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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

CBB7: Corned Beef Food War

Day 11: Finally it is all kicking off in the Big Brother house as divisions, cracks and arguments erupt - all over a tin of corned beef. Just to recap on our earlier story: Lady Sov wanted to eat the corned beef, Vinnie said it was for everyone and then refused to be involved with the meal making.

Now Dane Bowers has been sucked into the argument as he told Vinny he disagreed with his view, saying Vinnie couldn't just say "No". Vinnie took control and asked Dane and Nicola if they thought he and Stephanie were lying. It now looks like Dane, Nicola and Lady Sov will have to prepare all the meals until Sunday as Vinnie refused to cook.

Dane had told Lady Sov earlier that if the food rations needed to last longer than Sunday, she would be lynched. She replied by saying, "I don't care, lynch me!"

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