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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Celeb BB PICTURES: Bobby Sabel Topless

 Day 10: Many viewers may have wondered what Bobby Sabel is famous for, so for clarification purposes (and nothing more, honest gov'!) we have uploaded a few pictures of Bobby around the Celebrity Big Brother house. He is a 'top model' -so what better pictures than topless ones!

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POLL: Which Was Your Favourite Big Brother Series?

Voting is almost over to find out which series of Big Brother you think was the best, and so far it seems Brian Dowling (BB2) is NOT your favourite but Josie (BB11) is proving popular.

The Big Brother Poll can be found on the left hand side of this page (until voting closes). Will BB7 or BB5 make a late spurt and take on BB11? Vote now!

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Celeb BB VIDEO - Jedward And Amy Geezer Mash Up!

Here is an excellect video of Jedward and Amy Childs (The Only Way Is Essex) in a mash-up of their 'I'm a normal geezer' conversations, where Amy attempts to make Jedward into Essex boys! Music is by Daragh Dunwoody and the video by Ian Symes. Classic!

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Celeb BB VIDEOS: Day 9 - First Eviction

Here are a selection of videos from Day 9 in the Celebrity Big Brother house, including Sally Bercow's eviction, Jedwards messy bath time and Lucien's naked shower!

Day 9: Lucien's Naked Shower

Lucien leaves little to the imagination while he is in the shower as Tara cops an eyeful - TWICE!

Day 9: Sally's Best Bits

Watch the highlights of Sally's Best Bits in the House.

Day 9: Sally's Eviction

Watch the moment when Sally became the first housemate to be evicted, as Brian Dowling presented the first CBB2011 eviction show.

Day 9: Housemates Reaction To The First Eviction

See how Bobby, Kerry and the other housemates reacted to Sally's eviction.

Day 9: Amy's Shut Up Shakespeare Task

Armed with a list of famous Shakespeare quotes, Amy had 45 minutes to slip them into conversation.

Day 9: Jedward Bath Splash!

A mischievous Edward makes a mess of the bathroom as he sits in the bath, so he and John start their own water park - this video is so funny!

Day 9: Bobby Teaches Jedward To Shave

Bobby gives Jedward a masterclass in the art of gentlemen's grooming.

Day 9: Eviction Speculation

The housemates discuss who they think might be evicted on Friday night.

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Celeb BB: First Celebrity Big Brother Hosuemate Evicted

Day 9: In the end, just 1% of the vote separated Sally Bercow from Bobby Sabel but Sally became the first housemate to be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house. Kerry Katona was also up for the public vote, but this year Channel 5 have added the twist - viewers VOTE TO SAVE the housemate of their choice. Bobby had been the easy contender at the start of the week because he didn't do much in the house, but that all changed when he challenged Darryn.

Sally Bercow was always going to be a character you either loved or hated, but she would always speak her mind regardless. As the week went on, she adopted the role as house mother - but this didn't go down too well with other housemates. Sally challenged housemates over the cleanliness of the house and sought to introduce a cleaning rota - this went down like a lead balloon and sealed her fate with the public.

VIDEO: watch the first Celebrity Big Brother eviction of 2011

It was also a big moment for Brian Dowling and Channel 5 as this was the first Big Brother eviction since it moved to the network. Ratings for the programme had been declining on Channel 4 but Channel 5 have started with some of their best ratings since the launch of Celebrity Big Brother.

Although Sally Bercow was evicted to crowd boos, she was also cheered by the same crowd - highlighting how fickle the public can be. She told viewers that she knew she didn't stand a chance against Kerry or Bobby because of the audience demographics. She also told Celebrity Big Brother's Bit On The Side that she had no regrets about going on the show, having raised £100,000 for her chosen charity.

Sally's post eviction interview

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Friday, 26 August 2011

Celeb BB: Bobby Sabel - Exciting Or Dull?

 A week is a long time in the Celebrity Big Brother house and public opinion changes according to the unfolding events each day. Bobby Sabel (top model for those of you who have never heard of him!) has certainly got viewers talking. At the start of the week, everyone was asking, "Bobby who?" and he was hardly on anyone's radar. He was branded dull and pointless by many commentators but then Bobby discovered he had balls and began to use them!

Suddenly Bobby Sabel was worth watching as he spoke his mind and spoke out against hypocrisy and the two-faced nature of some housemates. He was even willing to say what he thought to Darryn, doing so in an honest straightforward way. He might have lost (or won!) a few fans when he dripped sweat into Darryn's lemonade but at least he came clean and owned up and confessed how he tried to get one up on Darryn.

Bobby seems to have transformed himself from a sleeping housemate into a worthy contestant to win the show. He doesn't consider himself a celebrity and hates the fakeness that follows others in the house, but will his new honesty be enough to save him from eviction tonight? Tune in to Channel 5 later and find out.....
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Celeb BB: Day 8 - Wizard Of Oz Task

At 7:30pm the Eviction Nominees, Sally, Bobby and Kerry were called to the Diary Room, with the rest of the housemates reporting to the Living Room. After a minute the Dorothys were released from the Diary Room and asked to sit with their fellow housemates. The housemates were allowed sometime to reflect on how well they believed they had done in the Shopping Task before Big Brother began to announce the results.

First up was Darryn the Heartless Tin Man, who proved he had a heart and got a stuffed cushion heart as a reward. Amy came next and was awarded a diploma for proving she was no bird brain. Pamela and Lucien also completed their Tasks, with Pamela proving she had courage and Wicked Witch Lucien avoiding water. Pamela was awarded a trophy for her courageous feats, whilst Lucien got a bottle of water. Sadly Jedward and Tara (the Munchkins) and Paddy (Toto) failed their part of the Task, with only Jedward making it to the Garden last night when the witches cackle was sounded. The Dorothys also failed after a marathon stint of walking the Yellow Brick Road because Kerry stepped off of the path to pick up her packet of cigarettes.

As four of the six challenges had been completed Big Brother had the pleasure of announcing that the housemates had passed this week’s shopping task. There was a cry of excitement and relief from the tired housemates as they rushed to get out of their costumes, apart from Jedward who chose to stay as munchkins.

Pamela has faced her test of courage with the Wizard of Oz (magician David Penn).

She chose one cup from the four on the table.This cup was put to one side.
She then had her hand slammed down on the 3 remaining cups, with the wizard finally revealing the spike on her chosen cup!

Pamela has therefore passed her part of the Wizard of Oz shopping task.

Earlier this afternoon, Darryn confided in his fellow housemates about a prank Bobby had played on him yesterday. Reliving the previous day’s drama Darryn told how Bobby had apologised for the dubious prank that had involved Bobby’s sweaty torso, a can of lemonade and Darryn’s mouth.

Darryn told the others how he had accepted his apology, but the housemates were shocked to hear of Bobby’s actions, especially Bobby’s ally Lucien who said he knew nothing about the incident.

Day two of the ‘Wizard of Oz’ task seems to be taking its toll on the housemates, in particular the Dorothy’s (Kerry, Bobby and Sally) who have continued to walk the yellow brick road overnight.

Bobby has resorted to tying himself to the sauna door so he can doze whilst standing, as Sally and Kerry lay on the outdoor sofa waiting for their turn. Making matters worse, the heavens have opened meaning the housemates have to perform their tasks in the pouring rain.

Lucky for the Dorothy’s, they have Pamela at hand whose been making sure they’re tucked up under a blanket and are fed at all times. If there’s any time they will be thinking “There’s no place like home” it’s probably now…

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Celeb BB PICTURES: Wizard Of Oz Task

 Lucien as the Wicked Witch
 Lucien and Kerry

 Amy as the Scarecrow
 Amy gets pooped on!
Bobby as a cool looking Dorothy
Paddy as Toto
Darryn the Tin Man
Tara the Munchkin
Jedward as Munchkins
Tara as a Munchkin
Kerry as Dorothy
Jedward enjoy a good licking!
Amy the Scarecrow sleeps
Sally as Dorothy
Pamela and Kerry as the Lion and Dorothy
Paddy as Toto - sleeping!
Lucien the Wicked Witch

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Celeb BB: Bookies Prediction For First Eviction

Bookies have cut the odds on Bobby Sabel being the first Celebrity Big Brother housemate to be evicted, after his prank on Darryn won him support. The public are voting to save the housemate of their choice, with Kerry Katona looking the safest during the eviction show tonight.

Sally Bercow now looks the most likely to become the first housemate to be evicted after spending nine days in the Big Brother house. The latest Paddy Power odds are:

Sally Bercow 4/7
Bobby Sabel 6/5
Kerry Katona 28/1

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Celeb BB: Day 8 VIDEOS

Here are the videos from Day 8 inside the Celebrity Big Brother house, featuring Jedward having a foam fight, the Wizard of Oz Shopping Task results and have Bobby and Darryn finally buried the hatchet?

Day 8 - Tara's Sexy Dance Class

Tara teaches Amy how to get the attention of the guys on the dance floor.

Day 8 - Wizard Of Oz Shopping Task Results Revealed

The housemates learn how they got on in this weeks Wizard of Oz Shopping Task.

Day 8 - Darryn And Bobby Make Up

The lads finally decide to bury the hatchet but will Bobby and Darryn be able to keep it buried?

Day 8 - Jedward's Twitter Banter

Jedward tease Lucien about their superior number of Twitter followers

Day 8 - Jedward And Bobby Foam Fight

Jedward - Bobby - A handful of shaving foam.... Let battle commence.

Day 8 - The Lion's Test Of Courage

The Cowardly Lion (Pamela) must perform a test of bravery with The Wizard (magician David Penn).

Day 8 - Paddy's Take On Royal Wedding Fashion

Paddy gives his take on Princess Beatrice's infamous royal wedding hat.

Day 8 - Darryn Rants At Amy

Mr Paparazzi is less than amused with Amy after she took her costume off during the task earlier.

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Celeb BB: Viewing Figures Day 5 - 7

It looks like Channel 5 will be cock-a-hoop with the latest Celebrity Big Brother viewing figures, as more and more people tune into C5. The seventh programme in the series was watched by 2.5m viewers at 10pm last night and it looks like Big Brother has made the right move.

Wed 24 Aug 2011 (Day 7) - Celebrity Big Brother: 2.5m (13.8%) continued to win viewers as the Wizard of Oz Shopping Task kept people entertained.

Tues 23 Aug 2011 (Day 6) - Celebrity Big Brother had 2.38 million (12.8%) viewers as tensions inside the house began to bubble over, resulting in various arguments.

Mon 22 Aug 2011 (Day 5) - Channel 5 had 2.2 million viewers (12.3%) for the Celebrity Big Brother highlights show, with Celebrity Big Brother's Bit On The Side proving popular for 696,000 (7%)of viewers from 11pm. Channel 5 was up to 3rd in the peaktime slot with 6.6% of the audience - beating Channel 4 once again.

Find out all the Celebrity Big Brother viewing figures: HERE

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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Celeb BB PICTURE: Lucien - What's In Your Shorts?

Model and actor Lucien Laviscount has been enjoying the sunshine, relaxing in the garden - wearing just shorts. But Big Brother viewers might be asking 'What's in your shorts Lucien?' Enjoy......

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Celeb BB PICTURES: Wizard Of Oz Task

DAY 7: Darryn looked visibly forlorn when he left the Diary Room earlier. Upon leaving, the other housemates asked him to join them for the Chinese takeaway that Big Brother had just rewarded them with. Darryn declined: when he was asked why, he simply replied that he ‘couldn’t talk about it’.

Amy again proved her wit when she speculated as to why Darryn was acting in the way he was, noticing that there had obviously been something going on in the Diary Room. Darryn disclosed to Jedward that they were ‘gonna be happy soon’ as well. So what was the cause of this mysterious behaviour?

In the Diary Room, Darryn was offered a Chinese meal for himself, a glass of white wine and the chance to see his beloved pet parrot. Darryn declined all three of the offers, and the housemates have already been rewarded a Chinese meal. Could it be that Darryn’s show of heart will reward the other housemates?

Day 7: Jedward and Tara experienced their first part of the ‘Wizard of Oz’ task today. The munchkins were required to assemble behind the lollipops in the Garden when they heard the Witch’s cackling echo through the house. There were one or two problems, though…

Tara and Edward found the task relatively easy, and were in place relatively quickly. John, on the other hand, had a tougher time of it (which might be through some devious timing on Big Brother’s part). When asked why he took so long to get to the lollipop by his fellow munchkins, John replied that he was ‘right on the toilet’. Thankfully, he didn’t feel the need to elaborate on that. Let’s hope he hasn’t flushed the task down the toilet…

Darryn is the Tin Man who keeps on giving. As part of his task, Darryn was asked to choose between seeing his beloved pet parrot or for Tara to have a phone call from her newlywed husband, Zack. In an act of kindness, he choose the latter. Returning from the diary room after speaking to Zack, she gave Darryn a huge hug to say thank you and called him ‘a kind man’. Saying he knew he’d made the right choice, it was visible that Darryn has a softer side that maybe some of the housemates had previously overlooked.

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Celeb BB VIDEO: Day 7 - Wizard Of Oz Task

Celebrity housemates were dressed to impress for the Wizard of Oz Task and the following videos from Big Brother reveal the events throughout Day 7.

Day 7 - Munchkin Madness

Munchkins Tara and Jedward do their part for The Wizard of Oz task by hiding behind giant flowers whenever they hear the witches cackle.

Day 7 - Toto Gets Caught Short

Upon hearing the witch's cackle, an unprepared Toto (Paddy) is forced to rush to his basket.

Day 7 - Tara's Reward

Darryn's selfless acts during his Tin Man task result in Tara receiving a phone call from home.

Day 7 - Darryn The Heartless Tin Man

Sally has issues with Darryn after he failed to console her following her nomination for eviction.

Day 7 - Amy's Scarecrow Task

Scarecrow Amy must prove to Big Brother that she has a brain by answering some simple questions.

Day 7 - Lucien's Witches Brew

After been chosen as Wicked Witch by Sally, Kerry and Bobby, Lucien must avoid water at all costs or she will melt. The Wicked Witch must only drink Wicked Witches brew, a foul green vegetable water, provided by Big Brother.

Day 7 - Sly Sally

Bobby, Tara and Lucien suspect that Sally is playing people off against each other and that she isn't being herself in the House.

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Celeb BB Day 7 - Wizard Of Oz Task Revealed

This week the Celebrity Big Brother housemates will perform the Wizard of Oz Task for the Shopping Task:
Eviction nominees Kerry, Sally and Bobby have been called into the Diary Room. Big Brother has set them a three day shopping task where they will enter the wonderful Wizard of Oz!! First they are told they are to become Dorothy and must put on the costumes Big Brother has put aside for them…. I must admit, they all look rather sweet, in particular Bobby - beards and plaits are always a good look!

In the Diary Room, the Dorothys must choose who they think is the toughest of the House? Who will be nominated as the most wicked? And who is in need of a brain? Who do they think needs to prove they are courageous? The trio must also nominate who they think is the most loyal housemate….

Unbeknown  to them, as all these decisions are being made the housemates have gathered in the Living room to watch them on the screen. Will the housemates be happy with their fellow housemate’s perceptions of them or will it be a tough time getting to that Yellow Brick Road?

As Big Brother told the Dorothys, ‘You’re not in Kansas anymore!’

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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Celeb BB - Day 6 - Lucien And Bobby In The Sauna

Within the male contingent of the house (excluding Jedward, who are just… well, Jedward) there seems to be a divide forming between the young and the old. The youngsters (Lucien and Bobby) are especially feeling the need to ‘team up’.

At 18:10 in the Sauna, Lucien and Bobby were talking about how they feel as some of the youngest boys in the house. Bobby was feeling the pressure to team up with Lucien, saying that it was ‘young guys against old guys’. He then took the opportunity to lay into Darryn, who he claimed made his ‘blood boil’. Lucien seemed to agree with this. The two also talked about playing one of their famous practical jokes on Paddy later, further cementing the young-old riff.

Meanwhile, Darryn and Paddy were chatting away in the kitchen, blissfully unaware. Could the rift between the boys widen in the coming days? Stay tuned to find out…

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Celeb BB: VIDEOS - Day 6 Jedward Get Married

Day 6 Is a Jedward fest with Celebrity Big Brother as Jedward and Amy hit it off, resulting in a wedding. But which brother will she marry?

Day 6 - The Official Wedding Video Of John And Amy

Amy and John get married in the Big Brother House.

Day 6 - John Or Edward Task Results Revealed

Big Brother gathers the Housemates together on the sofa to see if they can identify who is John and who is Edward. Jedward are in the Diary Room where the Housemates can see them live on the screen.

Day 6 - When A Man Loves His Woman

Paddy tells Sally all about the love of his life

Day 6 - Introducing Edward (Jedward)

Meet Edward, a 19-year-old singer from Ireland, who's in for a shock...

Day 6 - Introducing John (Jedward)

Meet John, a 19 year old singer from Ireland, who's in for a shock

Day 6 - Tara's Ghost Story

A creepy tale about "John", a ghost who lives in Tara's apartment...

Day 6 - Jedward Sauna Beans

Jedward find a nice spot to enjoy a tin of cold beans: the sauna. They seem surprised that it's hot.

Day 6 - The Nature Of Nominations

Paddy and Lucien discuss the 'back-stabbing' nature of nominations, and how they'll feel about their fellow housemates when they return to the outside world.

Day 6 - What's In A Name

Darryn attempts to clarify whether or not Amy uses a stage name, but ends up more confused than he was at the start.

Day 6 - Amy's Photoshoot Moment

Amy shows us what she's working with

Day 6 - Things That Go Bump In The Night

Kerry tells the tale of a nocturnal toxic event. But was the culprit Sally or Paddy?

*BB official website:

Celeb BB PICTURE: Lucien And Amy Getting Closer?

Day 6 - Amy's eyes may have lit up when Lucien entered the Celebrity Big Brother house on Thursday but he was not so impressed with the TOWIE beauty. Lucien seemed to wind up Amy and told her he just didn't understand her humour, but was this just a front? He seems to be pretty obsessed with Amy and the body language in the picture above is pretty telling.

Over the coming days, expect a Big Brother romance to form as Amy has recently split up from her boyfriend and Lucien claims he has never had a girlfriend.....

The romance between the pair seemed to be already ending as Lucien says Amy is “wrapped up in her own world”. Talking in the Garden to Bobby, he follows on that Kerry is more his ‘type of girl’ and has been spending increasingly more time with the Mum of four.

However, this was not the case earlier in the night, as Lucien spent most of the ‘Pop Party’ gyrating on the dance floor with the TOWIE star and then later arranging to meet up outside the house. Make your mind up! Seems Amy is just as confused as us, as when Lucien asked her in earlier in the night if she “got his flow” she replied with a firm “No”…

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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Celeb BB: Day 5 - First Eviction - Who Will You Save?

Day 5 - The first Celebrity Big Brother eviction takes place on Friday and bookies have Sally Bercow as the housemate most likely to be evicted. Channel 5 have added a twist to voting this year by getting viewers to phone and VOTE TO SAVE the nominated housemates of their choice.

In previous years viewers have voted out the loud and controversial housemates and left in the quieter ones - but this has led to a duller BB house. Have Channel 5 made the right decision by adding the twist? It should ensure the least popular housemate will be evicted and the most popular housemate remain in the Celebrity Big Brother house and continue to entertain the viewing public.

Sally has just a few days to convince the voting public she should remain in the Celebrity Big Brother house and Bobby will need to work magic if he is to win over the public vote. Could the public fail to vote to save Kerry and we have a shock result on Friday?  Watch this space......

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Celeb BB PICTURE: Amy Talks Bust Size

 Day 5: Amy Childs confessed to Lucien that she did not always look so glam as in The Only Way Is Essex. She told him, "I used to have to put up to five chicken fillets in my bra to boost the size." From the picture above it seems the fillet days are long over, thanks to surgical help!

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Celeb BB: Day 5 - VIDEO

Here are all the Celebrity Big Brother videos from Day 5 and the tensions are starting to show as the divisions begin.....

Day 5 - Cracks Start To Appear

Housemates vent in the garden, could this spell the end for the happy house?

Day 5 - Mr Paparazzi's Secret Task Results Revealed

Big Brother reveals Darryn's secret Task to the Housemates and announces the results.

Day 5 - Mr Paparazzi's Secret Task

Darryn deviously enlists the help of his unsuspecting Housemates to complete his Mr Paparazzi secret Task.

Day 5 - The Jedward Show

Jedward present their very own chat show to their audience of Bobby and Lucien, with special guest Tara Reid!

Day 5 - Kerry Talks To Herself

Kerry has taken to chatting to the cameras, and reveals her guilt over nominating Sally...

*BB official website:

Celeb BB: Day 5 - Latest Bookies Celebrity Big Brother Predictions

 Day 5 - Bookies have tipped Jedward to become the winners of Celebrity Big Brother, but the race is certainly not a one horse race. The Only Way Is Essex star, Amy Childs is hot on the heels of the X Factor boys, according to bookies Paddy Power.

It seems that Sally Bercow could be the first housemate evicted this Friday as bookies took more bets on her than Kerry Katona and Bobby Sabel put together.

Here are the bookies winning predictions for Celebrity Big Brother 2011:

Jedward 11/8
Any Other 10/1
Bobby Sabel 33/1

Kerry Katona 7/2
Lucien Laviscount 10/1
Darryn Lyons 40/1

Paddy Doherty 5/1
Sally Bercow 28/1
Pamela Bach Hasselhoff 50/1

Amy Childs 6/1
Tara Reid 28/1

*BB official website:

Monday, 22 August 2011

Celeb BB: VIDEOS - Day 4

Here are all the Celebrity Big Brother videos from Day 4 - including Jedward washing each others hair!

Day 4 - Kerry Gets Philosophical

Without a party to entertain them this evening Housemates (namely Kerry) are getting philosophical.

Day 4 - Housemates Sheet Catwalk

Housemates have had an hour to produce and outfit from a bed sheet in honour of Sally.

Day 4 - Bobby And Lucien's Fake Task

Bobby and Lucien create a fake Task for their unassuming Housemates. Apple bobbing in the sauna! The Housemates happily get involved; Pamela particularly enjoys their creativity.

Day 5 - Sweet Talking Lucien

"Some hot totty" says the charming Lucien as he lends a sympathetic tone to Kerry's early secret task dilema and offers his approval of the female Housemates.

Day 4 - Bobby Talk

"He's Silence of the Lambs" says Paddy. He and Darryn bond in the garden and talk Bobby

Day 4 - Jedward Hair Care

One of the perks of being a twin? Having someone wash your hair - Jedward wash each others hair...

Day 4 - Wakey, Wakey!

No VIP treatment for these celebs as Big Brother wakes the Housemates up with an horrendous sounding alarm!

*BB official website:

Celeb BB: Day 4 - Lucien And Amy Childs - Celeb Big Brother Romance?

Day 4: Could this be the first romance in the Celebrity Big Brother house? It seems that Amy Childs and Lucien Laviscount have been flirting more and more over the past few days. The Only Way Is Essex star and the pin up actor have been developing a love-hate relationship that is part fake, part real.

When Amy asked Lucien if he fancied her, he denied it by saying, "I don't fancy you at all." - yet he has confessed to other housemates that he does have the hots for Amy. Lucien has also been seen flirting around Pamela and Tara - maybe four days inside the Big Brother house has got the 19 year olds hormones racing!

*BB official website:

CBB 2011: Viewing Figures Day 2 - 4

Here are the Celebrity Big Brother viewing figures for Channel 5, and it appears 'so far so good' for the new Big Brother home. 
Day 2 (Fri 19 Aug 2011) - Celebrity Big Brother 3.22m (14.8%) beating all the major channels, apart from BBC 1. Celebrity Big Brother's Bit On The Side 676,000 (6.4%) between 11pm and midnight. Overall Channel 5 claimed third place primetime TV (8.4%)- ahead of both Channel 4 (5.8% includ +1) and BBC 2 (6.9%).

Day 3 (Sat 20 Aug 2011) - While ITV launched the new series of  X Factor with 10.5m viewers, Channel 5 still maintained 2.74m  (12%). Channel 5 beat Channel 4 once again in the primetime audience slot, a rare position that is becoming more the norm during Celebrity Big Brother - it seems C5 had picked a winner at last!

Day 4 (Sun 21 Aug 2011) - Celebrity Big Brother still maintained 2.15m (11.8%) in the 10pm hour, as viewers began to see tensions rise in the house following Kerry Katona's nominations for Bobby and Sally.

Read more Big Brother viewing figures: HERE

*BB official website:

Celeb BB: Day 3 PICTURES - Jedward In Towel Workout

Day 3 - Jedward in a small pink towel decides to do a bit of a workout in front of the mirror, maybe he was checking himself out. Feel free to do the same!

*BB official website:
*PICS: OK magazine

Celeb BB VIDEOS - Day 3

Here are all the Celebrity Big Brother videos from Day 3 inside the house, featuring Jedward and various dance moves!

Day 3 - Jedward Get Physical

First one up, one half of Jedward gives us a glimpse into his morning workout routine in his tinsy pink towel!

Day 3 - Bedroom Britney Banter

Hilarious scenes as Paddy does his best Britney impression and jumps into bed with Jedward...

Day 3 - Lucian And Amy - Romance Or Fauxmance?

Lucien discusses his feelings for Amy, and later breaks down in tears. Or is it all a wind-up?

Day 3 - Jedward's Egyptian Dance

Jedward attempt an Egyptian dance, but get it slightly wrong, much to the amusement of their fellow housemates.

Day 3 - The Pharaoh And Her Slaves

Pharaoh Tara has the housemates at her command, so she makes them bark like dogs, then hug it all out...

Day 3 - Paddy And Darryn Interrogate Lucian

The elder statesmen of the house tease young Lucien about his lack of romantic action so far

Day 3 - Rise Of The Mummies

As part of the Un-Pharaoh task, Mohammed Al-Fayed commands our mummified housemates to rise from the dead

Day 3 - Jedward Mummy Dance

Jedward hope their new Task is a Mummy-Dance, but are they right?

Day 3 - Housemates Prepare For Their Mummy Task

See the Housemates prepare for their exciting new Mummy Task!

Day 3 - Housemates Discuss Jedward Becoming Politicians

Amy, Bobby and Sally discuss if Jedward were to become Politicians. Would you vote Jedward?

Day 3 - How To Be A Diva

Sally tells Tara and Bobby how she would have played the Diva Task.

Day3 - Tara's Personal Stylists

Tara gets VIP treatment in the form of two new personal stylists. Are there no end to those boys talents?

Day 3 - Paddy Nearly Goes To Bed

Paddy thought the party was over but the promise of a night cap roused him from his slumber

*BB official website:

Celeb BB: Day 3 - Egypian Task

Digital Spy reported that Mohamed Al-Fayed set the Celebrity Big Brother housemates an Egyptian-themed task during his brief visit to the compound.

The 82-year-old businessman was introduced to the group as Big Brother's 'Un-Pharaoh' and set the group two challenges that would eventually name one of them the heir to his throne.

For the first task, housemates were wrapped from head to toe in bandages to become Egyptian mummies, before being laid down flat on their backs in the garden and instructed to stand up.

As the first six on their feet, Paddy Doherty, Bobby Sabel, Lucien Laviscount, Darryn Lyons, Tara Reid and Sally Bercow were invited to play a game of 'Musical Sandstone' - eventually won by the American Pie actress.

Reid was then dressed in lavish Egyptian attire and later, as the 'Un-Pharaoh', commanded the rest of the inmates to bark like dogs, scream and hug each other.

Although designed as a light-hearted distraction, the Egyptian task has caused tensions to rise amongst the housemates, with Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff blasting Jedward for pushing her over during the mummy challenge and Lyons accusing Sabel of throwing the game of 'Musical Sandstone' to Reid.

It was previously reported that Al-Fayed would use his visit to the house to confront 'Mr Paparazzi' Lyons over the death of his son Dodi and Princess Diana.
*Source: Digital Spy
*BB official website:
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