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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Celeb BB: VIDEOS - Day 6 Jedward Get Married

Day 6 Is a Jedward fest with Celebrity Big Brother as Jedward and Amy hit it off, resulting in a wedding. But which brother will she marry?

Day 6 - The Official Wedding Video Of John And Amy

Amy and John get married in the Big Brother House.

Day 6 - John Or Edward Task Results Revealed

Big Brother gathers the Housemates together on the sofa to see if they can identify who is John and who is Edward. Jedward are in the Diary Room where the Housemates can see them live on the screen.

Day 6 - When A Man Loves His Woman

Paddy tells Sally all about the love of his life

Day 6 - Introducing Edward (Jedward)

Meet Edward, a 19-year-old singer from Ireland, who's in for a shock...

Day 6 - Introducing John (Jedward)

Meet John, a 19 year old singer from Ireland, who's in for a shock

Day 6 - Tara's Ghost Story

A creepy tale about "John", a ghost who lives in Tara's apartment...

Day 6 - Jedward Sauna Beans

Jedward find a nice spot to enjoy a tin of cold beans: the sauna. They seem surprised that it's hot.

Day 6 - The Nature Of Nominations

Paddy and Lucien discuss the 'back-stabbing' nature of nominations, and how they'll feel about their fellow housemates when they return to the outside world.

Day 6 - What's In A Name

Darryn attempts to clarify whether or not Amy uses a stage name, but ends up more confused than he was at the start.

Day 6 - Amy's Photoshoot Moment

Amy shows us what she's working with

Day 6 - Things That Go Bump In The Night

Kerry tells the tale of a nocturnal toxic event. But was the culprit Sally or Paddy?

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