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Monday, 22 August 2011

Celeb BB: VIDEOS - Day 4

Here are all the Celebrity Big Brother videos from Day 4 - including Jedward washing each others hair!

Day 4 - Kerry Gets Philosophical

Without a party to entertain them this evening Housemates (namely Kerry) are getting philosophical.

Day 4 - Housemates Sheet Catwalk

Housemates have had an hour to produce and outfit from a bed sheet in honour of Sally.

Day 4 - Bobby And Lucien's Fake Task

Bobby and Lucien create a fake Task for their unassuming Housemates. Apple bobbing in the sauna! The Housemates happily get involved; Pamela particularly enjoys their creativity.

Day 5 - Sweet Talking Lucien

"Some hot totty" says the charming Lucien as he lends a sympathetic tone to Kerry's early secret task dilema and offers his approval of the female Housemates.

Day 4 - Bobby Talk

"He's Silence of the Lambs" says Paddy. He and Darryn bond in the garden and talk Bobby

Day 4 - Jedward Hair Care

One of the perks of being a twin? Having someone wash your hair - Jedward wash each others hair...

Day 4 - Wakey, Wakey!

No VIP treatment for these celebs as Big Brother wakes the Housemates up with an horrendous sounding alarm!

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