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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Celeb BB VIDEOS: Day 9 - First Eviction

Here are a selection of videos from Day 9 in the Celebrity Big Brother house, including Sally Bercow's eviction, Jedwards messy bath time and Lucien's naked shower!

Day 9: Lucien's Naked Shower

Lucien leaves little to the imagination while he is in the shower as Tara cops an eyeful - TWICE!

Day 9: Sally's Best Bits

Watch the highlights of Sally's Best Bits in the House.

Day 9: Sally's Eviction

Watch the moment when Sally became the first housemate to be evicted, as Brian Dowling presented the first CBB2011 eviction show.

Day 9: Housemates Reaction To The First Eviction

See how Bobby, Kerry and the other housemates reacted to Sally's eviction.

Day 9: Amy's Shut Up Shakespeare Task

Armed with a list of famous Shakespeare quotes, Amy had 45 minutes to slip them into conversation.

Day 9: Jedward Bath Splash!

A mischievous Edward makes a mess of the bathroom as he sits in the bath, so he and John start their own water park - this video is so funny!

Day 9: Bobby Teaches Jedward To Shave

Bobby gives Jedward a masterclass in the art of gentlemen's grooming.

Day 9: Eviction Speculation

The housemates discuss who they think might be evicted on Friday night.

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