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Tuesday, 19 August 2008

BB9: Day 75 VIDEO - Mohamed Eats Mikey's Bogey

Darnell dared Mohamed to eat somebody else's bogey in return for a can of cider,
and Mohamed accepted the challenge.

"I can't watch guys," whimpered Rachel.

"Okay," said Mohamed pointing at the table, "put the can there."

And that was the signal that the game was on. "Okay," shouted Darnell, "who's got a big bogey in their nose right now. It has to be green and buttery."

"I've got a huge bogey," offered Mikey as he rummaged around in his nose and produced a petite green-tinged nugget.

"That's gross," cried Darnell.

"I've got another one," laughed Mikey as he produced something not dissimilar to a small fried egg from his other nostril.

"Mo, please, no," pleaded Kathreya.

"I want you to put it on your finger and suck it off," screeched Darnell egging Mohamed on, and holding out the tissue with the two bogeys on it.

And he did. He picked the bogey up and ate it. He ate the lot, washed down with cider.

The screams from the boys and the girls were deafening, except for Kathreya - she was too busy being sick in the toilet. Mo really lived up to his nick-name as "Greedy Mo"!

Watch Mo eat the bogey in this C4 video below:

*BB official website:

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