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Saturday, 23 August 2008

BB9: Day 80 VIDEO - Pasta Task Failed

Darnell's spagetti face!

Housemates had to eat a giant bowl of spaghetti for today's Task and it proved just too much for some of the Big Brother housemates. Darnell put his face into the bowl and ended up being sick. They failed to pasta (pun pun!) the Task but watch this funny video of the housemates in action:

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BB9: Day 80 - Spagetti Task

It was Task time again and it was Rex who gave the housemates the news.
"Today," revealed Rex, "Big Brother is going to treat housemates to a visit to the Big Brother Italian Restaurant. Shortly housemates will be provided with outfits for the visit to Grande Fratello's Italian Restaurant."

It was a gigantic bowl of overcooked spaghetti in tomato sauce that the housemates had just two hours to consume.
Big Brother promised the group a special prize if they are able to polish off all of the pasta.

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BB9: Day 80 VIDEO - Darnell's Bitter Rap About Sara

Darnell is in a bitter mood and it seems that he's paranoid about Sara who could wreck his chances of being in the Big Brother final. As he sat in the bath he made a rap about what could become his downfall. He was angry and Sara was at the brunt of his lyrics, watch the video and try and work out what is going on inside Darnell's head:

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BB9: Day 80 - Rachel Calls Mo A Jerk

Rachel finally spoke out and told Mohamed exactly what she thought of him. She had left her sun lounger unoccupied for a short while but upon returning found Mohamed lying on it.

"Mo can I have my sun lounger back?" said Rachel as she returned to the Garden from the Living Area.

"Go and get your own," muttered Mohamed.

"Come on Mo, I've been waiting for the sun all day," replied Rachel getting cross.

"No," said Mohamed firmly. "You weren't lying on it for ages."

"I think you're a jerk," concluded Rachel.

"Did you just call me a jerk?" asked Mohamed.

"Yes, and I meant it as well," replied Rachel. "I hurt my leg dragging that sun lounger this morning and now you've just come along and threw my towel off. That's being nasty and I didn't think you would do that. Don't worry, I'll remember," she added.

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BB9: Day 80 - Darnell Refuses To Mend Friendship

Darnell has been in a sulk with Sara and won't let it drop but Kat wants him to make up with her.

Kathreya went in search of Darnell to try to sort out their differences from the night before. But it soon became clear that someone was still a bit sore...
"We haven't had our chat yet," said Kathreya to Darnell as they sat in the Bathroom.

"I don't wanna have a chat with you Kathreya," said Darnell, half-joking. "I don't care any more. There's only 14 more days."

"I want you to understand me properly," maintained Kathreya.

"I do understand you," said Darnell, losing patience. "You just want to be friends with everyone. We're just different in the way we do things and that's not a problem."

At this point Kathreya tried to explain that she wasn't in the middle of Darnell and Sara's fallout.

"I don't care, I don't even care," sighed Darnell. "I don't wanna hear her name, I don't even like to hear her ******* voice!" he added with a snarl.

But Kathreya was keen that Darnell should make up with Sara. "The difference in my perspective is if you have a problem with someone, you have to sort it out," replied Kathreya, "other people can't get in the middle."

"It's not a big deal. Who cares?" snapped Darnell. "When you guys are hanging out I'll just move to another place. I don't want to be around her. Period. Point blank." No 'Happy House' for Kat or Darnell this weekend!

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BB9: Day 79 - Nicole's Best Pictures

Nicole may have only been a housemate for three weeks but she certainly did a lot more in the Big Brother house than just cry. Here are Nicole's 'Best Pics' from BB9:

Nicole as a goddess in Statue Task

Michael Jackson eat your heart out!

Sara and Nicole snog after a few drinks

Nicole tastes her cooking during the Baking Task
Looking like a Princess
Happy times with Rex
The Princess arrives in the store room
Puppet Task was hard work

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BB9: Day 79 VIDEO - Nicole's Best Bits

Nicole was evicted after just three weeks inside the Big Brother 9 house and faced a hostile welcome from the crowds but a gentle interview with Davina McCall. At the end of the interview Davina showed Nicole her 'Best Bits' video, so watch the video below and see the journey from Day 57 to Day 79:

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BB9: Day 79 - Nicole's Eviction Interview

Nicole was the tenth housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother house and got a frosty reception as she left the house. With 94% of the vote, it became clear the public wanted Nicole out. Maybe the 19 year old was just misunderstood or lived under the shadow of her boyfriend Rex? Could it be that arriving 57 days into BB9 was just too late to be accepted by the"group"?

Here is Nicole's eviction interview with Davina McCall, as seen on Channel 4 and on the official website (link below):

D:That was quite a heavy reception you had out there. What was that like for you?

N: Obviously it wasn't very nice, but I was never expecting cheers. It was such a hard situation in there for me to be Rex's girlfriend and to be accepted in that House as a new housemate. I always sort of had a link to Rex, I was never really myself, like, known as myself. They knew who they wanted in the Final - and I was just not part of it at all.

D: So, when you got nominated, you did say 'I'm going to walk tomorrow', and you didn't. Why didn't you?

N: No, because I was just really upset. I just wanted to come home, and then I thought, 'No, I'm not walking, I don't want to be a quitter.' I only had a couple of days. I knew I was going, so I thought 'I'll just wait.'

D: It's hard being nominated. I think it's much harder than anybody gives you credit for.

N: Because no one ever really wanted to get to know me, they weren't that interested.

D: But it's not just you - everybody gets told they're up for eviction.

N: It's not nice, and Rex didn't like it either, 'cause all of his friends nominated me.I was never myself in there.

D: Who is the real you? What are you like?

N: I'm so fun, and bubbly. Just not in there.

D: Let's talk about your and Rex's relationship, because people were kind of gripped by it.

N: That's not the way it is, it's just hard for me, 'cause I've heard all the stories that have really upset me that I've had to deal with.

D: But you must have known when you went in there that it was going to be almost impossible to keep that to yourself.

N: Yeah, I knew that, but it was just so hard for me, because he always kept on about him trusting me, and it's just not an issue at all. I wish I could have said, 'Rex, you know what I've had to put up with - it's been so hard for me to stick to you and forget about it.'

D: How do you view your relationship?

N: We are so strong, but the last couple of months, we haven't actually been that strong.

D: Do you bicker that much at home?

N: Yeah.

D: Was he the same with as he usually is with you, or was he different in the House?

N: The same.

D: Does he always tell you what to wear?

N: Yeah. Like the heels - I am nowhere near as tall as him!

D: Okay, so let's just discuss the Michael Jackson. This week you were Michael Jackson in the Shopping Task, and the way that you and Rex treated Mikey was difficult. What do you think?

N: I don't think that at all. He was always commenting at me the whole time, like saying really nasty comments to me.

D: I can understand that he has said some mean things to you, but totally being naïve about his disability when he's trying to copy a dance... you've got to let him try.

N: I did! I helped him but he really did upset me and really did hurt me. And Rex and I found it hard to teach him because we had to learn the dance, and then we had to teach Mikey the dance as well.

D: Some people found that quite hard to watch, your behaviour towards Mikey, and I think that's why you potentially had such a high percentage of the vote.

N: I don't admit that at all. I actually got on with Mikey the best in the first week of Hell. I really did get on with him.

D: Well, unfortunately I have to tell you that I think that this last week is the reason you got such a high percentage. Your percentage was 94%, which is the highest percentage we've ever had, ever. It may even be a world record, I'm not sure! But on the upside, you were a great Michael Jackson. Thinking about that, would you have changed anything?

N: Yeah. I have absolutely no regrets - I don't - but if you thought I was like that towards Mikey then I apologise. I actually did like the guy and we had a laugh. But I would change a few things - not being so miserable all the time, being annoying I guess.

D: Nicole - you were a great housemate. Here are your best bits.

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Friday, 22 August 2008

BB9: Day 79 - Nicole Get Record Breaking Eviction Vote

Nicole became the most unpopular housemate in Big Brother history tonight when she received a staggering 94.04% of the vote.
It was the highest EVER percentage vote for a Big Brother housemate. The posh princess had been going head to head with Aussie Sara and lovable Lisa - who got less than 6% between them.

Here are the eviction percentages so far for Big Brother 9:
*Stephanie was evicted with 48% of the vote.
*Sylvia was evicted with 90% of the vote.
*Jennifer was evicted with 89% of the vote.
*Mario was evicted with 77% of the vote.
*Belinda was evicted with 65% of the vote.
*Rebecca was evicted with 65% of the vote.
*Luke was evicted with 37% of the vote
*Dale was evicted with 63% of the vote.
*Stuart was evicted with with 59% of the vote.

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BB9: Day 79 - Nicole Evicted From Big Brother

Nicole pleased for once as her name is called out by Davina McCall

Although Nicole was the 21st housemate to enter the BB9 house, she became the tenth housemate evicted tonight as viewers of Big Brother decided they'd had enough of Rex's girlfriend.

She arrived on Day 57 as the Special Token and totally surprised her boyfriend Rex but within days the couple began arguing and within the first week both Nicole and Rex threatened to walk out of the Big Brother house. Since then the posh couple have done nothing but bicker and fall out over anything and everything.

The public had a choice to make - Sara, Nicole or Lisa and with a clear vote, Nicole was voted out with a staggering 94% of the vote and now Rex would have to survive without her. has he burnt too many bridges to survive one more week? Watch this space................ He did warn the house that it would be back to "miserable Rex"!

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BB9: Day 79 - Kat Cries Over Rex Comment

It's been a tough few days as housemates from the "group" turned on each other. Next up for an argument, tiff or blubber were Kathreya and Rex.

She was really upset that Rex has been nasty to her and accused her of picking on Nicole.

"Anything Nicole says to you," said Rex, "you pick on her."

"Me?" asked Kat, "pick on Nicole? You've got it wrong."

Kat and Rachel tried to ignore Rex's harsh words but Kat walked out into the garden, trying to hide her tears.

"Great," said Rex, watching her go, "now Kat's crying."

Rachel followed and joined Kat and Mo in the garden, listening patiently to Kat's frustrated outburst.

"I'm fed up with people backstabbing," said Kat. "I didn't even know what Nicole said. I didn't say anything to anyone."

"Rex is just upset because Nicole's up for nomination," said Mo.

"Rex is looking to blame someone," said Rachel, "any little thing that happens now they see as an attack. It's not fair. It's not fair at all. No-one thinks you're a bully."

Kat was inconsolable, Mo and Rachel did their best to comfort her as she sat sobbing to them trying to explain between tears what had happen. Rex came and apologised to Kat but will it be enough to stop her crying?

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BB9: Day 79 - Rex "Save Nicole" Message

Rex has a desperate message for the nation - "Save Nicole" in what looks like a last ditch attempt to save his girlfriend from the Big Brother eviction. But it looks like millions of viewers have had enough of the arguing pair and will evict the 19 year old just before 10pm.
Question is - Will Rex walk if Nicole is evicted?

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BB9: Day 79 - Housemates Protest For Mohamed

Housemates were given a Task by Big Brother which involved making banners and wearing "Free Mo" t-shirts. If they successfully campaigned for Mohamed's release then he would be set free from the Big Brother Jail.
Mo was thrown into the BB Jail for talking about nominations once again, and added to this he became unpopular with certain housemates after he stole cans of cider yesterday. Let's just say, not all housemates campaigned hard for his release. Nicole declared the task was "boring", while Mohamed said it was the best task yet.
The remaining housemates chanted "Greedy Mo! Let him go!" shouted Nicole and Rex.
"Save Mo's afro!" shouted Mikey. "Mo was set up!"
"Free Mo!" cheered Rachel, "free Mo!"
"We love Mo!" said Kat, "we love Mo!"
"Mo was set up!" shouted Mikey.
"Get Mo out!" shouted Rex.
Yet, Big Brother failed to be impressed by the efforts of the housemates and informed the house that they had failed in their Task. Mohamed would remain in Jail until further notice.

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BB9: Day 79 POLL - Nicole Top of Eviction Poll

The BBBS Poll has closed to find out which housemate you want evicted tonight. With 80% of the vote Nicole was the clear winner and the housemate most likely to leave the Big Brother house later this evening.

Lisa ended up with 13% of the vote and Sara was least likely to be voted out on 6%. Watch the eviction show tonight to find out if the readers of Big Brother Blog Squad got it right once again.

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BB9: Day 79 - Kat Calls Lisa "Two Faced"

Who would have thought a few cans of cider could cause so much division? Yet tension in the house deepened after a "two-faced" Lisa left Kat upset.
Mohamed had earlier rowed with Nicole over missing cider and the group spent most of the evening talking about the incident or falling out with each other.
Kat told Rachel and Darnell that she was disappointed with the way Lisa had acted during the argument.
She said: "I was very upset by the way Lisa let Mo get attacked. Then she sucked up to him after everyone else had left. That’s two-faced!"
The incident is not the first sign of tension between Kat and Lisa. The pair argued as Nicole entered the house and Kat described Lisa as "scary" last week. Kat has never been a fan of Lisa and has made her views known to the "group" about Lisa and Sara.
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BB9: Day 79 VIDEO - Mohamed Gets Punished

Mohamed told Nicole last night that he did not nominate her this week, therefore breaking a fundamental rule of Big Brother. He was not going to get off lightly and the C4 video below features Mo in the Diary Room getting the bad news:

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BB9: Day 78 VIDEO - Lisa Tells Sara That Darnell Likes Her

The love hate relationship between Sara and Darnell has been rumbling on for weeks but tonight it erupted when Darnell had another go at Sara, causing her to flee to the Diary Room and speak to Big Brother. Darnell then paced up and down outside and could hear Sara crying.
Afterwards, Lisa and Sara had a heart to heart about the whole Darnell situation and Lisa explained to Sara how she saw the relationship between the pair. Watch the Channel 4 video below and see the discussion:

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Thursday, 21 August 2008

BB9: Day 78 - Sara In Tears Because Of Darnell

Darnell and Sara ended up being drawn into the Cidergate drama, Sara had been talking to Mohamed in the garden, reassuring him, "I swear to God, if I wasn't up for eviction, you could have my cider - I wouldn't even care", when Darnell came storming towards them.

"Darnell, don't hit anything," Mohamed warned.

But Darnell exploded, "You guys are ******* crazy!"

When Mohamed protested, Darnell said it wasn't just him: "You, Sara... it's just unreal."

"So what have I done, Darnell?" Sara asked, hurt.

"Just the way people act," the songwriter went on. "I don't think anybody notices how people can wind **** up and turn it into a situation."

After her argument with Darnell, Sara spent over an hour in the Diary Room crying. She then revealed to Big Brother how upset she was with the way Darnell had been acting towards her. He has been making negative comments toward her for the last couple of days and it seems to have finally taken it's toll on the Aussie.

"I don't feel like I've even said anything wrong at all," she wailed. "I don't know what's up with him. I don't feel like I've done anything to deserve this treatment - I really don't!"

Big Brother asked softly, "Have you tried explaining to Darnell - "

But Sara immediately interrupted him. "As if I could try to do that!" she cried. "As if! I can't even open my mouth to say hello -- imagine if I tried to explain something to him. God!"

Then Big Brother asked, "Do you think Darnell knows how he's making you feel?"

"He must!" Sara insisted. "You can't treat someone like that for them not to be upset. You'd have to be a rock. And the thing is, you can't say anything or else he's in your face."

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 78 - Greedy Mo Strikes Again!

Earlier, Rex told Nicole that he'd ordered nothing on the shopping list except for cigarettes, alcohol and one banana. But when the shopping arrived, there was plenty of food available -- and Mohamed began hoovering it down, before grabbing plenty of cider.

"Where are all the ciders?" Nicole demanded, and Rex soon took up her cause: "Where are all the ciders?" he asked Mohamed.

"I took four for myself," Mo confessed.

But Rex was adamant that Mo shouldn't have any: "Only the girls are drinking tonight," he explained to Mohamed. "I'm not drinking."

"Listen - " Mo began.

"Oh, just have them!" Nicole exploded to the toy demonstrator. "You're so greedy."

"Whoo, greedy Mo!" Mohamed whooped, turning back to the fridge.

"Mo's taken five," Nicole told Rex crossly.

"I took four," Mohamed insisted again, asking why he shouldn't.

"Because they're mine!" Nicole demanded. "And I'm going tomorrow, so why the hell should you get them? You should get them on Monday!"

The row escalated, with Nicole and Rex both calling Mohamed an idiot and yelling at him in a huge confrontation.

"Why are you shouting at me?" he protested, before saying he'd give Nicole the ciders - at which point Nicole ran into the luxury bedroom and sobbed for a while.

Mohamed came in and gave her the drinks, but she snubbed him and then ran out into the living area again.

"He's the biggest idiot!" she sobbed to the other housemates. "He is just the nastiest person. He's just disgusting. I can't wait to go."

And then she told Rex: "I can't wait to get out of this House -- it's full of absolute *****!"

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 78 VIDEO - Rex In Hot Water Over Bath With Steph

Blame Michael for starting this little argument off when he reminded Rex of the time he spent in the bath with former housemate Stephanie saying, "Did you not go head to toe with Steph one night?" It was enough to start Nicole off on another rant to Rex as this Channel 4 video reveals:

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 78 - Housemates Pay Rent In Shopping Twist

Remember the last time Rex was let loose on the Shopping Budget? The housemates ended up with Nicole as one of the ever changing prizes as Rex blew most of the budget on tokens.

Today Rex had the task of completing this weeks Shopping Budget as Head of House, but Big Brother had some bad news for him.......... the housemates must now pay rent on the bedrooms!

As Head of House, Rex had to choose which bedroom the housemates would be living in. Having made his choice, Rex went to the bathroom and told Lisa, Mikey, Rachel and Sara about their new situation.

"Big Brother is charging us rent on the bedrooms," Rex told the others. "It's £15 for B Block and it's £150 for the Luxury Bedroom."

"Let's get back into B Block then," said Rachel.

"B Block," said Mikey.

"No way!" gasped Lisa. "Here's the thing," said Rex, "if we go into B Block there's no hair straighteners, no hair dryers, no nothing."

"I don't care," said Sara.

"One hundred and fifty pound per person?" asked Nicole.

"Nooo," said Rex, "for everyone."

"What have you chosen?" asked Lisa.

"I'm not allowed to say," said Rex.

"One hundred and fifty pounds?" asked a horrified Mikey.

"You're not allowed to say anything," Nicole told Mikey. "I'm not going out tomorrow looking like this."

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 78 - Kat Fears Nominations Will Be Shown

Kathreya has already been thrown into the Big Brother Jail several times for talking about nominations but this time the Thai housemate had a new fear to talk about.

Kat has admitted that she is concerned about other housemates viewing her nomination tapes. Kat told the housemates she thought "nominations [were] going to come up" and it could spoil the "happy, happy house" she envisaged for the final.

Darnell was unconcerned, telling Kat he doesn't "give a shit" if nominations are shown next week as it's so close to the final.

Rachel agreed that she was also indifferent to Big Brother playing nomination tapes and the feelings of housemates past and present. "If people hold grudges, that's their decision and I accept that," she said.

With Kat telling the housemates she'd "been living as a goldfish" and that she "didn't want to get emotional or scared" so close to the final, both Darnell and Rachel played down the chances of nomination tapes being played.

Darnell said Big Brother "doesn't want tension in the last week," while Rachel told Kat the "final week is usually quiet". Obviously Kathreya is thinking out each and every process, so we can expect some "nice" nominations next week - just in case the other housemates get to view her nominations.................

*BB official website: and DigitalSpy

BB9: Day 78 - Mo Upset By Rex's Comment

Remember how Mohamed traded in a pair of pants (leaving him just two pairs) for a pair of shoes the other week? Well it looks like the lack of pants has come back to bite him on the bum (so to speak)!

Mohamed appeared upset last night after comments made by Rex.
Rex returned from the Diary Room with some new underwear as Big Brother had confiscated some of his own. He suggested that the housemates play a game to win the pants.

"Mo wants them," he joked. "You should. You've stank. You wear them every day - mud-coloured, bogie's..."

He went on to ask Mohamed which underwear he was wearing now, laughing as Mo showed him."Well that was an easy guess," he remarked. "That was too funny."

However, Mohamed seemed unhappy at the comments and told Rex that he didn't want to play the game to win the pants. "You keep them," he added."But you stink!" Rex replied.

Mohamed simply said: "Thank you", before retreating to the luxury bedroom where he sat on his bed alone.

*BB official website: and DigitalSpy

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

BB9: Day 77 PICTURES - Thriller Task

Here are a selection of pictures featuring the Big Brother housemates during the Thriller Task for this weeks Shopping Budget. Click the images below to see the bigger picture:

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BB9: Day 77 VIDEO - Thriller Dance Performance

Here is the Channel 4 video featuring the housemates re-creating Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' as part of this week's Shopping Task:

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 77 - Michael Clashes With Rex Over Task

Michael has been outspoken since Day 1 in the Big Brother house and this week Rex rules as Head of House, annoying Michael in the process.
Throughout the Zombie Dance Task, Mikey and Rex clashed again and again. "Mikey stop being difficult," Rex instructed during the final rehearsal.

"I'm trying to familiarise myself with the room," said Mikey, "you're being a total arse"
Earlier today, tension flared as the housemates rehearsed in the garden.
Mikey wasn't sure how to perform Rex's verbal instructions for a dance move. "Rex, can I have a minute before I lose my rag with you?" asked Mikey.

"**** off," replied Rex, adding "you're being horrible mate."
"You're being a ******," said Mikey, referring to the kind of sportsman who would throw a caber.
"Mikey," said Rex, "if you're insulting to me and being rude to my girlfriend then why would I want to spend time with you?"

"You said I was stuck up," said Nicole. "I said it at six o'clock last night!" said Mikey.
"You're extremely childish. A thirty three year old man picking on a nineteen year old girl? *****," said Rex, using the scientifically correct word used to describe the male appendage.

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 77 - Kat Sent To Jail For Nomination Talk

Naughty Kat was thrown back into the Big Brother Jail for talking about nominations once again. As we reported yesterday, Kat indicated quite clearly that Sara would go next week if she survived Friday's eviction.

Big Brother punished her by sending her to the Jail as soon as she got up this morning, not even allowing her to have a wash.

Crafty Kat wouldn't tell Rachel why she was being sent to Jail, but said her comments had been "misunderstood" by Big Brother.

Housemates were worried that she would miss the Shopping Task due to being in Jail, but later in the afternoon Big Brother released her. Kat quickly rushed a rehearsal for the Thriller Task that took place shortly after her release.

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 76 - Mo Tries To Share Bed With Rachel

Mohamed and Rachel disagreed last night after he asked to get into bed with her and Kathreya.

When he asked her to move up so that he could talk to them, she refused."Not on my side," she warned him. "I haven't got a bra on. I'm in my PJs. I wouldn't feel comfortable with you in bed."

When Kathreya asked why Mohamed wanted to get into bed with them, he claimed that he had been joking.
"I'd never want to be in the same bed as Rachel," he announced. "She farts too much."
"Stop saying that!" Rachel replied, getting annoyed. "It's starting to bug me. Just 'cause I did it twice. Loads of people do it more times than me."

She added that Mohamed complained that she picked on him, but he was doing the same. "Just 'cause it's me you keep going on about it," she observed. "You always say: 'You only tell me to do this'. Well, you only keep winding me up."

The pair later moved to the kitchen, where Mohamed irritated Rachel by throwing chickpeas at her.

*BB official website: *Source: DigitalSpy

BB9: Day 76 - Sara "Rex Can Think What The Hell He Likes"

Sara said Rex can think "what the hell he likes" yesterday, adding that she is not going to get upset over his prediction that she may leave.

The housemate was talking with Mo and Mikey in the luxury bedroom after being told that she will face the public vote alongside Lisa and Nicole. She said Rex had predicted that she would be axed just minutes after the announcement was made."

He can think what the hell he likes. If he thinks I am going he is allowed to have his own opinion," she said.Mikey agreed, pointing out that Rex was wrong last week after stating confidently that Rachel would be out.

Mikey said he had already come to blows with Rex over his prediction. "I already had a row with Rex there, purely because he was getting stuck into you Sara," he declared.

"He is so up his own arse that he thinks everyone loves him so they will love Nicole as well."

Mikey said he had simply pointed out reasons why some people might not like Nicole. He also urged Sara and Lisa to be themselves this week.

*BB official website: *Source: DigitalSpy

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

BB9: POLL - Who Should Be Evicted This Week?

This week's BBBS Poll question is the obvious one "Who Should Be Evicted This Week?". Simple question and a simple answer, at the click of your mouse.

Have you had enough of Lisa with her scary stories? Does Sara's rolling eyes make you wish she'd leave the house? Is it time to split up miserable Nicole from Rex?

The poll will be running until Friday, so keep coming back to see how Lisa, Nicole and Sara fair in the BBBS eviction poll.

*BB official website:

BB9: POLL - Nicola Nomination Result

The quickie BBBS poll asked you if Nicole would be nominated by the housemates for the public vote. Ninety per cent of you said YES and were proved right this evening as it was revealed that Nicole, Sara and Lisa were all nominated by Big Brother housemates for eviction on Friday.

No surprise that Nicole is up for the vote after failing to win over any of the "group" who are determined to reach the final. A new Big Brother poll is available now and it's your chance to decide who YOU think should be evicted on Friday.

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 76 - Nicole Tells Rex She'll Walk

Talk about evictions and nominations soon swept through the Big Brother following the announcement that Nicole, Lisa and Sara would be facing the public vote.
Nicole didn't take the news too well, "I told you," Nicole said to Rex, "why didn't you believe me? Why were you so sure in making me believe I wasn't up?"

"I don't wanna talk about it," sighed Rex.

"What's there not to talk about?" said Nicole angrily.

"You can't talk about anything to do with nominations," Rex reminded her.

"I know I'm going anyway," Nicole muttered.

"It's part of the game Nicole," Rex said calmly. "Three weeks here with me is better than no weeks here with me."

"I'm just going to go tomorrow," said Nicole.

"No you're not," argued Rex.

"I am 100 percent going," replied Nicole.

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 76 - Nicole, Lisa and Sara Nominated For Eviction

Nicole, Lisa and Sara will face the public vote this week to decide who will become the tenth housemate evicted from the Big Brother house. Sara got five nominations for eviction while
Lisa and Nicole were nominated four times each.

Mohamed, Kathreya and Darnell were quick to discuss who would go and Lisa came out top of Mo's list to go. All three agreed that depending who gets evicted on Friday would effect the nominations next week. All three indicated that picking off the next housemate would be easy if the one housemate they wanted went.

Kathreya then told Sara, "you have one more week" - letting the "group" know who should be voted out next week if Lisa or Nicole are evicted.
Who Voted For Who?
Darnell: Nicole and Sara

Kathreya: Lisa and Sara

Lisa: Nicole and Rachel

Michael: Nicole and Sara

Mohamed: Lisa and Sara

Nicole: Mohamed and Rachel

Rachel: Lisa and Nicole

Rex: Lisa and Sara

Sara: Mohamed and Rachel

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 76 - Zombie Dance Task Revealed

This weeks Shopping Task was revealed by Big Brother - housemates must become zombies and learn Michael Jackson's zombie dance from his Thriller video.

After watching the original video, housemates were shown a demo of the dance they need to practice. A panel of dance experts will judge the final routine tomorrow afternoon.

Head of House Rex was told to choose someone to play the lead role as Michael Jackson and also found out he'll be choreographer, not a dancer. If they pass the Shopping Task then each housemate will have a budget of £5 per day, if they fail it is just £1 per day.

"This is the best music video ever" said a thrilled Rachel, copying the dance moves from her chair.

Then he proved he's not biased at all in the role by appointing his girlfriend, Nicole, to play Michael Jackson. That might not go down too well with the rest of the house but who can argue with Rex?!

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 76 - Rex and Nicole Keep Michael Awake

Michael was called a "miserable old git" by Rex after complaining about late night noise levels of Rex and Nicole were keeping him awake.

"How the hell can I get to sleep when there's all this chitter-chatter?" Michael complained. However Rex and Nicole continued regardless, "Will you guys shut up?" he shouted. "F**king racket."

Michael reminded them there was a Shopping Task ahead. Rex replied that as Head of House, he wouldn't be involved.

"You're selfish," Michael shot back, but Rex joked that it had been "established since day one".Rex and Nicole continued to giggle, causing a frustrated Michael to move to the basic bedroom."I'll see you guys tomorrow," he sighed, wearily.

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 75 - Darnell Wins Drinking Game

Darnell was declared the winner of a drinking game that involved the housemates downing "mystery" drinks that included included chilli, eggs, vinegar and soapy water.

"Should we get bin bags ready for them?" asked Rachel and then Darnell picked a cup and drank mayonnaise and chilli sauce to win a can of cider as a prize.

After winning the game, a jubilant Darnell declared, "That is the best game ever invented."

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 75 VIDEO - Mohamed Eats Mikey's Bogey

Darnell dared Mohamed to eat somebody else's bogey in return for a can of cider,
and Mohamed accepted the challenge.

"I can't watch guys," whimpered Rachel.

"Okay," said Mohamed pointing at the table, "put the can there."

And that was the signal that the game was on. "Okay," shouted Darnell, "who's got a big bogey in their nose right now. It has to be green and buttery."

"I've got a huge bogey," offered Mikey as he rummaged around in his nose and produced a petite green-tinged nugget.

"That's gross," cried Darnell.

"I've got another one," laughed Mikey as he produced something not dissimilar to a small fried egg from his other nostril.

"Mo, please, no," pleaded Kathreya.

"I want you to put it on your finger and suck it off," screeched Darnell egging Mohamed on, and holding out the tissue with the two bogeys on it.

And he did. He picked the bogey up and ate it. He ate the lot, washed down with cider.

The screams from the boys and the girls were deafening, except for Kathreya - she was too busy being sick in the toilet. Mo really lived up to his nick-name as "Greedy Mo"!

Watch Mo eat the bogey in this C4 video below:

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 75 - Rachel and Mikey Work Out

All that Luxury Budget food means a few extra pounds for the housemates and Rachel decided it was time for some exercise.
"What you doing?" asked Mikey.

"I'm just doing some circuit training," said a breathless Rachel, "and running around the Garden," she added before telling Mikey about the sequence of movements she was embarking on.

"The twisting the waist with a pole sounded good," said Mikey with a wry smile, completely unaware of the trap he'd just set himself.

"You wanna have a go?" asked Rachel.

"I don't know if it's me Rachel to be honest," said Mikey back-pedalling as fast as he could.

"Do some working out," said Rachel trying to motivate him, "you might as well, there's nothing else to do."

Reluctantly, Mikey agreed and before he knew it was swinging him arms around and running on the spot.

"Now we're gonna do some sit ups," beamed Rachel.

"I think I'll miss this one out," said an exhausted Mikey.

*BB official website:

Monday, 18 August 2008

BB9: Day 75 VIDEO - Darnell Jumps Pool

Bored housemates passed Monday afternoon making their own entertainment now all the interesting housemates have been evicted. Darnell stepped forward and showed his skills as an athlete when he jumped the length of the Big Brother pool.
Watch the video below to see how he did it:

*BB official website:

BB9: Stuart's Eviction Viewing Figures

Stuart interviewed by Davina McCall

As Big Brother continued past seventy days non-stop broadcasting, Stuart became the latest housemate to be evicted by the public vote. He became the ninth person to leave the BB9 house and the second beefcake in a row voted out.
The first of two Big Brother instalments saw 3.5 million viewers and a 17% share tune in to Channel 4 across an hour from 9pm for the announcement, this was identical as Dale's last Friday. Stuart's exit interview with Davina McCall drew 2.8 million viewers and a 17% share .
Less viewers watched an hour later on Channel 4 +1, 93,000 and a 72,000 watched the two episodes, respectively. Again slightly down on the week before but still up 1% for the interview.
Big Brother continued a slight decline as the number of housemates dipped into single figures for the first time during this ninth series. Sunday's highlights show attracted 2.7 million and an 11% share in the 9pm hour, with a further 380,000 watching on Channel 4 +1 an hour later. This was down almost 200,000 on the previous week.
*BB official website:

BB9: Day 75 - Kat Brands Lisa As Scary

Kat told the group that Lisa was the "scariest person in the house" in a discussion about the two housemates. Lisa and Sara have been also been criticised for cultivating their friendship by Rex, Kat, Darnell, Rachel and Mohamed.

The group said they all expect to make the final and criticised other housemates for developing groups of their own. while Rex criticised Lisa and Sara for forming a close relationship after Sara had repeatedly switched her allegiances to different housemates.

"The first person [Sara] talked to was me, then went to Maysoon, then Darnell, who was a warm-up for Stuart, then with Stu gone, she went to Lisa," Rex told the group, charting Sara's changing friendships. "You can't jump ship," he said.

Sara was also criticised for her history with men. Darnell said Sara was seeking fame through a man and explained that was why "she tried it on with Dale and Stuart", while Rex implied she was lying about the number of men she'd slept with.

*BB official website: / DigitalSpy
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