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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Celeb BB VIDEO: Day 7 - Wizard Of Oz Task

Celebrity housemates were dressed to impress for the Wizard of Oz Task and the following videos from Big Brother reveal the events throughout Day 7.

Day 7 - Munchkin Madness

Munchkins Tara and Jedward do their part for The Wizard of Oz task by hiding behind giant flowers whenever they hear the witches cackle.

Day 7 - Toto Gets Caught Short

Upon hearing the witch's cackle, an unprepared Toto (Paddy) is forced to rush to his basket.

Day 7 - Tara's Reward

Darryn's selfless acts during his Tin Man task result in Tara receiving a phone call from home.

Day 7 - Darryn The Heartless Tin Man

Sally has issues with Darryn after he failed to console her following her nomination for eviction.

Day 7 - Amy's Scarecrow Task

Scarecrow Amy must prove to Big Brother that she has a brain by answering some simple questions.

Day 7 - Lucien's Witches Brew

After been chosen as Wicked Witch by Sally, Kerry and Bobby, Lucien must avoid water at all costs or she will melt. The Wicked Witch must only drink Wicked Witches brew, a foul green vegetable water, provided by Big Brother.

Day 7 - Sly Sally

Bobby, Tara and Lucien suspect that Sally is playing people off against each other and that she isn't being herself in the House.

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