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Saturday, 11 July 2009

BB10: Day 38 - Nominations Shocker

Smiles will be wiped from faces as Big Brother turns up the heat on housemates, forcing them to nominate a day earlier than normal. It is all part of a plan to shake up things inside the house, with former Big Brother housemates visiting the BB10 house over the coming week then a bunch of new housemates entering the house next Friday night. It's about to get exciting............

Sunday night Big Brother will be on at the earlier time of 8pm.

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BB10: Nasty Nick To Enter Big Brother House

The Sun has reported that Nick Bateman, Brian Belo and Dean O'Loughlin are among the ex-housemates who will return to Big Brother next week.
They will join BB7 star Nikki Grahame by going back into the house to perform memorable tasks from the last decade as part of the show's tenth anniversary celebrations.

'Nasty' Nick from the first series will go up against a current housemate in tackling an assault course on Monday.

Later that day, Dean from BB2 will re-enact a record breaking challenge.

Finally on Monday, three as yet unnamed housemates from BB3 will tackle an egg and spoon race. A current housemate will have to correctly guess the winner in order to pass.

Tuesday will see housemates from BB4, BB5 and BB6 go back into the house.

On Wednesday, Nikki Grahame and BB8 winner Brian Belo will each take part in a task from their year.

And finally on Thursday, BB9's Rex Newmark will return to the house to give contestants a shock, literally.

The week-long birthday celebrations will culminate on Friday July 17.

During the live show, host Davina McCall will reveal what other surprises Big Brother has in store to bring festivities to a climax live on Channel 4.

*Story from The Sun
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BB10: Day 37 VIDEO - Kris's The Best Bits

Here are the 'Best Bits' video featuring newly evicted housemate Kris during his 37 days in the BB house. He was out of the Big Brother house with 63% of the vote in this weeks five-way battle.

During his exit interview with Davina, his romance with Dogface (Sophie) was called into question and his attitude towards Halfwit was examined.

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Friday, 10 July 2009

BB10: Day 37 - Kris Is Evicted From Big Brother

The housemates were in utter shock as Davina McCall announced Kris had been evicted with 63% of the public vote in a five way battle.

Dogface and Karly were in tears and Lisa appeared shocked at the news. Will the dynamics of the housemates change now that the 'couple' in the house have been split up?

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BB10: Day 37 PICTURES - Dogface and Kris Enjoy Shower Together

Kris and Dogface enjoyed a smooch in the shower for what could be their last time in the Big Brother house, as both housemates face the public vote and one of them could be out today. It seems the pair know how to work the camera as they snogged in the shower.

Here are the pictures, expect the footage to be shown on Channel 4 on Saturday night!

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Thursday, 9 July 2009

BB10: Day 36 VIDEO - Halfwit Is Angry!

It's all been kicking off in the Big Brother house over the past 24 hours. Noirin got angry because Siavash said she was like a 'rabbit', jumping between groups. That argument rumbled on and on and then boiled over again today as Halfwit got angry - in dramatic fashion.

Check out the C4 video below and watch Halfwit get angry with Noirin, who drags Siavash and Karly into the debate. Tonight's show looks like a good one....

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BB10: Day 36 - Former Housemates To Return Next Week

Former housemates will be returning to the Big Brother house next week in the latest twist. To celebrate ten years of Big Brother, Nikki Grahame will enter the BB10 house on Sunday as part of a task. Other former housemates could include Nasty Nick, Craig Phillips, Brian Belo and Pete Bennett.
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POLL - Which Housemate Would You Evict This Friday?

Five Big Brother housemates face the public vote this week and our BBBS POLL shows you want Kris to be evicted on Friday. Do you agree or would you prefer to see the back of Marcus? Have you had enough of Halfwit? Should Dogface go? Or is Charlie the one you want to be evicted?
Hurry - vote in the POLL at the top of this page...............
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Tuesday, 7 July 2009

BB10: Day 34 PICTURE - Dogface Wardrobe Malfunction!

Dogface almost popped out of her bikini in a wardrobe malfunction as she soaked up the sunshine in the Big Brother garden. The glam housemate laughed off the incident and managed to keep her fake boobs from popping out.

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BB10: Day 34 - Nominations Revealed

This weeks Big Brother eviction looks set to be an interesting five way contest as Marcus becomes the latest housemate to go up against Halfwit (Freddie). Thrown into the equation is Charlie, who failed a personal task for breaking rules and Dogface and Kris, who spoke about nominations.

So far Halfwit has survived eviction every single week as housemates drop one by one and Halfwit commands strong support from the public. Will Marcus and Charlie split that support? Could the public finally split up the fake romance between Kris and Dogface? YOU DECIDE!

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BB10: Day 34 VIDEO - Charlie To Face Eviction

Although nominations have yet to be announced, Charlie is to face the public vote for eviction on Friday as punishment for talking about nominations.

Watch the video below and find out exactly what Charlie said and how Big Brother dished out the punishment.............

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BB10: Big Brother Viewing Figures - Day 26 - 32

Here are the viewing figures for the past week's Big Brother 10:

Day 32 (Sun 5/7/09) - 1.9 million viewers and an 8% share. A further 200,000 watched an hour later on Channel 4 +1 as Rodrigo got Dogface on all fours barking!

Day 31 (Sat 4/7/09) - 1.4 million viewers and attracted an 8% share in the hour from 9.30pm. A further 229,000 watched an hour later on Channel 4 +1. More arguments following Sree's departure from the Big Brother house.

Day 30 (Fri 3/7/09) - The highlights show was seen by 2.3 million viewers and an 11% share between 9pm and 10pm, with a further 100,000 watching on Channel 4 +1 an hour later.
The Big Brother live eviction interview with Sree also drew 2.3 million viewers, a 13% share, between 10.35pm and 11.05pm. Another 100,000 saw the interview on Channel 4 +1 as Big Brother left it until the later show to announce Sree had been evicted by the public.

Day 29 (Thurs 2/7/09) - Ice cream anarchy as the task continued on BB10, viewed by 1.66m (9.8%) for Channel 4 between 10pm - 11.05pm.

Day 28 (Wed 1/7/09) - The shopping task was underway but could housemates take BB's orders? 1.9 million viewers tuned in to find out in the 9pm hour, with a further 295,000 tuning in on Channel 4 +1.

Day 27 (Tues 30/6/09) - Still below last years viewing figures with 1.8 million and an 11% share between 10pm and 11.10pm, and a further 141,000 on Channel 4 +1. Even the evictions can't perk up the viewing figures this time around.

Day 26 (Mon 29/6/09) - Andy Murray's late tennis meant some viewers missed Big Brother tonight, but 1.3 million viewers (7%) still tuned in between 10pm and 11.10pm. Channel 4 +1 gave the show another 181,000 viewers an hour later.

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Sunday, 5 July 2009

BB10: Day 32 VIDEO - Dogface On All Fours!

Dogface lives up to her name when she got on all fours to give Rodrigo a barking demonstration in the video below:

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