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Friday, 26 August 2011

Celeb BB: Day 8 VIDEOS

Here are the videos from Day 8 inside the Celebrity Big Brother house, featuring Jedward having a foam fight, the Wizard of Oz Shopping Task results and have Bobby and Darryn finally buried the hatchet?

Day 8 - Tara's Sexy Dance Class

Tara teaches Amy how to get the attention of the guys on the dance floor.

Day 8 - Wizard Of Oz Shopping Task Results Revealed

The housemates learn how they got on in this weeks Wizard of Oz Shopping Task.

Day 8 - Darryn And Bobby Make Up

The lads finally decide to bury the hatchet but will Bobby and Darryn be able to keep it buried?

Day 8 - Jedward's Twitter Banter

Jedward tease Lucien about their superior number of Twitter followers

Day 8 - Jedward And Bobby Foam Fight

Jedward - Bobby - A handful of shaving foam.... Let battle commence.

Day 8 - The Lion's Test Of Courage

The Cowardly Lion (Pamela) must perform a test of bravery with The Wizard (magician David Penn).

Day 8 - Paddy's Take On Royal Wedding Fashion

Paddy gives his take on Princess Beatrice's infamous royal wedding hat.

Day 8 - Darryn Rants At Amy

Mr Paparazzi is less than amused with Amy after she took her costume off during the task earlier.

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