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Saturday, 19 July 2008

BB9: Day 45 - Dale and Darnell Argue

Rex read out the instructions for the Head of House Task, he told the house that they had to select three housemates to take part. The task would consist of dressing up and hanging from a tyre swing in the Garden and the winner would become Head of House.

"I'll have a go," squealed Rebecca excitedly.Within minutes, a full-scale argument had erupted.
It started with a suggestion from Darnell to Stuart because he couldn't be involved due to being the previous Head of House. "Because I can't do it," he said, "I'll pick three numbers from one to 10 and tell them to you."

"You're not Head of House any more Darnell, butt out," said Rex.
"Stop talking to me like that, man," spat Darnell, all ready to blow his top.

Lots of shouting followed with people volunteering themselves, suggesting ways the votes should be cast and generally trying to shout louder than everyone else. And then Rachel made a suggestion which nobody else heard, but sent Darnell into a rage. "All the people wanna ******* do it man," he screamed at her.

And then it was all-out shouting. "You're a baby, a little baby," shouted Dale at Darnell.
"You're supposed to be my friend," Darnell shouted back, "and you ******* take the ****."
"What are you running your mouth for if I'm supposed to be your friend?" demanded Dale.

Gradually, the situation calmed down and the group decided it would be Rebecca, Maysoon and Dale who would hang from the tyre in an attempt to become Head of House.

*Story was from the BB official website:

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