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Wednesday, 16 July 2008

BB9: Day 42 - Rex Is NOT Happy!

BB9 housemates are hungry and Rex is NOT happy. He vented his anger in the garden as he spoke to Mohamed and Sara.

"They won't give us any ******* food," said Rex, "we've got no ******* food, so we've got no ******* energy. In the last two days I've had three ******* eggs, a quarter of a bowl of chick peas and some rice. And Big Brother wants us to do **** all - all day. I'm dressed like a ******* mug, sitting around in a freezing cold room. It's cold outside. The only room that's warm is the bathroom. We're not allowed to sleep. What the **** is going on? What are we doing?"

Rex clearly was not happy and hoped alcohol would be provided later for Luke's birthday.

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