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Tuesday, 19 August 2008

BB9: Day 76 - Zombie Dance Task Revealed

This weeks Shopping Task was revealed by Big Brother - housemates must become zombies and learn Michael Jackson's zombie dance from his Thriller video.

After watching the original video, housemates were shown a demo of the dance they need to practice. A panel of dance experts will judge the final routine tomorrow afternoon.

Head of House Rex was told to choose someone to play the lead role as Michael Jackson and also found out he'll be choreographer, not a dancer. If they pass the Shopping Task then each housemate will have a budget of £5 per day, if they fail it is just £1 per day.

"This is the best music video ever" said a thrilled Rachel, copying the dance moves from her chair.

Then he proved he's not biased at all in the role by appointing his girlfriend, Nicole, to play Michael Jackson. That might not go down too well with the rest of the house but who can argue with Rex?!

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