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Wednesday, 16 July 2008

BB9: Day 42 - Luke's Manhood Called Into Question

While Luke celebrates his 21st birthday in the Big Brother house, his "Hell" housemates called into question the size of his manhood.
Belinda, Lisa, Luke, Rebecca, Sara and Stuart were in the Cycling Room and were hoping for a reward for completing the Shopping Tasks.

As Stuart got on his bike, he teased Luke about fibbing about his shoe size. "Don't ask Luke about Luke's feet," joked Stuart, "he's size seven but he wears size tens."
"I've got big feet," protested Luke. "There's a big correlation between shoe size and size of manhood," said Belinda. "I accidentally put my hand somewhere once and trust me, there's not," said Rebecca.

Seconds later Bex said, "Actually I was quite surprised, I did fall off the bed laughing." An earlier conversation revealed that Luke had erections each night Rebecca shared his bed but had remained self controlled.

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