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Saturday, 28 June 2008

BB9: Dale Bum and Pecks Pictures

Dale is a favourite with viewers of BB9, so here are some more pictures of Dale - this time you get to see his bum and pecks.

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BB9: Big Brother Popularity Pointer

* Rex - Great moves on the treadmill, stood up well against Dale.
*Luke - still the non-bookies favourite to win BB9, so amusing 24/7
* Sylvia - plays the game and causes the most friction since Alex went. The whole Stuart game was entertaining
* Jennifer - so many men so little time, she's in heaven in BB9
* Rebecca - from karaoke singing to jailhouse fun, Bex 'romance' with Luke is classic
* Stuart - added the right amount of spice to the house this week
* Lisa - best facial expressions in BB9 and sensible all-rounder
* Rachel - always inoffensive and caring no matter what, even when injured.

* Dennis - if he's not the centre of attention, he wants to leave!
* Michael - not fitting with the younger crowd, time to go home
* Mario - Patronising and a bit of a know it all
* Dale - This year's 'Bunny Boiler' in his quest for Jennifer
* Kathreya - Stick those cookies where the sun don't shine!
*Mohamed - struggling to maintain any interesting features in the house
* Darnell - slippery character that is more paranoid then a Roswell convention

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BB9: Darnell's Celebrity Double

It sounds cruel, but BB9 housemate Darnell has a celebrity double - Herman Munster from the 60's American comedy 'The Musters', which was ironically show on Channel 4 during the 1980's.
I'm not sure Darnell would be impressed with the celebrity likeness!

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Friday, 27 June 2008

BB9: Mario and Lisa in Bath

What Mario and Lisa are doing in the bath is anyone's guess - but it does look a bit rude!

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BB9: Vote For The 'Most Interesting' Housemates

The latest poll here on Big Brother Blog Squad aims to find out who YOU think are the 'most interesting' housemates to watch on BB9.

Early voters put Rebecca and Dale in the lead as they entertained the nation in the Big Brother house, while Mario, Darnell and Mohamed failed to ignite voters.

Now it's your opportunity to sway the outcome by voting in the poll on the right hand side of the screen - results will be revealed on Sunday. Will Kathreya's late surge prove to be the winner?

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BB9: Day 23 - Eviction Sylvia or Mohamed?

It's eviction night in the Big Brother 9 house, who will go - Sylvia or Mohamed? The choice is yours! This is the first eviction where the housemates have nominated who should face the public vote.

Sylvia has been the subject of many conversations, whether it is for stealing food or trying to jump into bed with Stuart. Mohamed has been branded boring, a disgrace and lazy by housemates but tonight will see one of them leave the Big Brother house.

All will be revealed on the 9pm show on Channel 4 (I'm at Glastonbury so I'm unable to post this weeks result!).

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Thursday, 26 June 2008

BB9: Day 22 - Sylvia and Rex Sunbathing

Topless Rex and Sylvia chat in the garden

Sylvia was trying to keep a low profile and avoid trouble today, as advised by Dennis. With eviction night looming, Sylvia spent time in the garden with Rex - someone whom she'd have normally avoided. The pair chatted while enjoying the sunshine, then it was time to move on to the next housemate for a heart to heart. Kathreya was next in line, but is this all some game plan by Sylvia?
Time will tell .............

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BB9: Housemates Video of OK Go's 'Here It Goes Again'

The video of Rex, Dale, Stuart and Sylvia performing OK Go's 'Here It Goes Again' as part of the Shopping Task has got to be one of the top highlights so far in BB9. Watch the video below and enjoy:

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BB9: Day 22 - Group Gossip About Kathreya

The 'group' were on the verbal war path today as they discussed fellow housemates in the BB9 house. Kathreya was the main focal point as Luke, Jennifer, Dennis and Rebecca sat in the Luxury Bedroom talking.

Jennifer felt Kat had become quieter recently and more withdrawn, others were sick of her cookie singing while Luke argued she was a cleaver player saying, "She said that Sylvia and Mohamed were arguing and she pretended to be asleep so she could hear! She said it was so she could make sure it didn't kick off. I was like, that's not the reason. It shocked me!"

Dennis was trying to put a positive spin on things saying that maybe she missed home or was upset. Jennifer thinks Kat may not like the 'group'.

Maybe Kathreya feels left out by the group, who have become quite cosy and protected.

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BB9: Rex Under Attack

Rex has been picked on ever since Big Brother 9 started - first Alexandra had a go and then the main group excluded him once they got bored of his cooking.

Poor Rex has been one of the only housemates who is prepared to stand up and be counted, speaking out at times when needed. He's had to put up with exclusion, only making the treadmill task because Rachel injured herself. Then Dale got caught talking about him in the garden - Rex showed how to approach someone without a full blown argument. Dale was shown to be the foolish one while Rex was the stronger man.

He might not be the sexiest male in the house but plenty of ladies prefer Rex over Dale or Stuart - because the outside appearance doesn't make a person beautiful inside. Maybe the other men in the house see him as a threat because he is dominant and doesn't follow the clan.

While he may have just escaped being up for the public vote, viewers often see who are being shallow or bitchy and who are being true and sincere.

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BB9: Day 22 - Is Rebecca Losing The Plot?

Is Rebecca losing the plot? After rising in popularity last week as she teamed up with Luke and won over the nation after trying to cook chips.

This week has seen her join the main group and become more bitchy, then she went into a strop when she wasn't picked for the treadmill task and finally she blew her top with Rex and wanted to pour food on his head.

Rebecca has done well overall, but the coming week will be a bigger test. She recieved two nominations this week but it could rise if she gets the wrong sort of attention from the Big Brother housemates. The dream team of Bex and Luke could have peaked too early, watch out for more Rebecca drama soon...............

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Wednesday, 25 June 2008

BB9: Day 21 - Swop Your Partner!

It's all change in the BB9 house following the Shopping Task. Jennifer began flirting with Stuart after he performed the dance moves on the treadmill. Once again Dale was cast aside while Jen swapped partners once again.

This left Dale on his own, which Sylvia soon made the most of. Sitting in the Luxury Bedroom with Dale, Luke and Rex, Sylvia made a quiet comment to Dale before giggling flirtatiously and refusing to repeat it.
"She said if Jen wasn't her mate, she would go for Dale herself," explained Luke to Rex.
"Exactly!" Sylvia confirmed. "You know it, don't you Dale?" Dale just grinned bashfully.

The "Love Square" keeps changing, but is Dale turning into Stuart? He's wearing the leather jacket (Stu went into the BB9 house with a leather jacket), both walk around topless as much as possible and now Dale is wearing make-up. He even decided to leave it on following the dance, matching Stuarts love of guy liner!

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BB9: Day 21 - Shopping Task Result

The housemates performed a treadmill routine for "Here It Goes Again" by OK Go as part of the Shopping Budget Task. The other housemates got to watch the performance on the plasma TV in the living area.

Big Brother later told the housemates that although they had made a few mistakes none of them were significant, so they had passed the task. Sylvia said she would be "going out with a bang", Mario hugged everyone while Stuart jumped into the pool fully clothed.

This means everyone will have a budget of £5 per day to spend on food and were in a party mood following the success of the task.

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BB9: Day 21 - Sylvia Bikini Picture

Sylvia has just gone up in some people's estimations because of this bikini picture - while she may not be popular with housemates or viewers, she's looking hot in the bathroom. Even Jennifer couldn't resist a peek!

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BB9: Day 21 - Darnell and Dennis Go To Jail

Darnell and Dennis were sent to the BB9 jail this afternoon at a crucial moment during the training for the Treadmill Task.

After being called into the Diary Room, Dennis told the other housemates they were being sent to jail for discussing something 6 days ago, this was a lie.

The truth was revealed by Big Brother, "Last night at 2.44am," stated Big Brother, "you both broke the fundamental rule regarding nominations." They had the transcript read to them and then made their way to jail.

The rest of the housemates were left to practice the Treadmill Task without Dennis leading them - Will they pass? All will be revealed at 19:30 tonight.

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BB9: Day 21 - Jen and Dale in Shower

This is the most raunchy Big Brother picture of Dale and Jennifer, the housemates were in the shower having a bit of fun. Although nothing sexual happened, the pair did share a kiss on the lips before bed last night. Looks like they are getting closer and closer..........

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Tuesday, 24 June 2008

BB9: Day 20 - Jennifer and Stuart

Do Jennifer and Stuart secretly fancy each other? The body language and looks seem to be saying yes but the spoken words say no. Maybe Jennifer just enjoys stringing Dale along but now Stuart is in the house, she's finding it hard to hide how she feels.

Stuart got stuck with Sylvia but would much prefer to be stuck on Jennifer, if only Dale was out of the picture. Tensions are bound to rise in the coming days, if Sylvia is evicted on Friday we could see Stuart getting closer to Jennifer while Dale continues to wait in hope.

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BB9: Nominations

Sylvia proved just as unpopular with the housemates as Alexandra had a week earlier, she got nine out of a possible thirteen votes. Mohamed scored five votes with Rex just escaping the public vote with 4 nominations. Rebecca and Luke received votes for the first time but Mario and Lisa almost escaped getting any nominations this week.
Dale - Rex and Mohamed
Darnell - Sylvia and Jennifer
Dennis - Mohamed and Rex
Jennifer - Michael and Mohamed
Kathreya -Sylvia and Jennifer
Lisa - Rebecca and Sylvia
Luke - Mohamed and Sylvia
Mario - Sylvia and Rebecca
Michael - Sylvia and Rex
Mohamed - Sylvia and Dennis
Rachel - Sylvia and Luke
Rebecca - Mohamed and Michael
Rex - Mario and Sylvia
Sylvia - Rex and Michael
Total Nominations - Sylvia = 9 and Mohamed = 5
Nominations last week were as follows:
Alexandra - Rex and Dennis
Dennis - Mario and Alexandra
Jennifer - Mario and Lisa
Kathreya - Alexandra and Sylvia
Lisa - Jennifer and Sylvia
Luke - Mohamed and Mario
Mario - Sylvia and Dennis
Michael - Alexandra and Dennis
Rebecca - Alexandra and Darnell
Sylvia - Alexandra and Mario
Dale - Mario and Alexandra
Darnell - Mario and Lisa
Mohamed - Alexandra and Dennis
Rachel - Alexandra and Sylvia
Rex- Alexandra and Mario
Total Nominations: Alexandra = 9 Mario = 7

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BB9: Day 20 - Rebecca Sulks and Rachel Cries

Rebecca Shiner had her first bad day in the Big Brother 9 house today as the other housemates excluded her from taking part in this weeks Shopping Task. Luke told her the housemates needed to win the task and so the fittest were better suited for the treadmill. "I know I could do it but others don't," she said. "It's probably because I'm bigger. I feel like people are doubting me."

Later Rebecca was alone in the pool entertaining herself while the other housemates worked hard on the Shopping Task. Meanwhile Rachel had to drop out of the task while she waited for the doctor to check her over after injuring herself during training. Rex was selected by Dennis and the others to replace Rachel, who was in tears at having to drop out.

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BB9: Day 20 - Treadmill Dance Task

This weeks Shopping Budget Task was revealed today - the BB9 housemates have to re-create the OK Go's "Here It Goes Again" video. Four of the housemates (Dale, Rachel, Sylvia and Stuart) will dance the workout on the treadmill, Dennis will be the choreographer, Lisa the hair and makeup stylist and Jennifer donned glasses as she became the costume stylist.

Housemates will perform the routine live on Big Brother's Little Brother Wednesday evening at 19:30. Three serious errors are allowed, after that they will be condemned to a basic shopping budget. The video of "Here It Goes Again" can be seen below - Will the housemates pass? Find out soon.......

OK Go - "Here It Goes Again"
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BB9: Day 20 VIDEO - Sylvia In Stuart's Bed

Here is the video of Sylvia waking Stuart up just before 3am to tell him HE was being weird when SHE wanted to share his bed. So she told him it was alright for him to talk to other people in the Big Brother house (very kind of her!) and that they weren't boyfriend and girlfriend (Stuart knows that but does Sylvia believe it?!).

Poor Stuart was woken up several times by Sylvia in the middle of the night, because she'd been blown out and then talked to Jennifer - so to save face, twisted things to make Stuart look bad.
She finally woke him up one last time to tell HIM not to flirt with HER!

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BB9: Day 20 - Sylvia and Mohamed Face Eviction?

According to the pundits, Mohamed and Sylvia are the two housemates that will face the public vote this week, with only a twist to change that outcome.

Views are split as to who will go on Friday, some say Mohamed is too boring and will go because BB9 has already lost two girls so it's time for a boy to go. Others say Sylvia is the favourite to go after her actions in the house since Stuart's arrival.

Here are the top nomination predictions:
1. Sylvia
2. Mohamed
3. Rex
4. Jen

Find out later who officially is up for the vote.
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BB9: VIDEO - Rex Chat

All is not well in the Big Brother house - Rex caught Dale and the housemates talking behind his back, which upset him. As Rex sat in the garden alone, Mohamed, Mario and Michael discussed the "sheep" group led by Sylvia, saying the group could vote any of them to face the public vote because there are seven in that group.

Watch the discussion in the video below:

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BB9: Day 20 - Housemates Turn On Stuart

Sylvia and Jennifer talk with Stuart in the background

It didn't take the paranoid housemates long to turn on new housemate Stuart. As the housemates went to bed at 3am, Sylvia and Jennifer had turned against Stuart. Gossiping spiralled out of control and Sylvia even went and woke Stu up to tell him "not to flirt" with her, which was rather ironic since it was Sylvia who had been the 'bunny boiler' hours earlier by asking Stuart to share his bed. Rejected, she turned against him - using Jennifer to bolster her counter rejection of Stuart.
Dale and Dennis were also drawn into the housemates rebellion against Stuart and Dale was relieved as he'd feared the group were going to kick him out after Stuart's arrival. Dennis aired his suspicions about the new housemate, which just fuelled Darnell's conspiracy theories.
Don't expect much love towards Stuart today, but at least we find out who will be up for the public vote, which will divert attention away from the unfortunate newcomer!

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BB9: Jail

Big Brother has toughened up on housemates by casting Jennifer and Dennis into the BB9 jail yesterday evening for talking repeatedly about the audition process, but their stint in the jail was short lived as they were replaced by Mohamed and Rex who were locked up for discussing the nominations they had made earlier.

The naughty lads had to spend the night in the BB9 jail but had Kathreya and Rachel to keep them entertained with stories until they fell asleep. Then evil Big Brother forced a housemate to wake them up for scheduled toilet breaks. Cruel, oh so cruel..............

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BB9: Day 20 - Love Square

It's got to be the most confusing "love square" ever. Just to re-cap - Stuart entered the BB9 and Jen's face lit up, leaving Dale to feel insecure as he tries to win her over. Meanwhile Sylvia who has a boyfriend notices Jennifer's face and makes a bid for Stuart. They get close and Sylvia jumps into his bed but Stuart ignores her advances.

Next day they share a bath and Sylvia tries more bunny boiling. Do Stuart and Jennifer secretly like each other? He voted her art drawing the best and telling glances seem to reveal more.

Sylvia asked Jennifer if she should ask Stuart if they can share a bed because she didn't want to sleep in her own bed. Jen said she should ask Stuart, so she did and he said OK but as soon as she was gone he had second thoughts. Then Jen and Stu spoke about it and poor Dale was left on the sofa as the drama unfolded. Jen tells Sylvia she has no feelings for Stu and Sylvia says "He is not my boyfriend". The girls really do gossip way too much...............

Confused? You will be if you follow this love square!

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Monday, 23 June 2008

BB9: Day 19 - House Divide Gets Bigger

The divide in the Big Brother house got wider today as some housemates enjoyed the sunshine. Mario, Lisa, Michael, Rachel and Mohamed enjoyed time together in the garden together and discussed better ways to do the shopping budget.

Meanwhile Sylvia's group inside the house has grown stronger with the addition of Stuart, Luke and Rebecca. While no-one has spoken about the formation of groups, secretly Sylvia and co are using the stronger group to avoid nominations and thus weaken the smaller group if they are up for eviction on Friday.

Darnell has managed to avoid being drawn into any divide and is happy to sit on the side along with Kathreya. Rex is currently isolated from both groups and is favourite to face the public vote when nominations are announced tomorrow.

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BB9: Day 19 - Nominations

Big Brother called everyone in earlier today for their weekly nominations, but it seems Stuart is at the centre of most BB9 housemates thinking. Sylvia and Jennifer think he is on a secret mission, Rebecca and Luke wondered if Stuart had a special role during the nominations - like selecting extra housemates to face the public vote.

Housemates found it easier this week to nominate, with Dennis out of the Diary Room in record time saying, "It's so much easier. It's simple this week." Stuart is immune from nominations this week as he settles into the BB9 house.

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BB9: Day 19 VIDEO - Dale Reveals Jealousy To Jennifer

Dale confesses to Jennifer his jealousy towards new BB9 housemate Stuart in this video. The couple then share a passionate embrace that put Dale back at the top of Jennifer's list but is she being cautious or leading Dale on?

Has Stuart been put into the Big Brother house to stir the love birds up?

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BB9: Day 19 - Talent Contest

Stuart and Rebecca get dirty on the dance floor!

The BB9 housemates had a talent contest late last night with Luke, Dennis and Rex as the judges, but as this picture shows, Luke was far from impressed when Rebecca and Stuart performed "Grease" on the kitchen table.

More highlights can be seen on Big Brother along with interesting clips from "Spin the Bottle" with some interesting kissing!

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BB9: Day 18 - Stuart Dumps Sylvia

It was a night of high drama for Sylvia as her whirlwind obsession with new housemate Stuart was put to an abrupt end when he told Jennifer that he didn't want to get into a relationship after only 2 days in the house and then face exclusion from the group.

Jennifer then went back and told Sylvia that Stuart wasn't interested and within minutes the Big Brother beauty was in tears. She sought advice from the boys, who told her to speak to Stuart and by the end of the night the pair had made up.

Stuart was even holding her hand and comforting her on the sofa after he told her he just wanted to chill. Question is - how much did Jennifer stir up the situation and does she really like Stuart instead?

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Sunday, 22 June 2008

BB9: Day 18 - Luke and the "Custardgate" Video

Luke continues in his quest to find the 60 custard creams that were stolen, the video below shows Luke searching the bedroom to try and solve "Custardgate".

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BB9: Day 18 - Luke Investigates Custard Creams Mystery

Luke has vowed to investigate which housemate stole the two packets of custard creams overnight. The self appointed detective has been grilling housemates in the BB9 house in a bid to find out where the 60 biscuits went. He said he would not rest until he found out, although no evidence has been unearthed to implicate anyone just yet.

Luke is clearly not happy and moaned saying, "I'm a big tea fanatic and operation dunk has been stopped."

*BB official website:

BB9: Stuart v Dale - Battle of the Boys

It's the 'Battle of the Boys' in the Big Brother 9 house and there are just two up for the award - Dale and Stuart. Since Stuart's arrival on Friday night, Dale has been conscious his crown could be stolen, so he's making sure he gets his kit off at any opportunity. Dale is also lifting the sun loungers aiming to impress the girls, while Stuart got his kit off to pose for art drawings this afternoon.

Who is the fittest? You decide!

Dale cleaning topless

Stuart topless for art task

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BB9: Day 18 - Dennis Falls Out With Mohamed

Tensions in the big Brother house continued to rise as Dennis fell out with Mohamed over a joke he made with Rex in the Ashtray. Dennis demanded to see a transcript of the conversation after failing to understand the joke that had been made but it turned out no harm was done and the pair chatted in the luxury bedroom to sort out their differences.

Dennis said her felt better but stupid after the discussion.

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BB9: Day 18 - Rachel

She's been in the BB9 house for 18 days but has anybody noticed Rachel is actually in the house?

So far she has kept quiet, avoided trouble and generally passed her time without getting involved with any group.

Could someone argue with her this week .............. please!!

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BB9: Day 17 - Sylvia Fears Being Dumped

The last of Sylvia's worries are stealing food and keeping Mickey awake in the BB9 house - she is more worried that her actions with new housemate Stuart has landed her in hot water with her boyfriend of 4 years.

As well as flirting with new hunk Stuart, she shared a bath and bed with him but now fears it could affect her relationship on the outside.

Meanwhile Michael branded Sylvia a devious liar and the alpha female of the house after she hid cookies from the rest of the group.

*BB official website:
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