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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Celeb BB: Day 5 - VIDEO

Here are all the Celebrity Big Brother videos from Day 5 and the tensions are starting to show as the divisions begin.....

Day 5 - Cracks Start To Appear

Housemates vent in the garden, could this spell the end for the happy house?

Day 5 - Mr Paparazzi's Secret Task Results Revealed

Big Brother reveals Darryn's secret Task to the Housemates and announces the results.

Day 5 - Mr Paparazzi's Secret Task

Darryn deviously enlists the help of his unsuspecting Housemates to complete his Mr Paparazzi secret Task.

Day 5 - The Jedward Show

Jedward present their very own chat show to their audience of Bobby and Lucien, with special guest Tara Reid!

Day 5 - Kerry Talks To Herself

Kerry has taken to chatting to the cameras, and reveals her guilt over nominating Sally...

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