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Thursday, 21 August 2008

BB9: Day 78 - Housemates Pay Rent In Shopping Twist

Remember the last time Rex was let loose on the Shopping Budget? The housemates ended up with Nicole as one of the ever changing prizes as Rex blew most of the budget on tokens.

Today Rex had the task of completing this weeks Shopping Budget as Head of House, but Big Brother had some bad news for him.......... the housemates must now pay rent on the bedrooms!

As Head of House, Rex had to choose which bedroom the housemates would be living in. Having made his choice, Rex went to the bathroom and told Lisa, Mikey, Rachel and Sara about their new situation.

"Big Brother is charging us rent on the bedrooms," Rex told the others. "It's £15 for B Block and it's £150 for the Luxury Bedroom."

"Let's get back into B Block then," said Rachel.

"B Block," said Mikey.

"No way!" gasped Lisa. "Here's the thing," said Rex, "if we go into B Block there's no hair straighteners, no hair dryers, no nothing."

"I don't care," said Sara.

"One hundred and fifty pound per person?" asked Nicole.

"Nooo," said Rex, "for everyone."

"What have you chosen?" asked Lisa.

"I'm not allowed to say," said Rex.

"One hundred and fifty pounds?" asked a horrified Mikey.

"You're not allowed to say anything," Nicole told Mikey. "I'm not going out tomorrow looking like this."

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