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Friday, 22 August 2008

BB9: Day 79 - Nicole Evicted From Big Brother

Nicole pleased for once as her name is called out by Davina McCall

Although Nicole was the 21st housemate to enter the BB9 house, she became the tenth housemate evicted tonight as viewers of Big Brother decided they'd had enough of Rex's girlfriend.

She arrived on Day 57 as the Special Token and totally surprised her boyfriend Rex but within days the couple began arguing and within the first week both Nicole and Rex threatened to walk out of the Big Brother house. Since then the posh couple have done nothing but bicker and fall out over anything and everything.

The public had a choice to make - Sara, Nicole or Lisa and with a clear vote, Nicole was voted out with a staggering 94% of the vote and now Rex would have to survive without her. has he burnt too many bridges to survive one more week? Watch this space................ He did warn the house that it would be back to "miserable Rex"!

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