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Sunday, 17 August 2008

BB9: Day 74 - Winner of the Bubblegum Mosaic Is.....

Nicole and Sara win Bubblegum Mosaic Picture Task

Big Brother announced that Rex would have to pick a winner from the works of 'art', placed before him.
First up was Lisa and Michael:
"I do think yours is good," announced Rex, "but I think it looks like Charlie Brown."

Then Rex turned to Kathreya and Rachel:
"I don't know why my hair is green and my hands are brown," said Rex sounding confused. "Also, my face appears to be on my forehead."

Darnell and Mohamed were next in line:
"This one is very impressive," said Rex graciously, "though you don't seem to have any lips in the picture and I do kind of look like Mr Blobby."

Finally, Nicole and Sara's effort fell under the Head Of House's gaze:
"Right. I'm not sure why I have a triangle nose," Rex began critically. "They've picked out my bling, the rugs for eyebrows - very fitting. My eyes are a little far apart though," he added.

Then Big Brother announced that Rex would have to choose a winner:
"I think you've put a lot of hard work into it," Rex told the assembled group, "but Sara and Nicole's is by far the best."

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