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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Celeb BB Day 7 - Wizard Of Oz Task Revealed

This week the Celebrity Big Brother housemates will perform the Wizard of Oz Task for the Shopping Task:
Eviction nominees Kerry, Sally and Bobby have been called into the Diary Room. Big Brother has set them a three day shopping task where they will enter the wonderful Wizard of Oz!! First they are told they are to become Dorothy and must put on the costumes Big Brother has put aside for them…. I must admit, they all look rather sweet, in particular Bobby - beards and plaits are always a good look!

In the Diary Room, the Dorothys must choose who they think is the toughest of the House? Who will be nominated as the most wicked? And who is in need of a brain? Who do they think needs to prove they are courageous? The trio must also nominate who they think is the most loyal housemate….

Unbeknown  to them, as all these decisions are being made the housemates have gathered in the Living room to watch them on the screen. Will the housemates be happy with their fellow housemate’s perceptions of them or will it be a tough time getting to that Yellow Brick Road?

As Big Brother told the Dorothys, ‘You’re not in Kansas anymore!’

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