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Friday, 15 January 2010

CBB7: Vinnie Calls House Meeting

Day 13: Vinnie Jones continues to assert himself as the 'Daddy' of the Celebrity Big Brother house after calling a house meeting. He was not happy that standards were falling and wanted things to change.

Once again it was Lady Sovereign in the firing line from Vinnie as he singled her out with the corned beef incident. Lady Sov fought back and defended her choice when to eat and what to eat. Vinnie told her she was, "missing the point as usual." He then told her he was speaking generally and told her not to isolate it.

Vinnie then told Lady Sov it was her who, "it's mainly you who are putting a spanner in the works." But she disagreed and told him, "I don't think so". Eventually Stephen Baldwin got the housemates to vote in agreement about complying to be on the team.

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