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Saturday, 16 January 2010

CBB7: Shock Eviction Planned

Day 14: Housemates have hardly had time to adjust to the loss of Heidi and Katia from the CBB7 house before having to nominate again today.

In the latest Big Brother twist, housemates will find out tonight which housemates will face the public vote for a shock eviction on Monday night (18th January 2010). Channel 4 will be showing a special highlights show at 8pm and then an eviction special at 22:20pm, where the evicted housemate will be interviewed by Davina McCall.

Will Jonas and Stephen face eviction or could it be Lady Sov and Nicola up for the public vote? Tune in this weekend to find out the results of the nominations...........

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CBB7: Katia & Heidi Evicted

Day 13: Lady Sovereign was the lucky housemate as she escaped eviction from the Celebrity Big Brother house. Katia Ivanova and Heidi Fleiss weren't so lucky, the public voted them out in the Double Eviction show.

Katia was the first to be evicted from the CBB7 house with 44% of the vote, followed by Heidi on 28.6% of the public vote. Lady Sov appears to have been a close third with 27.4% of voters opting to give her the boot. Katia was greeted by boos as the crowd gave her a hostile welcome. Davina McCall discussed the flirting between Katia and Jonas inside the CBB7 house, finally asking Katia if she would only be known for being the girlfriend of someone famous. Heidi had a mixture of boos and a lukewarm reception from the crowd, yet managed to last out her experience in the CBB7 house rather than walk out.

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Friday, 15 January 2010

CBB7: Vinnie Calls House Meeting

Day 13: Vinnie Jones continues to assert himself as the 'Daddy' of the Celebrity Big Brother house after calling a house meeting. He was not happy that standards were falling and wanted things to change.

Once again it was Lady Sovereign in the firing line from Vinnie as he singled her out with the corned beef incident. Lady Sov fought back and defended her choice when to eat and what to eat. Vinnie told her she was, "missing the point as usual." He then told her he was speaking generally and told her not to isolate it.

Vinnie then told Lady Sov it was her who, "it's mainly you who are putting a spanner in the works." But she disagreed and told him, "I don't think so". Eventually Stephen Baldwin got the housemates to vote in agreement about complying to be on the team.

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CBB7: Katia Sneaks Into Jonas Bed

Day13: Is the on/off romance between Jonas Altberg and Katia Ivanova about to end abruptly with tonight's eviction? Just as the pair have been getting closer once more, the public could end the only romance of CBB7.

Katia sneaked into Jonas bed this morning for what could be the last cuddle and then fall asleep in his arms. This followed on from yesterday's continued flirting as Jonas did the washing up and if Katia survives tonight's eviction, looks like becoming the talking point of Celebrity Big Brother once again.

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CBB7: Snores Wars

Day 13: The bitching has gone up a level as housemates continue back-biting over who is snoring the most at night. As previously reported, Lady Sov was not happy with Stephanie's snoring late into the night.

This morning Vinnie and Stephanie moaned about the other housemates snoring, as Vinnie told Stephanie that Lady Sov had moved her bed into the living area as she complained about Stephanie's snoring. He then told her that he'd woken up a few hours later and Lady Sovereign was snoring herself, Vinnie put it down to the alcohol.

The Snores Wars continued with Stephanie complaining about Ivana's snoring but said she understood why Alex (Rocky) snored and felt bad about her own snoring.

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CBB7: Lady Sov v Lady Snores

Day 13 and it seems patience is quickly running out in the Celebrity Big Brother house as Stephanie Beacham's snoring kept Lady Sovereign awake last night.

Not even tissue or a hat could help Lady Sov sleep as the snoring continued. A visit to the Diary Room proved fruitless as Big Brother told her she would have to deal with the problem herself and no ear plugs would be provided.

Even Ivana Trump had been woken up by the loud snores of Stephanie, she wanted Lady Sov to turn Stephanie over but she was having none of it. Almost out of ideas, Lady Sov decided to take the matter into her own hands. Standing next to Stephanie's bed, she mimicked Big Brother's voice as she called Steph to the Diary Room. It was all to no avail because Stephanie just continued to snore as Lady Sov gave up any hope of sleep.

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CBB7: Day 12 Celebrity Big Brother Viewing Figures

Back on at it's usual 10pm slot, Celebrity Big Brother was riding high on the ratings as 3.11m and one of it's highest audience share of the series with 16.2% and another 260,000 tuning in on C4+1. Viewers saw Vinnie lay into housemates as Food Wars continued with Lady Sov tucking into some corned beef. The series has captured the attention of the public, who have been talking about Big Brother once again.

Year on year viewing figures were significantly up on Thurs 15th Jan 2008 (Day 15) - 2.37m (10.2%), 336,000 (C4+1) had tuned in.

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Thursday, 14 January 2010

CBB7: Jonas And Katia Flirting Again

Day 12: Nothing escapes the all seeing eye of Big Brother and it seems the flirting between Jonas and Katia is back on. After cooling things off with Jonas previously, Katia was seen finger-twiddling with him earlier today.

The romance could be back on as Jonas told Katia, "There is only one person in this house that can distract me, and that's you!" Minutes later Jonas could be seen flicking Katia's bum with a tea towel.

Will the public end the romance before it has a chance to start up again?

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CBB7: Day 11 Viewing Figures

On at the earlier time of 8pm to make way for Slumdog Millionaire (4.1 million viewers, 19%), Celebrity Big Brother was watched by 2.83m (10.8%) and another 339,000 on C4+1. Housemates continued their Shopping Task at Last Legs Resident Care Home, only to find out they had failed the Task and would have to live on rations. Tensions rose as Vinnie called a house meeting to expose the Food Thief.

Viewing figures were up slightly for the same night year on year on Day 14 CBB6 was viewed by 2.75m (11.9%). Tonight's highlights show returns to it's usual 10pm slot.

Read more about CBB7 viewing figures: HERE

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CBB7: Vinnie Wins Luxury Items

Day 11: Big Brother knew Vinnie Jones was not happy after the Corned Beef row, so decided to cheer him up by setting him a quiz about the Big Brother Welcome Pack. After all, he has spent most of his time reading the pack so it should be plain sailing for the popular housemate.

He passed the task by answering nine out of the eleven questions correctly, winning luxury prizes for each of the housemates. Vinnie chose purple hair dye for Lady Sov, a cuddly toy for Nicola and a packet of instant soup for Dane. Viewers of CBB7 were able to help choose items via the official Twitter page.

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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

CBB7: Corned Beef Food War

Day 11: Finally it is all kicking off in the Big Brother house as divisions, cracks and arguments erupt - all over a tin of corned beef. Just to recap on our earlier story: Lady Sov wanted to eat the corned beef, Vinnie said it was for everyone and then refused to be involved with the meal making.

Now Dane Bowers has been sucked into the argument as he told Vinny he disagreed with his view, saying Vinnie couldn't just say "No". Vinnie took control and asked Dane and Nicola if they thought he and Stephanie were lying. It now looks like Dane, Nicola and Lady Sov will have to prepare all the meals until Sunday as Vinnie refused to cook.

Dane had told Lady Sov earlier that if the food rations needed to last longer than Sunday, she would be lynched. She replied by saying, "I don't care, lynch me!"

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CBB7: Double Eviction Betting Odds

Day 11: Friday's Double Eviction looks like being an exciting night for CBB7 viewers as Paddy Power betting odds show. At the start of the week Lady Sovereign looked like being safe on 28/1, but things change quickly in the Big Brother house - a few tantrums later and Lady Sov is now 5/2 betting odds for eviction along with Katia.

It still looks like Katia and Heidi will be evicted from the Big Brother house on Friday as Paddy Power have the pair on 2/5 at the moment with Lady Sov/Heidi eviction on 8/1. During the Last Legs Task, Lady Sovereign has lost her temper a few times and tonight's highlights programme at 8pm on Channel 4 looks like being another bad one for the rapper as she is exposed as the Food Thief.

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CBB7: Vinnie Lays Into Housemates

Day 11: It seems like Vinnie Jones has had enough of certain housemates and shared his thoughts with Stephanie Beacham. Top of his rant list is Lady Sovereign, who he exposed yesterday as the Food Thief. He told Stephanie that Lady Sov's swearing and sulking were out of order and predicted that the public would see the real Sov and she would be evicted. Heidi Fleiss was also at the receiving end of his rant, saying she didn't get involved or join in. Nicola and Katia were also slammed by the ex-footballer.

The CBB7 housemates are having to cope with food rations after rule breaking and failing this weeks Shopping Task, so it was no wonder Lady Sov felt hungry. She wanted to tuck into some corned beef but it prompted a few comments from other housemates, who told her to ask Vinnie if it was OK. Vinnie told her it was meant to be one of the dinners for the week. He told Stephanie, "it's all about her", as he told Lady Sov to get on with it and stop asking him what to do.

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CBB7: Ivana Trump - Big Ears Discussion

Celebrity Big Brother housemate, Ivana Trump has been causing a flap - not by what she says but instead it is her ears that have caused a stir. There is even a Facebook group dedicated to her rather large earlobes called 'I want to go sledging on Ivana Trump's earlobes'.

As soon as Ivana entered the CBB7 last Friday, Twitter was buzzing with comments about the size of Ivana's earlobes. Maybe they come in handy for resting her sunglasses on........

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CBB7 PICTURES: Jonas And Alex In Pants Parade

Day 11: Jonas and Alex put on a bit of a pants parade this morning in a bizarre cat walk, requested by Stephen Baldwin. He called the two hunky housemates over and commented about their striking underwear. Jonas wearing white briefs and Alex wearing black tight boxers, then Stephen asked the lads to give him a twirl. As they posed for the housemates, Jonas slapped Alex on the bottom. Check the pictures for yourself here....

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CBB7:Celebrity Big Brother Viewing Figures

The Day 10 highlights show was shown an hour earlier than previous nights and may be the reason why Celebrity Big Brother dipped slightly in the ratings as 2.8 million (11%) in the 9pm slot.

Celebrity Big Brother also drew 471,000 an hour later on C4+1 as viewers caught up with the Last Legs Task, where housemates pretended to be in an old peoples home for retired celebrities.

Based on viewing figures for the same show last year, where 2.96m (12.7%), 285,000 (C4+1) tuned in. Ratings are still up overall for the night thanks to the catch up channel C4+1. Tonight's highlight show is on even earlier (8pm) due to the movie Slumdog Millionaire being shown at 9pm.

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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

CBB7: Last Legs Task Failure

Day 10: For the past two days housemates has been performing in the Last Legs Task on CBB7, with amusing results as Ivana Trump and Stephanie Beacham looked the part as carers. They passed their task as carers. Sadly for the aged housemates like Dane Bowers (pictured above), they failed two of their three tasks.

The suspense was high as residents had three challenges: Countdown, Clapped Out Factor and Crossword Challenges. They failed Countdown, passed the Clapped Out Factor but sadly failed the Crossword Challenge - the housemates will now be forced to eat rations instead of luxury food.

Let's just say the celebs were not best pleased...........

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CBB7: Vinnie Exposes Food Thief

Day 10: Vinnie Jones took it upon himself to call a house meeting and finally expose the food thief in the CBB7 house. First it was teabags and now beans - enough was enough, Vinnie wanted to find out who had been hiding the food.

He told housemates that the Tree of Temptation had spoken to Alex and himself, saying that Big Brother wanted the thief to own up now or all the housemates would be punished. The housemates looked on horrified at each other, Stephanie was the first to insist the culprit owned up. Lady Sovereign asked, "What, we gotta own up now?"

Stephanie wanted the thief to confess now and it wasn't long before Lady Sov finally confessed saying, "Yeah I did it.... I was bored." Her reasoning was a little bit patchy as she explained that she had been bored running around the garden with her Grannie mobile. "I hid a tin of beans in the garden, whoopee!"

Vinnie was unimpressed and quizzed Lady Sov further asking her if she had intended to eat the beans later, she denied that saying, "No I wouldn't eat them, I just put 'em there. I ain't gonna sit there and eat cold beans." Vinnie then asked if the tin of beans had been the only thing that had gone missing, Lady Sov replied with a yes. Vinnie left the room saying, "Not very nice Sov, I gotta be honest."

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CBB7: Katia In Tears

Day 10: It's been an emotional day for Katia, she was reduced to tears after Alex Reid teased her about her relationship with Jonas in the CBB7 house. Vinnie Jones and Jonas Altberg looked on as Alex told Katia that the one thing that would save her from eviction on Friday, would be her romance on Big Brother. He told her she could be the new 'Katie and Peter'.

Getting upset, Katia told Alex she didn't want to be the new Katie and Peter, she wanted to be herself, just Kat. Alex continued by asking, "You can't deny those feelings you had too start with, that initial attraction." Jonas then piped up with, "You're in here because of a public relationship." At that point a visibly upset Katia got up and left saying, "I don't want to talk about it."

Alex apologised as Katia left and then came under heavy fire from Vinnie and Dane who both agreed that it had been funny at the start but Alex had gone too far, especially bringing Jonas into the conversation.

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CBB7: Celebrity Big Brother Day 9 Viewing Figures

Last night's highlights from CBB7 was Channel 4's most watched programme once again with almost 3m watching Alex and Jonas run around the Big Brother garden naked and the nominations taking place.

The reality show pulled in 2.9m viewers (15%) at 10pm with another 202,000 on C4+1. Up on the Monday for the 2009 Celebrity Big Brother - 2.21m (9.3%), 310,000 (C4+1) as this final series continues to pull in the viewers for Channel 4. Bosses of the programme have turned the heat up by announcing there will be a double eviction Friday.

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Monday, 11 January 2010

CBB7: Double Eviction Shocker

This Friday will be a real shocker for the Celebrity Big Brother housemates because TWO housemates will face eviction in the latest CBB7 twist. It is a three way eviction vote between Katia Ivanova, Lady Sovereign and Heidi Fleiss.

At the moment Lady Sovereign looks the safest housemate, according to the bookies but with two housemates facing eviction - anything could happen. Visit the official CBB7 website for details on how to vote.......

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CBB7 PICTURE: Jonas Sleeps Naked

Day 9: Housemates got yet another eyeful of Jonas Altberg as he slept naked in the CBB7 bedroom. He had gone to bed early after romping around the garden earlier with Alex Reid (as seen HERE). He'd had a bad day after Katia had told him it was all over between them so went to bed early, by the time the other housemates went to bed Jonas' duvet had slipped down.

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CBB7: Bookies Favouite For Eviction

The bookies are normally right when they predict who will be evicted from Big Brother and it looks like it could be Katia Ivanova leaving the CBB7 house on Friday night.

According to PaddyPower latest odds - Katia is the clear favourite to be evicted on 6/1, after her fling with Jonas ended last night. Although Heidi Fleiss has more votes in our 'most annoying housemate' poll, she is second favourite 7/2 while Lady Sovereign has proved popular with viewers since entering the house and has odds of 28/1 today.

Meanwhile Vinnie Jones and Sisqo are both 5/2 odds on favourite to win CBB7.

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CBB7: Latest Celebrity Big Brother Viewing Figures

Celebrity Big Brother was watched by 3.4m (17%) on Friday night as Ivana Trump surprised housemates by entering the CBB7 house during a magic trick performed by Sisqo and Lady Sov. This was up on last year's first eviction on Day 8, where 2.23m (13.3%) had tuned in to watch Lucy Pinder lave CBB6.

Earlier in the evening, the highlights show with Davina McCall had 3 million viewers (10%), down 4% and 450,000 on last year but continuing to maintain a healthy audience for Channel 4. Another 420,000 viewers also tuned in on C4+1.

Traditionally the weekend viewing figures for Big Brother dip, yet CBB7 is proving popular with viewers, remaining Channel 4's top show on 2.5 million (10%) and 446,000 an hour later on Channel 4+1. This was up on the same Saturday last year, where 2.19m (9.3%) viewed CBB6 Day 9.

Sunday also proved a winner for Big Brother with 2.7m viewers (9%) tuning in at 9pm watching the highlights and a massive 587,000 on C4+1. (Last year: Sun 11th Jan (Day 10) - 2.23m (8.7%), 350,000 on C4+1).

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CBB7 PICTURES: Housemates Get Naked

Day 8: Nothing like getting naked while it's freezing outside, but that is exactly what Alex Reid and Jonas Altberg. The other housemates looked on as the pair tried to keep their dignity out in the garden. Katia and Lady Sov giggled while Ivana Trump got an eyeful, as seen in the pictures below.

Alex goes naked in the snow

Alex and Jonas - naked in the garden

Ivana gets an eyeful

Housemates get naked

Alex holds his own!

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Sunday, 10 January 2010

CBB7: Housemates Punished For Nomination Talk

Day 8: Housemates looked on with horror as Big Brother announced that rules had been broken when housemates spoke about nominations. Heidi Fleiss spoke about nominations twice as she told Dane "I better be voted out of this house. I voted Stephanie and Sov so they better vote me out."

Nicola was also in trouble for nomination talk when she apologised to Stephen just before he went to nominate, letting him know that she had voted for him. So Big Brother decided to make life for the CBB7 housemates hell by taking away all their food and leaving them just porridge, beans, lentils and rice. Expect tempers to flare tomorrow......

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CBB7: Katia Ends Romance With Jonas

Day 8: Katia has ended the romance with Jonas after telling him it wasn't worth it and the relationship could get out of hand. She told him today that they needed to "stop this" and that she "really cared for someone". With his head held down, Jonas told her it "made sense", but looked visibly saddened by the news.

Katia attempted to console Jonas by rubbing his face with the back of her hand asking him if he was ok. She told him that, "if I had nothing going on then I'd be like 'yeah'". Another reason for ending the brief romance was because he travelled all the time. Jonas told her it was cool as the pair kissed one last time before Jonas finally looked up and made his exit.

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CBB7: Find Out Which Three Housemates Face Eviction

Day 8: The Celebrity Big Brother housemates were shocked to find themselves nominating today as Big Brother started calling housemates into the Diary Room at 9am.

The three housemates facing eviction this week are: Lady Sovereign, Katia Ivanova and Heidi Fleiss. Phone lines open on Monday 11th January 2010.

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CBB7 POLL: Vote For Most Annoying Housemate

Day 8: Voting continues to find out the most annoying celebrity so far in this series of Celebrity Big Brother. Ivana Trump is immune from voting because she arrived after voting began, but you still have another eleven housemates to choose from in the POLL at the top right hand side of this page.

Surprise surprise with the results after two days of voting - Stephen Baldwin has stormed into the lead with 24 votes and Heidi Fleiss is second with 10 votes. Voting continues for another five days, so get it off your chest and click on the housemates that really get under your skin....


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