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Friday, 6 August 2010

BB11: Bookies Eviction Prediction

Day 59: Unless there is a huge shift in public opinion later tonight, then it looks like Rachel will become the seventh housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother house, according to the bookies.

Paddy Power have the odds as: Rachel 4/11 John James 2/1 David 16/1

A few weeks ago Dave would have been the housemate most likely to be evicted in the public vote, but he has continually improved his standing and grown in public affections. Rachel, as a newer housemate has had less time to make an impression and sadly has her accent going against her. Yet she has proved to be an active housemate, truly getting involved in all the Tasks.

John James will get his highest number of votes tonight as viewers turn against him after some comments he made during the week and his relationship with Josie came under the spotlight more in recent days.

Although Paddy Power has Rachel as a dead cert, you can never write off Big Brother viewers for delivering a different result!

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BB11: Corin Explodes Over Sam's Smoking Comments

Day 59: Corin has finally lost her temper after Sam Pepper made comments about smokers using the tokens during this weeks Dickens Task.

As reported on DigitalSpy, Corin has become Scrooge from A Christmas Carol for her task and must ensure housemates pay for access to the bathroom, kitchen and smoking area with tokens.

Last night, Sam pointed out that the smokers had used 17 tokens between them whereas the non-smokers had used just three. "We've used three for people to wash – three tokens for 11 people! All those people going dirty, smelly little runts," he said.

"Yeah and they're just pissing the smoking tokens like they're going out of fashion," laughed John James. "She (Corin) doesn't care. She's Scrooge. She can give 'em out. Scrooge don't give shit all out!"

After several heated discussions, Corin and Sam ended up shouting at each other face-to-face in the living room.

"Making an issue when there's not an issue. There's only you that's got an issue," said Corin.

"There will be an issue when we don't get our £50," Sam replied.

"Do you know what's it gotta do with you? It's my task it's got fuck all to do with you?" yelled Corin.

Sam then accused Corin of not being a team player.

"We don't need you to come in here shouting at us telling us we're not team players because we know as a team no-one is gonna go over what they're supposed to," she said.

Later on, Corin told Josie that she was annoyed that she lost her cool during her argument with Sam.

"He's looking for a bit of airtime love," Josie told her. "That's exactly what he wants. Don't let him get to you."

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Thursday, 5 August 2010

BB11: JJ Romance With Corin Ends

Day 58: Corin was rather embarrassed after JJ turned down her advances and ended up going back into his own bed in the middle of the night, ending her hopes of a Big Brother romance with the boxing hunk.

Earlier today JJ had a conversation with Sam and Jo in the Garden, he made it quite clear that their relationship will not be going any further. After commenting that he 'wouldn't come in here and get it on with a girl', he began to defend his actions the other night with Corin. He claimed he 'only went in for a little cuddle'.

Sam got right to the point saying 'Corin fancies you'. JJ seemed surprised by this announcement, reminding the troublesome newbie that she has a girlfriend. He drew a line under the subject by stating 'It's genuinely nothing... on my side anyway'.

Corin hasn't been shy about her feelings for JJ in the House that's for sure. Will she get over her infatuation with the boxing boy? Only time will tell.......

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BB11: Housemates Punished Over Sam Pepper

Day 58: You either love him or hate him, even the mention of Sam Pepper has managed to get some of the housemates into trouble with Big Brother.

Housemates gathered on the sofas and Big Brother played conversations from Dave, Rachel and John James into the House. These conversations had one recurring topic: Sam Pepper.

In the conversation, John James said 'of course he's going to be up...everyone's going to put him up'. Dave insinuated that Sam would also be high on the nominations hit list, referring that his future in the House is like 'shooting a fish in a barrel'.

As a result, Dave, John James and Rachel will be forbidden from nominating Sam next week, and Big Brother has told housemates that if they fail to comply with the rules regarding nominations, further punishments will be imminent. Sam Pepper could now escape being up for nomination if this is anything to go by. Meanwhile you can vote in our POLL - Do you love or hate Sam Pepper?

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BB11: Tree of Temptation Ringtones

Day 58: Big Brother have released a selection of ringtones for your mobile phone featuring the Tree of Temptation. Big Brother was able to persuade the Tree to record three ringtones for the official website. It wasn't easy - he's quite a grumpy lump of wood at the best of times, reports Channel 4.
All you have to do is right-click on one of the links below and select "Save Link As". Then copy it to your phone, and Bob's your Righter. To make it even easier for you, they have two different file types, .mp3's and .wav's. Check your phone's manual for which file is best for you.

The .wav's

1. "Psst... Pssst... It's me, The Tree... If you don't answer your phone right now, you'll face the wrath of the Tree of Temptation."

2. "Psst... Pssst... It's me, The Tree... What are you looking at? Stop staring and answer the phone, you idiot."

3. "Psst... Pssst... It's me, The Tree... Someone's ringing your phone, you idiot. Well, are you going to answer it or not? God, you're dumb."

The .mp3's:

1. "Psst... Pssst... It's me, The Tree... If you don't answer your phone right now, you'll face the wrath of the Tree of Temptation."

2. "Psst... Pssst... It's me, The Tree... What are you looking at? Stop staring and answer the phone, you idiot."

3. "Psst... Pssst... It's me, The Tree... Someone's ringing your phone, you idiot. Well, are you going to answer it or not? God, you're dumb."

Got that? Good. Now, sod off! But before you do....... don't forget to click the link below for all the OFFICIAL news and videos from the BB11 house.

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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

BB11 POLL: Best Body Poll Results

Big Brother fans voted in our 'Which Housemate Has The Best Body' Poll and almost half of you agreed that Aussie housemate John James was the fittest with boxer JJ second with 31%. The top female housemate was Corin on 24%, as viewers gave their approval of the busty favourite.

Other housemates all lagged behind, only Dave failed to get a single vote in the BB11 Poll. Josie and Rachel were joint fourth, followed by evicted housemate Ben on 4%. Sadly Andrew, Mario and Jo got just 2% of the vote and Steve got just 1 vote.

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BB11: Corin And JJ Share Bed

Day 57: Big Brother favourite Corin finally got her man last night as she got to share a bed with boxing hunk JJ. She had already told most of the house how much she fancied the newbie and after a few drinks, she was delighted when JJ said they should share a bed together since everyone else seemed to be paired up.

Other housemates were quick to tease Corin and JJ about sharing the bed, and Corin almost changed her mind but JJ told her he didn't have an issue with sharing a bed with her. She told him she needed a cuddle since it had been two months since she'd had a cuddle. JJ told her he was good at giving cuddles. The pair then enjoyed late night whispering as they got under the covers.

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BB11: Dickens' Shopping Task

Day 57: This week's Shopping Task was revealed by Big Brother and housemates will be entering a colourful Dickensian world as they pay homage to some of the novelist's famous characters over the next three days. For each of the six challenges they successfully pass, they will receive £50 towards next week's shopping task.

From Dickens' classic Oliver Twist the details are as follows:

Oliver: Andrew
Artful Dodger: JJ
Nancy: Josie
Bill Sykes: Steve
Mr Bumble: Dave

Fagin's Gang (Andrew, JJ, Josie, Jo and Sam) will learn a song and dance routine for 'Consider Yourself' from the musical Oliver! and will have to perform this evening. Check out the video on the website tonight!

For Bill Sykes' Bullseye, Steve will become the thief Bill Sykes and whenever he hears the theme music from the TV show Bullseye he must go to the Dartboard in the Dickensian Saloon and throw darts until he scores a bullseye!

Mr Bumble (Dave) will become the Parish Beadle in charge of the workhouse. He will be making gruel three times a day for his housemates.

From Dicken's novel Great Expectations:

John James and Rachel will both become Miss Havishams - the old woman who was spurned on her wedding day and has given up on life. They will take part in an endurance wedding dress sit-in for 24 hours in the task room!

From Dickens' A Christmas Carol:

Corin will become Scrooge for the duration of the task and will control the House purse strings - housemates must pay for access to the Bathroom, Kitchen and Smoking Area!

From David Copperfield:

Mario will become David Copperfield. However, there's been some kind of mix up...rather than Dickens' character, he will become American stage magician and illusionist David Copperfield! He will learn and perform a Las Vegas style levitation illusion.

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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

BB PICTURES: JJ And John James Shower Together

Day 56: Finally JJ and John James stripped down and shared a shower in the Big Brother garden, and here are the pictures from the Big Brother website. Enjoy............

Topless JJ

Topless John James

John James and JJ shower together

JJ and John James in pool

Boys pool time

Boys shower time!

JJ's bum shot

John James and JJ bromance

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BB11: Sam And Josie Argue Again!

Day 56: The arrival of Sam Pepper continues to upset some of the housemates, especially Josie, who continued their fall out, with the pair arguing within minutes of waking up this morning.

Digital Spy reports that when the alarm sounded and many of the housemates were still in bed, Sam got up and walked towards Josie, seemingly offering a truce.

"Do you seriously want it to be like this, Josie?" he began.

"Sam, I don’t like you," Josie replied. "I don’t like what comes out of your mouth."

Josie went on to call the 21-year-old "arrogant" and "rude", before repeating her dislike for him.

"And that’s how you want it now, OK?" Sam responded.

Josie asked Sam to stay away from her, but he refused, warning her that she would now be on his "bad side".

"If you want to be on the bad side of me you can be on the bad side of me," he told her. "I said one comment to you and you keep going on about it."

Josie insisted that Sam had made more than one comment and offered to repeat everything he had said to her. Sam said he didn't want to know, before asking her to confirm: "You're holding the grudge?"

Josie ignored him and continued to list the things he had said, prompting Sam to get up from the bed and walk away.

"Shut up, Josie, you chat shit," he stated as he left the bedroom.

"I'm gonna make sure everyone knows what he has been saying now," Josie told John James and JJ, who had been listening to the dispute.

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BB11: Mario Saved From Eviction

Day 56: Mario won the Save And Replace Task, saving himself from the public vote. He then faced the agonising decision of picking another housemate to replace himself.

With only four girls left in the house, Mario turned his attention to the boys. Andrew and JJ were safe because Andrew was up last week and JJ is still new. He eventually tossed a coin to choose between Dave and Steve, it was Dave who ended up being picked by Mario.

Dave said he understood Mario's selection process and had no hard feelings. He will now be joining Rachel and John James for this week's public vote.

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Monday, 2 August 2010

BB11: Sam Winds Up Josie

Day 55: He is the most exciting housemate to enter Big Brother in years, and is not afraid to say what he thinks. During the short time he has been inside the BB11 house, he has wasted no time in living up to his promise. Sam Pepper has SPICED up the final series with his straight talking and no compromise stance.

It was Josie who seems to have had the most running with Sam, who continued to question her relationship with John James. She responded by telling the new housemate, "I don't like you and you obviously don't like me." Sam replied: "I never said I don't like you. When did I call you fake?" She said: "You may as well have." He said: "But I haven't."

She told him: "Keep yourself to yourself. I hate rudeness or arrogance, so why should I speak to you?" He replied: "Because you're stuck in a house with me."

Sam could not be nominated this week, but you can bet your bottom dollar housemates will put the graffiti artist up next week. He is proving popular with viewers because of his style and controversial behaviour. He is bringing out a different side to Josie, who said that his face looks like "fire-damaged Lego men".

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BB11: Three Nominated For Eviction

Day 55: The latest housemates that could be facing the public vote have been announced as former mole Mario, Aussie John James and Liverpudlian housemate Rachel. One housemate will be able to save themselves from eviction during the Save And Replace Task on Tuesday.

Mario picked up six nominations, John James collected four, while Rachel also received four votes. JJ, Corin and Dave didn't receive a single nomination. It is the first time Mario has been voted to face the public vote, although he was selected twice by housemates after the Save And Replace Task in previous weeks. Rachel has now been up twice and John James is facing his third public vote.

Here is how each of the housemates nominated this week:

Andrew nominated Rachel and Mario
Corin nominated Rachel and Jo
Dave nominated Steve and Mario
JJ nominated Rachel and Steve
Jo nominated John James and Andrew
John James nominated Rachel and Mario
Josie nominated Mario and Steve
Mario nominated Josie and John James
Rachel nominated Mario and John James
Steve nominated John James and Josie

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BB11: John James And Josie Forced Apart

Day 55: Looks like Big Brother have had enough of the John James/Josie romance as they punished the two housemates by forcing them to be apart. Earlier today the pair were banned from being in the same room together for repeatedly disobeying the rules by scrunching, ruffling and covering their microphones during their late night duvet chats.

If the two lovebirds continue to break the rules, then the rest of the house will face punishment. How long will Josie survive without her dose of Aussie loving?

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Sunday, 1 August 2010

BB11: Housemates Concerned After Messages From Home

Day 54: Dave and Corin became the latest housemates threatening to quit the Big Brother house after Messages From Home failed to lift their spirits. Instead, Dave was concerned for his wife and children after receiving his message. He told Steve that her message was 'flat' and he could have delivered a more positive message himself.

He continued,"I don't want to go but I'm ready to walk out if I have to"

"I won't stay if me being here is putting pressure on my family because the messages just weren't positive"

"They gave go no indication that everything was alright and there was no messages from my family saying that my they supported me, they just weren't excited".

Meanwhile Corin became concerned when her video message only featured a picture of her mum with audio, "It could be that your mum is just nervous to do it," Mario reassured her – but it wasn’t enough to dispel her doubts. "I wanted to see her face smiling, it's made me think," she replied.

Steve expressed his concern about her reaction to the message. "If they don't tell her [why her mum didn't record a message] she'll go. I think she'll go," he told Mario. "Her mum's her everything, her mum's her rock," he added.

The situation was rectified by Big Brother, who spoke to Corin in the Diary Room to explain the situation to her.

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BB11: Sam Fails Secret Task

Day 54: New housemate Sam will have to get used to wearing the ridiculous outfits provided by Big Brother after failing his Secret Task last night. Dave and the other housemates quickly rumbled Sam as he began prancing around in a pink tracksuit and a tu-tu during his task.

The other housemates reminded the newbie that Ben had to last six weeks without his suitcase and they would be on hand to lend the 21 year-old clothes and toiletries during his stay in the house. Sam has wasted no time in spicing things up inside the Big Brother house - jumping into bed with Josie, quizzing Josie about her relationship with John James. He was also in trouble with Big Brother for play fighting with the Bristol girl.

Expect sparks to fly during the coming days as Sam delivers his own brand of anarchy and opinion, he is expected to rub housemates up as he ruffles a few feathers inside the BB11 house.

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