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Monday, 18 August 2008

BB9: Day 75 - Kat Brands Lisa As Scary

Kat told the group that Lisa was the "scariest person in the house" in a discussion about the two housemates. Lisa and Sara have been also been criticised for cultivating their friendship by Rex, Kat, Darnell, Rachel and Mohamed.

The group said they all expect to make the final and criticised other housemates for developing groups of their own. while Rex criticised Lisa and Sara for forming a close relationship after Sara had repeatedly switched her allegiances to different housemates.

"The first person [Sara] talked to was me, then went to Maysoon, then Darnell, who was a warm-up for Stuart, then with Stu gone, she went to Lisa," Rex told the group, charting Sara's changing friendships. "You can't jump ship," he said.

Sara was also criticised for her history with men. Darnell said Sara was seeking fame through a man and explained that was why "she tried it on with Dale and Stuart", while Rex implied she was lying about the number of men she'd slept with.

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