about him saying he spoke with "his cock out". Mo and Rex have benefited with the arrival of the new housemates. Belinda has become the new housemate that has been marginalised, maybe Mario and Lisa should have taken her under their wing and won over a new friend.

Luke and Rebecca have become more cut off following the nominations, but found comfort in Mario and Lisa - but it was a dangerous place to be as they will make it easier for the other housemates to nominate them as they become outsiders. Rachel and Kathreya made a very wise move by going over to B-Block to sleep instead of the Luxury Bedroom. The move will spare them from nomination next week as Lisa looks more vulnerable if Mario is evicted tonight.

Mario may have burnt his bridges by upsetting several housemates this week and the argument with Lisa may have cost him a place in the BB9 house. My beard would prefer to see Rebecca stay in the BB9 house, not only because she is from my beloved Coventry but because is the the better out of the two. It would be a sad night for Luke next Wednesday if Rebecca was not there for his birthday.

Big Brother's Big Beard thinks that Darnell will be the housemate to watch in the coming week, he is a ticking bomb waiting to explode and a week of rations might just push relationships over the edge."

Written by: robmacca *BB official website:

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