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Monday, 7 July 2008

BB9: POLL - The Final 4 Housemates You Want.....

The results of the latest Big Brother Blog Squad Poll are in and the final 4 housemates you would want to see in the BB9 house are:

1. Darnell - 77 votes
2. Kathreya - 76 votes
3. Dale - 66 votes
4. Rex - 58 votes

It was the closest result yet but shows the rising popularity of Darnell, who beat Katreya by just one vote. In previous polls, Kathreya has been the clear winner but it looks like the public mood for "Cookie Power" is waining and others like Dale and Rex are shining through. Dale was a surprise third place, his looks might be the reason or could it be that the public find him genuine and "nice". Rex was fourth, even though he faced the public vote during the poll he proved very popular in this poll and with the voting public - getting just 11% of the votes on eviction night.

5. Luke - 53 votes
6. Rachel - 48 votes
7. Lisa - 36 votes
8. Rebecca - 34 votes

Rebecca and Luke have slipped down the popularity ladder, missing the Top 4 after a week of back stabbing and arguments. Non- argumentative Lisa and Rachel proved fairly popular, maybe if they produce an interesting story they might increase in popularity.

9= Mohamed - 30 votes
9= Jennifer - 30 votes
11. Michael - 26 votes
12. Stuart - 25 votes
13. Mario - 15 votes

Mario was the least likely person you would want to see in the final four of BB9, propping up the bottom of the poll, his smug personality put most of the voters off. Stuart was a surprise 12th place - maybe his quiet approach has turned viewers off or could it be his "man liner"? Michael and Mohamed failed to ignite public interest and Jennifer just simply wasn't liked by the public!

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