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Saturday, 19 July 2008

BB9: Day 45 - Rebecca and Sara Hate........

Rebecca and Sara were united together as they discussed which housemate they hated the most. Mohamed was top of their list after he kept asking both of the housemates for cigarettes.

Sara said, "If there's one person that annoys me the most, it would be him. Especially with the cigarettes. Every day: 'Sara, can I have a cigarette?'"

"That's why I have none left!" yelped Rebecca, looking outraged.
"It's really annoying," muttered Sara. "I've given him so many. It's like, enough's enough!"
"I've had to live with him for seven weeks now, and he's ******* me off," confided Rebecca.
"Dude, I've only been here for two, and I get it."

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