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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

CBB7: Vinnie Exposes Food Thief

Day 10: Vinnie Jones took it upon himself to call a house meeting and finally expose the food thief in the CBB7 house. First it was teabags and now beans - enough was enough, Vinnie wanted to find out who had been hiding the food.

He told housemates that the Tree of Temptation had spoken to Alex and himself, saying that Big Brother wanted the thief to own up now or all the housemates would be punished. The housemates looked on horrified at each other, Stephanie was the first to insist the culprit owned up. Lady Sovereign asked, "What, we gotta own up now?"

Stephanie wanted the thief to confess now and it wasn't long before Lady Sov finally confessed saying, "Yeah I did it.... I was bored." Her reasoning was a little bit patchy as she explained that she had been bored running around the garden with her Grannie mobile. "I hid a tin of beans in the garden, whoopee!"

Vinnie was unimpressed and quizzed Lady Sov further asking her if she had intended to eat the beans later, she denied that saying, "No I wouldn't eat them, I just put 'em there. I ain't gonna sit there and eat cold beans." Vinnie then asked if the tin of beans had been the only thing that had gone missing, Lady Sov replied with a yes. Vinnie left the room saying, "Not very nice Sov, I gotta be honest."

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