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Friday, 26 August 2011

Celeb BB: Day 8 - Wizard Of Oz Task

At 7:30pm the Eviction Nominees, Sally, Bobby and Kerry were called to the Diary Room, with the rest of the housemates reporting to the Living Room. After a minute the Dorothys were released from the Diary Room and asked to sit with their fellow housemates. The housemates were allowed sometime to reflect on how well they believed they had done in the Shopping Task before Big Brother began to announce the results.

First up was Darryn the Heartless Tin Man, who proved he had a heart and got a stuffed cushion heart as a reward. Amy came next and was awarded a diploma for proving she was no bird brain. Pamela and Lucien also completed their Tasks, with Pamela proving she had courage and Wicked Witch Lucien avoiding water. Pamela was awarded a trophy for her courageous feats, whilst Lucien got a bottle of water. Sadly Jedward and Tara (the Munchkins) and Paddy (Toto) failed their part of the Task, with only Jedward making it to the Garden last night when the witches cackle was sounded. The Dorothys also failed after a marathon stint of walking the Yellow Brick Road because Kerry stepped off of the path to pick up her packet of cigarettes.

As four of the six challenges had been completed Big Brother had the pleasure of announcing that the housemates had passed this week’s shopping task. There was a cry of excitement and relief from the tired housemates as they rushed to get out of their costumes, apart from Jedward who chose to stay as munchkins.

Pamela has faced her test of courage with the Wizard of Oz (magician David Penn).

She chose one cup from the four on the table.This cup was put to one side.
She then had her hand slammed down on the 3 remaining cups, with the wizard finally revealing the spike on her chosen cup!

Pamela has therefore passed her part of the Wizard of Oz shopping task.

Earlier this afternoon, Darryn confided in his fellow housemates about a prank Bobby had played on him yesterday. Reliving the previous day’s drama Darryn told how Bobby had apologised for the dubious prank that had involved Bobby’s sweaty torso, a can of lemonade and Darryn’s mouth.

Darryn told the others how he had accepted his apology, but the housemates were shocked to hear of Bobby’s actions, especially Bobby’s ally Lucien who said he knew nothing about the incident.

Day two of the ‘Wizard of Oz’ task seems to be taking its toll on the housemates, in particular the Dorothy’s (Kerry, Bobby and Sally) who have continued to walk the yellow brick road overnight.

Bobby has resorted to tying himself to the sauna door so he can doze whilst standing, as Sally and Kerry lay on the outdoor sofa waiting for their turn. Making matters worse, the heavens have opened meaning the housemates have to perform their tasks in the pouring rain.

Lucky for the Dorothy’s, they have Pamela at hand whose been making sure they’re tucked up under a blanket and are fed at all times. If there’s any time they will be thinking “There’s no place like home” it’s probably now…

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