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Friday, 22 August 2008

BB9: Day 79 - Housemates Protest For Mohamed

Housemates were given a Task by Big Brother which involved making banners and wearing "Free Mo" t-shirts. If they successfully campaigned for Mohamed's release then he would be set free from the Big Brother Jail.
Mo was thrown into the BB Jail for talking about nominations once again, and added to this he became unpopular with certain housemates after he stole cans of cider yesterday. Let's just say, not all housemates campaigned hard for his release. Nicole declared the task was "boring", while Mohamed said it was the best task yet.
The remaining housemates chanted "Greedy Mo! Let him go!" shouted Nicole and Rex.
"Save Mo's afro!" shouted Mikey. "Mo was set up!"
"Free Mo!" cheered Rachel, "free Mo!"
"We love Mo!" said Kat, "we love Mo!"
"Mo was set up!" shouted Mikey.
"Get Mo out!" shouted Rex.
Yet, Big Brother failed to be impressed by the efforts of the housemates and informed the house that they had failed in their Task. Mohamed would remain in Jail until further notice.

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