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Saturday, 19 July 2008

BB9: Day 45 - Rex Wants To Go

Rex was feeling homesick after he survived the public vote, meaning he would be in the BB9 house even longer.

Talking to Rachel he said, "The whole show from start to finish is punishment," he said. "It's not a luxury lifestyle. It's just lots of s**t."

Later, he became more subdued as he admitted that the reason he wanted to go was to see his girlfriend, friends and family. "I can deal with being hated," he confessed. "What I can't deal with is being without my loved ones." Almost crying, he added: "I long to be loved again. It's like being homeless. My heart is homeless. I feel almost empty inside." He'd been upset that his girlfriend had made the effort to see him at the eviction but now he would have to stay longer.

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