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Saturday, 10 January 2009

CBB6: Day 9 VIDEO - Coolio Protests About Leotards!

Coolio is not happy about the prospects of dancing around in a leotard and vented his frustrations with the other housemates. He was worried about coming across as "feminine" to his fans as Big Brother gave the housemates the Task of performing a fitness video.
Terry Christian told him to take his head out of his own a** and have fun because that is how the public will view it. Watch the video below to see the protest unfold:

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CBB6: Day 9 - Fitness Task

Ulrika read the latest Task for the remaining ten housemates - the housemates must learn and perform the exercise routine to the music video Call On Me by Eric Prydz. They will rehearse for the majority of the afternoon, before being given their sexy lyrca leotards and sweat bands for the final performance.

If they pass this Task, they will be rewarded with three tokens.

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CBB6: Day 9 - Verne's Alien Celebrity Double

Celebrity Big Brother's Verne has a 'famous' double in the form of the alien baby from 80's cult Sci-Fi programme 'V'. The comparison is quite uncanny - even if it seems a little bit cruel!

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CBB6: VIDEO Day 9 - Housemates Turn on Coolio?

This years Celebrity Big Brother housemates all seem to be getting along lovely - except one. Coolio has been ruffling feathers ever since he walked into the BB house nine days ago. Watch the video below of the housemates talking about Coolio and his tactics:

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CBB6: Day 8 VIDEO - Lucy Pinder's Best Bits

Lucy Pinder was evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house after just one week, but it was an eventful seven days for the glamour model. Lucy surprised the other housemates by proving she had brains and a personality behind her beautiful body. The public warmed to her honesty, but she lost out to Ulrika by 7% of the eviction vote in last night's live eviction on Channel 4.

Watch this tribute video to Lucy's Best Bits inside the Big Brother house:

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CBB6: Day 8 - Lucy Pinder Eviction Interview

Lasting just a week, Lucy Pinder was the first celebrity to be evicted from the Big Brother House and Davina was waiting for a few answers...

Davina: How do you feel to be sat here?

Lucy: Do you know what, I'm so relieved. Everybody was saying 'don't you dare be the first out because you'll never live it down', but because of the way the nominations were with Terry, it's the nicest way I could have gone.

D: During the Talent Show when everybody was showing their talents, it looked like you were quite uncomfortable.

L: I was really uncomfortable. I get my clothes off for a living, but there's a time and a place.

D: I don't know if I speak on behalf of the nation, but I was slightly disappointed.

L: Did you want to see me with just one bap out?

D: Well, both really -- one wouldn't have been enough.

L: I'll get them out for you later.

D: Was it a conscious decision to show glamour girls in a different light?

L: No, no, not at all. I don't mind if I'm seen as just a pair of boobs.

D: There was one person that you definitely got quite annoyed with...[Coolio]

L: He's not malicious, there's just a few things that he's not about who you like, it's about what makes good TV. I don't want to moan. There's terrible things going on in the world and I'm just in a House for a week with a bunch of people.

D: A lot of people have been surprised by Ulrika's warmth

L: Yeah, she's very warm and motherly - a top bird.

D: We put you in with a deeply socialist MP - what did you make of that?

L: The thing with Tommy is that it's total proof that you can have very different opinions and still like a person. He was really nice to have in the House.

And with that, Davina announced that it was time to see Lucy's 'Breast Bits'...

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CBB6: Day 8 VIDEO - Celebrity Condiments on Ice

La Toya and Tommy played the part of Salt and Pepper as they performed Celebrity Condiments On Ice during this weeks Shopping Task. Although they failed, it makes great viewing, watch their performance in the Channel 4 video below:

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Friday, 9 January 2009

CBB6: Day 8 - Lucy Pinder Evicted From Celebrity Big Brother

Lucy Pinder became the first housemate to be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house in the live eviction show presented by Davina McCall. Ulrika had gone head to head with Swedish TV presenter Ulrika Jonnson after being secretly nominated by Terry Christian during tasks earlier this week.

Ulrika was in tears as Davina announced the shock result, meanwhile Lucy was happy to be going home and Terry Christian just wanted her shampoo!

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CBB6: Day 8 VIDEO - Shopping Task Results

The Celebrity Big Brother housemates have been busy working on this weeks Shopping Task - they had a hard day's singing, ice-skating and babysitting, the housemates finally learned their post-Task fate last night. They had to pass three or more sections of the Task to receive a luxury shopping budget. Watch the video below to see if they have passed or failed the Task.

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CBB6: Day 8 PICTURES - Tommy and La Toya Condiments on Ice

Tommy and La Toya might not be skaters but the Celebrity Big Brother housemates proved they were good sports during their part in the Shopping Task. The pair had to perform as Salt and Pepper in 'Celebrity Condiments on Ice' Here are some pictures from the Task.

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CBB6: Day 8 - Verne and Ulrika Pass Task

Verne and Ulrika passed their part of the Shopping Task as 81,483 people watched the video on the BB official website: By 11pm Thursday night, 10,000 had been needed to view the video for the celebrity pair to have passed the task.

Since then over 100,000 people have watched the video (also available to watch here on Celebrity Big Brother Blog) Sadly the Big Brother house will have to live on a £1 a day after housemates failed most of the other tasks.

CBB6: Day 8 - The Girls Hate Coolio

Coolio has been the one housemate that has the nation talking and the female Big Brother housemates reeling - as the 45 year old rapper continued to wind up the girls.

He probably thought when he came in here us girls would go 'he's so hard' and we just went..." shrugged Ulrika about the big man.

"He always talks about girls, and yet he's so far removed from being an attractive person," said Lucy. "He honestly thinks he's the dogs... Or is it a wind up? You know they say anorexics look in the mirror and see a fat person. Do you think he looks in the mirror and the reflection's Jay-Z?"

"He has moments of lucidity," added Ulrika. The others nodded, but were soon found more to moan about.

"I don't want to hear about someones sex life in details," said Mutya.

"We don't want to hear him discussing it. It's in your face," said Tina.

Meanwhile Coolio has a master plan in mind and that plan involves driving everyone out of the house by winding them up.
So while everyone seems to be treading on egg shells to avoid upsetting the other housemates, Coolio will continue to do his own thing.

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CBB6: Day 7 VIDEO - Ben and Michelle Sing To Their Children

Ben and Michelle have taken their roles of parenthood very seriously, and looking after TEN babies is no easy task. Yet the Celebrity Big Brother housemates still found time to sing and joke about their parenting skills. Watch the video below as the couple sing their way through the Shopping Task.

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CBB6: Day 7 - Michelle and Ben Have 10 Babies!

Michelle Heaton and Ben Adams make a good couple according to Coolio, and now the latest Shopping Task has confirmed they would make great parents. Their part of the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous Task was to become parents. But not just to one baby. Oh no, they got ten to look after - ten feedings, ten nappy changes!
"Shall we start singing to him?" she added, keen to take her parental responsibilities seriously.
"You sing, I'll tattoo," replied Ben as he tattooed the name of their 'first born' on Michelle's arm. "Do you know any lullabies?" he added. They called their 'firstborn' Table - true Celebrity name calling........

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Thursday, 8 January 2009

CBB6: Day 7 PICTURES - Tommy and La Toya on Ice

Tommy Sheriden and La Toya Jackson teamed up for their part in the Shopping Task. They had to perform together on ice, which wasn't easy because neither of them could skate. Here are a few pictures from their time together, click the image to see the bigger picture:

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CBB6: Day 7 - Who Are You?

Normally it's the celebrities on the run from the paparazzi but in Celebrity Big Brother, it's the other way around. Part of this weeks Shopping Task has Tina, Lucy and Coolio in the role of paparazzi media on the look out for random celebrities to pap.

Big Brother couldn't resist being a bit cruel at 8am by lifting former Big Brother contestant - Nikki over the garden wall. Trouble was, the 'paparazzi' had difficulty recognising who she was.

"Who is it?" screeched Tina, "where's me f****** camera?"

"What's your name?" Coolio shouted at the mystery celebrity. "Are you not allowed to talk?"

"Am I allowed?" asked the famous face, but the look on her face suggested she'd been told 'no'

And so the celebrity sank out of sight, as unknown as when she'd first appeared.

"You know who that looks like?" said Lucy. "It's that little thin girl. She's from Big Brother I'm sure..."

"Oh, it's Nikki off Big Brother," said Tina.

*BB official website:

CBB6 Day 6 VIDEO - Ulrika and Verne Perform Endless Love

Verne and Ulrika performed the Lionel Richie and Diana Ross classic 'Endless Love' in front of the other housemates as part of the Shopping Task. The emotional song was their Celebrity Cover, complete with wigs and outfits for this weeks task.

Watch the video below and see how Verne and Ulrika performed together - don't call us, we'll call you!

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Wednesday, 7 January 2009

CBB6: Day 6 VIDEO - Michelle Marsh Caught By BB Press

Michelle Marsh popped up over the Celebrity Big Brother wall and was almost missed by the waiting paparazzi as they were busy chatting. Lucy, Tina and Coolio then rushed into the garden in a desperate bid to take pictures and make conversation with the blond beauty.
Watch the Channel 4 video below and find out later in the week if the housemates passed this part of the Shopping Task.

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CBB6: Day 6 - Paparazzi Task

Lucy, Coolio and Tina got into the Paparazzi Task with ease as they waited for the first celebrity to snap during this weeks Shopping Task set by Big Brother.
"We could be sat her for three hours, this is not comfortable," said Coolio. "They could at least give me a comfortable chair."
Coolio, Lucy and Tina were so busy chatting with the other housemates they almost missed their first Paparazzi target. With their backs turned to the garden, the trainee Paparazzi photographers almost blew their first photo scoop when glamour model Michelle Marsh appeared from the other side of the fence.
"What's that?" said Lucy, turning to get a better look.

"Who's that?" asked Tina. "We're allowed out to take photographs," said Lucy. "Oh my God!" "That's my friend Michelle Marsh," Lucy explained to Tina.

"What are the football results?" shouted Tommy, "did Celtic win at the weekend?" Michelle Marsh did not reply as she slowly lowered from view.
"Bye!" said Lucy. "Your hair's really nice!"
The housemates returned to the Living Area and gathered notes "I don't know who she was, but I took a picture." said Tina confused.

"I got about five photographs," said Coolio. "I got one," said Lucy, "Right. Now we know where are we looking."
*BB official website:

CBB6: Day 6 Task - Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

This week's Shopping Task sees the housemates replicate the lifestyles of the rich and shameless...

Housemates will participate in five separate challenges, each focussing on a different aspect of living with fame and fortune.

If they fail more than two challenges, housemates will fail the Task.

Tonight Ulrika and Verne will perform their Celebrity Cover Version of the classic Diana Ross, Lionel Ritchie duet 'Endless Love.'

Tomorrow, Ben and Michelle must become a Fake Celebrity Couple. Someone once said "the secret of acting is sincerity. If you can fake that, you've got it made."

In addition to this, LaToya and Tommy will perform and ice skating routine as part of a mini-Celebrity Reality Show.

In the fourth challenge, Coolia, Lucy and Tina will experience life on the other side of the lens as they become photographers in the Paparazzi challenge.

They will stake out the garden and photograph surprise appearances from unexpected visitors.

So what's the fifth challenge?

That's top secret... but it will be down to Mutya and Terry to complete the mystery.

*BB official website:

CBB6: Day 6 VIDEO - Verne The Woman Pleaser!

Verne might be the tiny celebrity in the Big Brother house but when it comes to women, he knows how to big it up! Watch the video below for his woman pleasing tips..........

*BB official website:

CBB6: Day 5 - Housemates Save Ben From Eviction

Carefully selected for their combination of ego, no talent and lack of integrity, Ulrika, Lucy and Ben are Terry's three choices for eviction.

But this week Big Brother only wants you to have a choice of two, so someone's got to decide who escapes the public vote this week. Terry's chosen the evictees, you get to choose who goes, so it might as well be the other housemates who get to save either Ben, Lucy or Ulrika.

Live on Channel 4, the the chosen three were called to the Diary Room, then taken to a separate holding area, which was immediately flashed on the screen in the Living Area to the rest of the House.

Terry's secret eviction Task was then revealed to everyone.

As they learned their possible fate, Big Brother told the rest of the housemates they had just half a minute to choose one of the three to save from the public vote. And they had to stand up in front of the group to tell them who they had chosen.

Coolio, Latoya, Michelle, Tommy and Verne chose Ben, Mutya chose Lucy, Tina chose Ulrika.

So Ben was saved and Ulrika and Lucy face the public vote.

*BB official website:

CBB6: Day 5 - King Terry Gets Massage and Bath

Lucy and Ulrika were commanded to give King Terry a royal rub down. That meant stripping him to his boxers, laying him on a massage table and getting a proper pummeling from both ladies at once.

"It'll be a nice Swedish massage," Ulrika promised and without objection, Terry was soon enjoying a good rub down. "Oh that's quite nice actually," said Terry, getting into it. "It's been very tense being the king."
Tina, Coolio and Mutya were then commanded to give Terry a bath. "Get your crown off soft lad," said Tina, going for his scalp.

Coolio set to chafing the King with the loofer.

"You're not scouring a pan," screeched Terry.

*BB official website:

CBB6: Day 5 - La Toya Becomes Court Jester

La Toya Jackson entered into the spirit of Big Brother as she put on the Court Jester's outfit provided for her. Her mission was to entertain the King - Terry Christian.
La Toya tried out her joke tin of peanuts and squirty-water flower - which seemed to raise a laugh with the King.
*BB official website:

CBB6: Day 5 VIDEO - Terry Is King For A Day

Celebrity Big Brother housemate Terry Christian, has been enjoying his reign as Head of House and his latest task has been to Lord it over the other housemates as King for a day. If housemates pass the task then they will be rewarded with a party later.

*BB official website:
"You'll be called into the Diary Room to be given certain instructions through the day," King Terry told housemates. "Everything must be obeyed. There's part of me politically that feels a complete sham," he added with a grin, "but if I was going to be honest with you - it's f****** great!"

There were a few more things that needed to be explained to the assembled commoners though. "When I ring the bell I want something. I'm not allowed to walk anywhere, so I have to be carried," Terry commanded, as Coolio and Tommy stooped to pick him up.

CBB6: Day 5 - Coolio Apologises

Coolio apologised to Michelle for upsetting her by his comments about her and Ben. A tearful Michelle had sobbed to Big Brother in the Diary Room earlier but now it was Coolio who was bearing his soul to Big Brother.

"Well, yesterday I was messing around with Ben and Michelle, trying to play up that they like each other, when they both have somebody," he said sheepishly. "That was pretty disrespectful and I shouldn't have done that. I think I may have made Michelle feel bad and I apologised to her for that."

And there was more. "And I've been a sexist, male chauvinist pig, playing the gangster card," he added quietly. "Basically somewhat being myself... using my dark side more."

And when Big Brother probed further, Coolio fessed up. "I feel bad. She was crying. She had a bad evening and I probably had a lot to do with that. I won't be that wind up no more - I'll have to find a new way."

*BB official website:

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

CBB6: Day 5 VIDEO - Michelle In Tears

Yesterday it was Michelle upsetting Tina with her "Shrek Princess" comments, so the saying "what goes around comes around" rings true in this case. Life in the Celebrity Big Brother house can be stressful, and comments made by Coolio have upset Michelle, who went into the Diary Room and was soon in tears.

Watch the Channel 4 video below to find out just why Michelle is upset:

*BB official website:

CBB6: Day 4 - Terry Rewarded With Curry Meal

Terry was rewarded with a Thai Curry after Celeb Big Brother housemates passed their latest task. The other housemates had spent an hour impersonating each other but it was Terry Christian as Head of House who would reap the reward.

Big Brother dressed him in a traditional Thai outfit, gave him Thai beers and a slap up Thai meal in an act of generosity in the Diary Room. Although Terry wanted to share the meal with his fellow housemates - Big Brother instructed him that the meal was for him, and him alone!

*BB official website:

Monday, 5 January 2009

CBB6: Day 4 PICTURES - Don't You Know Who I Am? Task

Do You Know Who I Am? Task had the Celeb Big Brother housemates impersonating each other for an hour. Here are some pictures from today's task:

Verne as Coolio

Tommy as a shy La Toya

Mutya kicks off as Tina

Michelle gives Ulrika an eyeful as Lisa

Coolio rides Verne's scooter

*BB official website:

CBB6: Day 4 TASK - Don't You Know Who I Am?

Tommy as La Toya

The latest Celebrity Big Brother Task was revealed by Head of House Terry Christian with a fit of giggles as he told housemates that they would have to step into each others shoes for an hour.
In pairs, the housemates would become each other and take on their opposites persona in order to win a "special prize". Tommy had to become LaToya, and LaToya become Tommy, Michelle and Lucy were paired off, Coolio and Verne, Tina and Mutya and Ben and Ulrika. Terry was exempt from the Task because he is Head of House.

*BB official website:

CBB6: Day 4 - Lucy Pinder Faces Public Vote

Sex kitten Lucy Pinder will face the public vote against Ulrika Jonnson after losing the Showcase Talent Task. Terry Christian gave Lucy the thumbs down for her performance during the Task. He admitted he was disappointed with her lack lustre performance and that she failed to impress him.

*BB official website:

CBB6: Day 4 - Terry Plays The Smiths

Being Head of House comes with a few perks, lucky for Terry Christian it comes with a free t-shirt as well. Big Brother treated the celeb to a tune today, but it was a solitary affair as BB made him retreat to his private bedroom to listen to The Smiths. Terry had chosen 'There Is A Light That Never Goes Out' as the track he wanted to listen too.
Terry even managed a bit of a boogie and impersonation followed by a moan saying, "Get a funky one on next time."

*BB official website:

CBB6: Day 4 - Cool Verne

Verne Troyer proves he is the cool man in the Celebrity Big Brother house as he dons a pair of shades to blend in with the furniture. Verne is a hot favourite with the bookies to win this year's Celeb BB.
The opening show of the series attracted 5.5m viewers and was followed by 2.7m on Saturday night with the series running for 22 days.

*BB official website:

CBB6: Day 3 - Showcase Task

La Toya performs

Coolio kicked off the show, performing Gangsta's Paradise, closely followed by Tina and Verne's performance of Romeo and Juliet, Mutya singing Hole in the Head and Ulrika's weather forecast.

Hot on their heels was Terry interviewing Coolio a la 'Word', Ben singing Same Old Brand New You and Lucy spouting off her opinions while wearing a short coat and polka dot briefs. "My first topic that I've been given to talk about is the Labour Party. I'm not a big fan of Gordon and his gang." And she didn't stop there. "I'm fed up of hearing about 'poor heroin addicts', I'd rather my tax money was spent on paying old ladies gas bills and giving people cancer drugs," she added, like a true politician.

Following closely behind was Michelle singing Just a Little Bit. "That was brilliant - you can sing, ya t**!" shouted Tina kindly Next up was Tommy with a political speech about the reasons he thought Iraq was invaded by America - a speech which even drew applause from LaToya and Coolio...

Finally, LaToya took to the stage to sing along to her brother Michael's hit song Wanna Be Startin' Something - a true car crash TV moment. All the whistles, claps and cheers in the world couldn't hide that fact that it was a less-than-perfect performance. But it didn't matter as all the housemates except HoH Terry knew that the whole Task was a way for him to choose another person to join Ulrika in the eviction lineup.

*BB official website:

CBB6: Day 3 - Ulrika To Face Eviction Vote

Ulrika is the first Celeb Big Brother housemate to face the public vote after being secretly nominated by Terry. Terry had to choose which housemate had the biggest ego, after the celebs took part in the Ego Task. After much dithering Terry said that Ulrika possessed the most inflated ego in the House and will therefore face the first eviction.

She won't be on her own though, Ulrika will be joined by two others to face the vote. Terry will get to choose which housemates join her after various tasks.

*BB official website:

CBB6: Day 3 VIDEO - Michelle v Tina In Shrek Comments

Spark are set to fly in the Celebrity Big Brother house after Michelle Heaton made a comment about Tina Malone's Task costume. She referred to Tina as the Princess from Shrek. Something Coolio found very amusing but Tina was not seeing the funny side.
Watch the video below and see how the cracks started to appear in the CBB6 house:

*BB official website:

Sunday, 4 January 2009

CBB6: Day 3 - Talent Task

Today's Celebrity Big Brother Task was revealed by Head of House Terry Christian, Big Brother will ask the housemates to demonstrate the talents that made them famous in order to win a couple of Tokens.

Oh, and the secret twist? Whichever housemate is deemed to have the least talent by Head of House, Terry, will be up for eviction.
Tommy would have to make a speech, Ulrika must present a weather forecast, Terry would have to interview another housemate in the style of his old show The Word, while Verne and Tina must act out a scene from Romeo and Juliet.

Coolio would have to sing Gangsta's Paradise - easy, or what? - Ben must sing one of A1's biggest hits and Mutya would do the same, singing the Sugababes' hit Hole in the Head. Lucy would be left to read the news - with a brief twist.
*BB official website:

CBB6: Day 3 PICTURES - Coolio

Coolio is already proving to be one of the most interesting Celeb housemates in the Big Brother house and these pictures prove just why we will be hooked to our screens for the next three weeks:

Coolio in pink towel

Licking a knife

In a bra-like top

Pulling up his pants!

*BB official website:

CBB6: Day 3 VIDEO - Coolio Gives Walking Lessons

Coolio shows the housemates how he would do different walks for different situations, check out the Celebrity Big Brother video below and watch how it is done in the hood:

BB official website:

CBB6: Day 3 - La Toya Opens Up In Diary Room

La Toya Jackson has been getting to know the other celebrity housemates and shared her views with Big Brother in the Diary Room.
"They're all very interesting and unique in their own way of course," answered LaToya diplomatically. "I find Tina to be interesting. Very interesting. I have a lot in common with things we've gone through in life."

"Tommy is very interesting in his political way," she added.
"Everything in here is strictly confidential, right?" replied LaToya quietly, before spilling the beans. "Yes, I think Ulrika will not bite her tongue within time. And I think Tommy will not be able to bite his tongue. And probably Tina when it's appropriate as well. But I'm only telling you because you asked."

Only time will tell how quickly opinions will change..........

*BB official website:
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