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Monday, 22 August 2011

Celeb BB: Day 4 - Lucien And Amy Childs - Celeb Big Brother Romance?

Day 4: Could this be the first romance in the Celebrity Big Brother house? It seems that Amy Childs and Lucien Laviscount have been flirting more and more over the past few days. The Only Way Is Essex star and the pin up actor have been developing a love-hate relationship that is part fake, part real.

When Amy asked Lucien if he fancied her, he denied it by saying, "I don't fancy you at all." - yet he has confessed to other housemates that he does have the hots for Amy. Lucien has also been seen flirting around Pamela and Tara - maybe four days inside the Big Brother house has got the 19 year olds hormones racing!

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