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Wednesday, 20 August 2008

BB9: Day 76 - Mo Tries To Share Bed With Rachel

Mohamed and Rachel disagreed last night after he asked to get into bed with her and Kathreya.

When he asked her to move up so that he could talk to them, she refused."Not on my side," she warned him. "I haven't got a bra on. I'm in my PJs. I wouldn't feel comfortable with you in bed."

When Kathreya asked why Mohamed wanted to get into bed with them, he claimed that he had been joking.
"I'd never want to be in the same bed as Rachel," he announced. "She farts too much."
"Stop saying that!" Rachel replied, getting annoyed. "It's starting to bug me. Just 'cause I did it twice. Loads of people do it more times than me."

She added that Mohamed complained that she picked on him, but he was doing the same. "Just 'cause it's me you keep going on about it," she observed. "You always say: 'You only tell me to do this'. Well, you only keep winding me up."

The pair later moved to the kitchen, where Mohamed irritated Rachel by throwing chickpeas at her.

*BB official website: *Source: DigitalSpy

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