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Friday, 22 August 2008

BB9: Day 79 - Kat Calls Lisa "Two Faced"

Who would have thought a few cans of cider could cause so much division? Yet tension in the house deepened after a "two-faced" Lisa left Kat upset.
Mohamed had earlier rowed with Nicole over missing cider and the group spent most of the evening talking about the incident or falling out with each other.
Kat told Rachel and Darnell that she was disappointed with the way Lisa had acted during the argument.
She said: "I was very upset by the way Lisa let Mo get attacked. Then she sucked up to him after everyone else had left. That’s two-faced!"
The incident is not the first sign of tension between Kat and Lisa. The pair argued as Nicole entered the house and Kat described Lisa as "scary" last week. Kat has never been a fan of Lisa and has made her views known to the "group" about Lisa and Sara.
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