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Saturday, 19 July 2008

BB9: Day 45 - Kat and Mo Told To Pack Their Bags

Kathreya burst into tears as Big Brother told her and Mohamed to pack their suitcases within 30 minutes for breaking house rules as they climbed the divide to steal bananas. Kat was clearly worried she was about to be evicted from the BB9 house, while Mo was more relaxed as he laughed with Rex. Mo hugged Kat and tried to reassure her.

Rachel also cried as she saw Kat in tears, while Rebecca said "Kat, Kat, it doesn't mean anything. It's not gonna happen. They're not going to chuck you out. I promise you a million per cent they're not."

"It's a mind game," Luke assured her.

And Sara agreed: "They're not gonna get rid of Kat and Mo!"

Things got tense after the suitcases were handed to Big Brother and crowd noise was played into the house.

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BB9: Day 45 VIDEO - Kat and Mo Steal Bananas

Heavenly housemates Mohamed and Kathreya rebelled by 'breaking into hell' to steal bananas as the Head of House candidates were performing their task of hanging from a tree in a costume swinging on a tyre.

Here is the C4 video of the moment Mo and Kat climbed the divide and stole the bananas. Looks like trouble is in store!

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BB9: Day 45 - Dale and Darnell Argue

Rex read out the instructions for the Head of House Task, he told the house that they had to select three housemates to take part. The task would consist of dressing up and hanging from a tyre swing in the Garden and the winner would become Head of House.

"I'll have a go," squealed Rebecca excitedly.Within minutes, a full-scale argument had erupted.
It started with a suggestion from Darnell to Stuart because he couldn't be involved due to being the previous Head of House. "Because I can't do it," he said, "I'll pick three numbers from one to 10 and tell them to you."

"You're not Head of House any more Darnell, butt out," said Rex.
"Stop talking to me like that, man," spat Darnell, all ready to blow his top.

Lots of shouting followed with people volunteering themselves, suggesting ways the votes should be cast and generally trying to shout louder than everyone else. And then Rachel made a suggestion which nobody else heard, but sent Darnell into a rage. "All the people wanna ******* do it man," he screamed at her.

And then it was all-out shouting. "You're a baby, a little baby," shouted Dale at Darnell.
"You're supposed to be my friend," Darnell shouted back, "and you ******* take the ****."
"What are you running your mouth for if I'm supposed to be your friend?" demanded Dale.

Gradually, the situation calmed down and the group decided it would be Rebecca, Maysoon and Dale who would hang from the tyre in an attempt to become Head of House.

*Story was from the BB official website:

BB9: Day 45 - Rebecca and Sara Hate........

Rebecca and Sara were united together as they discussed which housemate they hated the most. Mohamed was top of their list after he kept asking both of the housemates for cigarettes.

Sara said, "If there's one person that annoys me the most, it would be him. Especially with the cigarettes. Every day: 'Sara, can I have a cigarette?'"

"That's why I have none left!" yelped Rebecca, looking outraged.
"It's really annoying," muttered Sara. "I've given him so many. It's like, enough's enough!"
"I've had to live with him for seven weeks now, and he's ******* me off," confided Rebecca.
"Dude, I've only been here for two, and I get it."

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BB9: Day 45 - Rex Wants To Go

Rex was feeling homesick after he survived the public vote, meaning he would be in the BB9 house even longer.

Talking to Rachel he said, "The whole show from start to finish is punishment," he said. "It's not a luxury lifestyle. It's just lots of s**t."

Later, he became more subdued as he admitted that the reason he wanted to go was to see his girlfriend, friends and family. "I can deal with being hated," he confessed. "What I can't deal with is being without my loved ones." Almost crying, he added: "I long to be loved again. It's like being homeless. My heart is homeless. I feel almost empty inside." He'd been upset that his girlfriend had made the effort to see him at the eviction but now he would have to stay longer.

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Friday, 18 July 2008

BB9: Day 44 - VIDEO - Michael Traps His Knee

Call the doctor, pass the butter and fetch some hot water - Michael has trapped his knee in the Big Brother house divide. Will it end in tears or will he get rescued? Watch the Channel 4 video below to find out:

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BB9: Day 44 - VIDEO - Belinda Is Evicted

Belinda was evicted from the Big Brother house tonight after spending just two weeks inside the house. The jazz hands failed to save "Belinda Belinda Belinda" from eviction.

Wearing a black dress with the union flag on the bottom, Belinda had been expecting the news as Davina McCall announced to the house she had become the fifth housemate to be voted out by the public with 65% of the vote. Rex said he couldn't believe it and that he was disappointed to still be in the house.

Watch the Channel 4 video below to find out the moment Davina McCall revealed which housemate would be evicted:

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BB9: Day 44 - Luke Washes Bex Knickers!

Pic of the Day: Fill the next line in........

Luke helped Rebecca with her laundry today and this picture tells a thousand words. We want YOU to fill in the 'What happened next?' by leaving a comment here on BBBS.

It can be anything like "Bex are these mine or yours?", said Luke. Or "Then Luke took the knickers and put them on his head". We want your funny comments so reply by clicking the comment box below. You can remain anoymous or post your name. Have fun!

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BB9: Poll - 'Who Would YOU Put In Hell Group?' Results

Some of the housemates have been in sheer hell this week as the Big Brother 9 was divided into the Heavenly and Hell groups. All week the BBBS poll asked readers 'Who Would YOU put in the Hell Group?'

The votes are all in and have been counted, here are the results:
Belinda - 45 votes
Mohamed - 42
Rex- 37
Darnell - 35
Rebecca - 32
Michael - 29
Kathreya - 28
Maysoon - 28
Lisa - 25
Rachel - 25
Luke - 22
Sara - 20
Dale - 19
Stuart - 17
The line divides who would be in 'Hell' and who would be in 'Heaven', poor Kathreya would be in hell - even though she polled the same amount as Maysoon due to the results going in alphabetical order. It is clear from your voting that you want Belinda to stay in 'Hell' and Mo should join her there! I've got a feeling ladies voted heavily in this poll, as the two BB9 housemates you least voted into 'Hell'. Voting split up Rebecca and Luke, which would have been interesting to watch if that did happen. Rex and Darnell would have have moved from the Heavenly group into 'Hell', while Darnell would have coped well, Rex might have been tempted to walk!
A new poll is now up and we want to know 'Which Two Housemates You Would Nominate For Eviction?'. Voting closes Tuesday at 5pm, just ahead of the announcement of who will face the public vote next week.
*BB official website:

BB9: Day 44 - Belinda or Rex to be Evicted?

It's Friday and someone is going to leave the Big Brother house tonight, everyone (including the housemates) think Belinda will be evicted. Rex is confident of staying, even though the Londoner has said he'd be happy to leave. He wants to go but as Dale told him earlier today, the public might keep him in the BB9 house because he wants to leave.

Rex is a favourite with the ladies, while Belinda has not had time to connect with the other housemates or public in the two weeks she has been in the house. Only a miracle can save her now, Big Brother has tried to do all they can to swing the vote in her favour but by 21:49 tonight we expect Belinda, Belinda, Belinda will be going, going, gone...............

Tune in from 9pm on Channel 4 to find out who goes.

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 44 - Rachel In Tooth Agony

Rachel's day got off to a bad start when she bit her tongue and caused her crown to come off her tooth. She rushed to the Diary Room shouting: "Oh God, oh my God."

When she returned to the Heavenly house she was crying saying she didn't want to leave the Big Brother house. "They won't make you leave. They'll bring in a dentist," Dale assured her. He joked later that Big Brother might evict her just to save money because she's had a doctor and dentist called out since being in the BB9 house.

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BB9: Day 44 - VIDEO - Who Gets The Bacon?

Head of House carries responsibilities in the Big Brother house, as Darnell has been finding out this week. He has had to make a few unpopular decisions. This morning he had to make another decision that would upset one half of the BB9 house.

Big Brother said he had to choose one half of the house to enjoy bacon and egg sandwiches for breakfast. Watch the Channel 4 video below to find out which side he picked.

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BB9: Day 44 - Housemates Forced To Shower In Garden

Lisa in shower
Rebecca takes shower
Luke plays with his nipples!

Belinda enjoys shower

Hell Housemates were forced to take showers in the garden as part of their spell in Hell. The pictures above capture some of the housemates in full flow.

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 43 - Belinda Sends Darnell To Jail

Darnell was sent to jail by Belinda after giving her a a prize which meant they could send one heavenly person behind bars. She picked him because as "Head of House" he had to take the rap.

Darnell replied that she was absolutely right to have made the decision to imprison him.He said: "That is the responsibility of Head of House. It makes sense, dude."

He was the first housemate to be sent to the Luxury Jail and didn't seem to mind as it wasn't like a real prison.

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 43 - Housemates Get BBQ

The Heavenly housemates were rewarded with a BBQ and water guns thanks to the Hell housemates passing their Manure Task earlier. Luke was not impressed, ""We were shovelling manure for you to shove burgers into your mouth!"

Belinda said: "They're going to have some burnt meat and stale bread." Rebecca and Luke were unconvinced. "Rex says he knows how to barbecue so no-one will get salmonella," Luke sighed. "He has six degrees in barbecues, and his dad owns a barbecue factory."

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BB9: Viewing Figures

Viewing figures for Big Brother climbed as the week progressed after dipping to 2.6m on Monday, dropping 3% on the usual figures. By Tuesday BB9 was watched by 3.1m and 18% of the total audience. Thursday night 3m watched the 10pm show, with another 355,000 watching on C4+1.

The series has continued to hold steady after 45 days on air.

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BB9: Day 44 - Luke and Rebecca In Bed Action

Last Thursday we saw the kiss between Luke and Rebecca, well we can reveal that this Thursday night the Big Brother pair held hands briefly after they argued over bed sheets. Luke then made Rebecca's bed wet - in a bid to share a bed together but had to settle on a drunken Bex falling asleep, so no repeat of last Thursday's action.

It was obvious Luke was flirting with a drunken Bex but she was having none of it tonight and eventually fell asleep. Maybe next time Luke..............

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Thursday, 17 July 2008

BB9: Day 43 - Housemates Shovel S**t!

Life for the Big Brother 'Hell' housemates just got worse as they had to shovel s**t for the reward of two hours hot water.

Big Brother has placed one empty pen in the Garden and one pen full of compost. Housemates from Hell must move the manure from one to the other using only seven trowels and a wheelbarrow.

Rebecca said that a lot of people in the house talk s**t and screamed when some got in her hair, Michael was worried that creepy crawlies would be in the manure and Lisa's goggles steamed up.

Meanwhile the Heavenly housemates sat on their garden chairs looking on and laughing. A rendition of "Old McDonald Had A Farm" was sung by Darnell and co as the manure was being wheelbarrowed across the garden.

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BB9: Day 43 Rebecca Bra and Knickers Pictures

The post popular search on Big Brother Blog Squad is for Rebecca's boobs, so Day 43 in the Big Brother house provided another day for Rebecca to flash for the nation. Here are two pictures from today:

Bex flashes bra

Bex in her knickers

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BB9: Stuart Shower Picture

Stuart might be living in with the "Hell" housemates this week, but he is still popular with the public. You all can't get enough of the 25 year old personnal trainer and so the picture above of Stuart preparing for a shower in the Big Brother garden is just for you!

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 43 - Maysoon Plays Slippery Pig

Maysoon was up for some fun this afternoon as she donned a black bin bag, hat and a water filled washing up glove for a game of 'Slippery Pig'. The Heavenly housemates thought it was time to liven things up before the next task, which wasn't long as Big Brother provided the Hell housemates with costumes.

All will be revealed in due course!

*BB official website:

BB9: Day43 - VIDEO - Darnell Not In The Mood

Darnell is feeling the heat of being "Head of House" as some housemates blamed him for his choices during the French Shopping Task. He lets rip and doesn't mind who hears him, watch the Channel 4 video below to see what happens.

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 42 - Mohamed Pissed Off!

Mohamed is pissed off with some of the Big Brother housemates and vented his anger on Rex. He said that some housemates pissed him off and it was winding him up just looking at them.

Dale pissed him off during the Wine Tasting Task and Mo hated being in the same room with him saying, "I did not enjoy it one moment." Continuing he told Rex that he felt uncomfortable around Stuart and Rebecca, also that some housemates' jokes upset him when they say they've 'done a Mo'. He said he felt like saying, 'Shut the f**k up'.

Rex advised him to "ignore" the housemates. "I know," said Mohamed. "But sometimes it stores up and stores up and stores up."

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 42 - Luke Gets Birthday Party

Luke finally got his 21st Birthday party after a disastrous day, but the twist Big Brother added was far from perfect. Darnell, as Head of House, got to choose which three housemates would join Luke. He picked Rebecca of course but controversially picked himself and Dale to partake in the birthday banquet.

The French theme continued as the lads were provided with false moustaches and everyone wore a beret and a table filled with cheese, bread, lager, wine and lemonade. The birthday cake carefully crafted by Rebecca took centre stage as the birthday boy enjoyed the feast.

All other housemates were excluded from the French cellar as the party took place, Darnell said other housemates would hate him for going to the party.

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 43 - Lunch Boxes Please Housemates

Lisa had said she was ready to leave the Big Brother house last night and this morning until Big Brother provided lunch boxes for the hungry housemates.

"I can't believe Big Brother has done this for us," said Rachel. While Stuart jumped in excitement, the housemates quickly entered the storeroom to collect their food.

The lunch boxes included sandwiches with various fillings, crisps, chocolate bars, cereal, tea bags, coffee, milk and juice. The group set about bargaining, with Luke and Mohamed swapping sandwiches and Rachel offering her crisps in exchange for some cereal.

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 42 - Sara Shocked By Rude Darnell

Sara was shocked by Darnell when he told her "Woman get my food." He then told her that he wasn't hungry but just wanted to watch the Hell housemate make it.

Unhappy with the comments, Sara quickly retreated to the garden fuming for a cigarette. Rex was on hand to hear how she'd made a sandwich as Darnell had asked and then said he wasn't hungry.

"What the f**k did I do to him? That was so rude," Sara told Rex. He replied that maybe Darnell had been joking. Wondering if she had blown things out of proportion, Sara said, "Seriously, this is hell."

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Wednesday, 16 July 2008

BB9: Day 42 - Rex's Celebrity Double

Rex as Frank Spencer

The original Frank Spencer!

Rex has a celebrity double and it's not a chef, as pictured above - it's none other than 70's BBC comedy icon, Frank Spencer from Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em. Ooh Betty!!

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 42 - Housemates Fail French Task

Housemates failed this weeks French Shopping Task and will now face another week on basic rations. Rex and Kat failed to eat the giant baguette while Dale and Mo failed in their food/wine task.

Only Luke's birthday was able to lift the deflated housemates spirits following the announcement.

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 42 - Rex and Kat Sick of Baguette

Both Kathreya and Rex were sick as they tried to eat a 5ft baguette as part of the French Shopping Task. The pair threw up as they tried to eat all of the baguette in their role as Food Gourmets - Rex had been moaning earlier that he was hungry.

Kat apologised after the klaxon sounded to say time was up, the pair were just a few bites away from completing the task.

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 42 - Luke's Manhood Called Into Question

While Luke celebrates his 21st birthday in the Big Brother house, his "Hell" housemates called into question the size of his manhood.
Belinda, Lisa, Luke, Rebecca, Sara and Stuart were in the Cycling Room and were hoping for a reward for completing the Shopping Tasks.

As Stuart got on his bike, he teased Luke about fibbing about his shoe size. "Don't ask Luke about Luke's feet," joked Stuart, "he's size seven but he wears size tens."
"I've got big feet," protested Luke. "There's a big correlation between shoe size and size of manhood," said Belinda. "I accidentally put my hand somewhere once and trust me, there's not," said Rebecca.

Seconds later Bex said, "Actually I was quite surprised, I did fall off the bed laughing." An earlier conversation revealed that Luke had erections each night Rebecca shared his bed but had remained self controlled.

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 42 - Rex Is NOT Happy!

BB9 housemates are hungry and Rex is NOT happy. He vented his anger in the garden as he spoke to Mohamed and Sara.

"They won't give us any ******* food," said Rex, "we've got no ******* food, so we've got no ******* energy. In the last two days I've had three ******* eggs, a quarter of a bowl of chick peas and some rice. And Big Brother wants us to do **** all - all day. I'm dressed like a ******* mug, sitting around in a freezing cold room. It's cold outside. The only room that's warm is the bathroom. We're not allowed to sleep. What the **** is going on? What are we doing?"

Rex clearly was not happy and hoped alcohol would be provided later for Luke's birthday.

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 42 - Luke In Lycra!

Luke's birthday suit!

As Luke celebrates his 21st birthday in the Big Brother house, it looks like he'll need Rebecca at his side because his girlfriend in the outside world has dumped him. He shouldn't be worried though, as there will be plenty of girls who will enjoy seeing him in his lycra cycling suit. Time to party Luke...........

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 42 - Luke Hopes For 21st Party

Luke's 21st Birthday may be turning into a disaster as he recovers from a viral infection. Most of his fellow Hell housemates are all feeling the effects of the cycling task. Having to cycle over 1000km has left Bex, Sara and Belinda exhausted but Luke is still hoping Big Brother will give him a 21st Birthday Party tonight, even though housemates are living on basic rations this week after failing last week's shopping task.

Luke promised Rebecca that he would take her into the Diary Room with him if he had to have a party in there. He told her, "I don't want to celebrate on my own."

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 42 - Maysoon's Mime Act

Maysoon shows off her skills as a French mime artist in this video, as part of this weeks Shopping Task. Big Brother has added a French theme to the tasks with Maysoon and Rachel re-enacting a mime act. They will be judged how well they perform by a mime artist but as the video shows, Maysoon is putting a lot of effort into the performance.

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 42 - Michael Slams Noisy Housemates

Michael has a few words to say to Darnell after Heavenly housemates kept making a noise late into the evening, while Lisa and Belinda were sleeping. Michael had been taking part in the cycling task where Hell housemates have to continually cycle 24 hours as part of the French themed Shopping Task.

He told Darnell, ""Why are people sitting in here making noise when there are people asleep? They need to be more considerate." Mikey continued: "The deal was that you stay in the luxury bedroom and you're not. It's not fair and you're waking Lisa up."

Darnell did not have a response but murmured that he was only there now to "make sure everybody was getting to where they needed to be".

*BB official website:

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

BB9: Rebecca Flashes Boobs (again!)

Belinda doesn't look impressed as Bex flashes boobs

Rebecca's cheeky grin as she flashes boobs again!

Big Brother housemate Rebecca flashed her boobs once again after late night antics in the BB9 house turned rude following a food and water fight (as BBBS revealed earlier). Bex lifted her top up revealing her boobs and shocking Belinda and other housemates in the garden. Belinda quickly saw the funny side and pretended to caress Bex's breasts.

Just as well Rebecca didn't get evicted on Friday, otherwise it could have been Mario's man boobs on here!

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 41 - Housemates Turn Against Darnell

The "Hell" housemates vented their fury on Darnell as they continued their cycle task. Luke said that Darnell was meant to lead the house and said he would "give them the finger" but according to Luke all Darnell has done has given them the thumbs up. Michael said that Darnell was "Big Brothers bitch".

Lisa was also strong in her criticism of the House Leader saying he wasn't doing a good job. It seems the housemates in "Hell" blame Darnell for their torment and that he chose his friends to live in luxury. Michael said it should be girls only up for Head of House next time. To add insult to injury, the "Hell" housemates had to content with one of their bikes causing problems with the task and Big Brother changing the rules.

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 41 - Housemates Think Belinda Will Be Evicted

Housemates think that Belinda will be evicted on Friday and were quite surprised that Rex was up for the public vote. Rebecca and Lisa agreed that Rex was "too big a character" for Big Brother to lose. The "Hell" housemates sat in B Block discussing the nomination results, Lisa said she was glad to be in the "Hell" team and said that Mario would be laughing as he watched them doing the cycle task.

Rebecca said you can never be too sure who would go on Friday, but agreed with the group that it looked like Belinda would go as Rex had not done anything wrong.

Meanwhile Rex thinks that he is really liked by the public and is convinced that Belinda will go as he discussed with Dale, Mo and Kat in the Heavenly Garden. Dale doesn't think the vote is between two big characters as Belinda has only been in the house for a week. Kat said she likes Belinda and maybe the public like her as well.

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 41 - Nominations Revealed

The Big Brother housemates nominated for eviction this week have been revealed as Belinda and Rex. The housemates voted Belinda after a week of non stop snoring and Rex for his arrogance. Tonight's BBLB will reveal more details and the 10pm show on Channel 4 will explain how each of the housemates voted.

Here is how each housemate voted this week:

Dale: Belinda and Lisa
Darnell: Rex and Rebecca
Kathreya: Lisa and Rebecca
Maysoon: Belinda and Rebecca
Mohamed: Rebecca and Stuart
Rachel: Lisa and Luke
Rex: Belinda and Lisa
Belinda: Rachel and Rex
Lisa: Rachel and Rex
Luke: Mohamed and Rex
Michael: Rex and Belinda
Rebecca: Mohamed and Rex
Sara: Mohamed and Rachel
Stuart: Mohamed and Belinda

*Rex = 6 and Belinda = 5 (Rebecca and Mohamed = 4). Darnell was exempt from being nominated because he is Head of House for the week following the election.

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 41 - Rebecca Bike Boob Pictures

Even when Bex isn't stripping off, she still manages to get into some great poses. The pictures below capture her as she takes part in the French Shopping Task - boobs are everywhere!

What is Bex doing with her hand?!
Rebecca unzips her top during bike ride

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 41 - French Shopping Task

House leader Darnell revealed this weeks Shopping Task would have a very French theme. He revealed that there were four challenges that the group must complete. "Sorry, you guys have got it pretty tough," he told Hell.He explained that the housemates in Hell will have to take part in "Le Tour de Grand Frère", in which they will have to cycle 1,040 kilometres in 30 hours, the equivalent distance of Paris to Madrid.

Meanwhile, Heavenly housemates had three challenges to complete. Darnell chose Rex and Kathreya to take part in a food task, while Rachel and Maysoon were chosen to learn the art of mime. The last challenge was wine-tasting, with Dale being given the role, even though Rex wanted to do it."Shut your mouth," Darnell grinned. "I know what people want to do. I chose what they're good at."

*BB official website:

BB9: VIDEO - Food Fight

The Big Brother house descended into mayhem as a food fight erupted after several toothpaste bombs were thrown by Heavenly housemates at Stuart as he lay in the Hell garden area. This prompted an attack by Stuart and Rebecca later, throwing toothpaste bombs at Dale. Mohamed then returned fire, hitting Rebecca and Stuart as they took cover in the Basic Bedroom.

Things got really wild as the Channel 4 video below shows, once in the Living Area. Water, lentils, toothpaste, fish and flour and anything else the housemates could find, were thrown across the room. Big Brother ended the war by calling Darnell into the Diary Room.

*BB official website:

BB9: POLL - Who Would YOU Put In 'Hell'?

This weeks Big Brother Blog Squad Poll is asking the question "Which Housemates Would YOU Put In 'Hell'?". As the Big Brother house becomes divided into a 'Heavenly' group and a group that live in 'Hell', seven of the housemates have been forced to live in 'Hell'.

Which would you choose? Vote now in the Poll on the right hand side of the screen and find out on Friday afternoon who the public voted should be living in the Big Brother 'Hell'.

*BB official website:

Monday, 14 July 2008

BB9: Day 40 - Stuart Topless (again!)

Stuart is topless again as the picture shows, but just what was he doing with his hands?
Answers on a postcard please...............

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 40 - Mohamed Does A Moonie!

Mohamed did a moonie to the Big Brother camera this afternoon in a prank with fellow housemate Rex. At first he was running around to get the camera to follow him and then putting the Big Brother sign in front of the camera. Finally he pulled his pants down but Rex shouted "that was rubbish", then Mo pulled them down again to give the camera a better view.

Oh how the other half live on the "Heavenly" side of the house!

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 40 - Luke Fears Missing Birthday Fun

As Luke was laid up in bed with a sore throat and temperature, he feared it would spoil his 21st birthday on Wednesday. Living in "Hell" wasn't helping matters but Stuart told him that even if he was still ill, he would find the adrenaline to enjoy himself. At least he will have Rebecca by his side........

*BB official website:

BB9: Mario Eviction Viewing Figures

Mario was evicted on Friday night from the Big Brother house, his exit interview with Davina McCall was watched by 3.3m on Channel 4. Another 129,000 watched on C4+1 as he spoke about life inside the Big Brother 9 house.

The result of the eviction show down between Mario and Rebecca had 18% of the total audience at 9pm with 3.8m gripped to the reality show.
In the end Mario was announced as the next housemate to be evicted with 77% of the vote.

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 40 - Hell Group Pass Potatoe Task

The "Hell" group spent this afternoon peeling potatoes for the right to nominate this week. While the "Heavenly" group automatically qualified to nominate, the rest had to peel potatoes in the garden. Big Brother later informed the house that they had peeled the potatoes to an "exemplary" standard and would therefore be allowed to vote.

*BB official website:

BB9: Poll - Sara "Favourite New Housemate"

Sara won last weeks "Big Brother Blog Squad" Poll as she was voted "Favourite New Housemate", beating Maysoon by seven votes in a closely fought poll. Belinda trailed in last place with just 10% of the votes.

Sara kept the nation entertained during her first week in the Big Brother 9 house as she confessed she liked Stuart, was sick after drinking alcohol and flirted with Micky in her Goth outfit.

Well done Sara............

*BB official website:
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