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Wednesday, 16 July 2008

BB9: Day 42 - Michael Slams Noisy Housemates

Michael has a few words to say to Darnell after Heavenly housemates kept making a noise late into the evening, while Lisa and Belinda were sleeping. Michael had been taking part in the cycling task where Hell housemates have to continually cycle 24 hours as part of the French themed Shopping Task.

He told Darnell, ""Why are people sitting in here making noise when there are people asleep? They need to be more considerate." Mikey continued: "The deal was that you stay in the luxury bedroom and you're not. It's not fair and you're waking Lisa up."

Darnell did not have a response but murmured that he was only there now to "make sure everybody was getting to where they needed to be".

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