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Monday, 2 August 2010

BB11: Sam Winds Up Josie

Day 55: He is the most exciting housemate to enter Big Brother in years, and is not afraid to say what he thinks. During the short time he has been inside the BB11 house, he has wasted no time in living up to his promise. Sam Pepper has SPICED up the final series with his straight talking and no compromise stance.

It was Josie who seems to have had the most running with Sam, who continued to question her relationship with John James. She responded by telling the new housemate, "I don't like you and you obviously don't like me." Sam replied: "I never said I don't like you. When did I call you fake?" She said: "You may as well have." He said: "But I haven't."

She told him: "Keep yourself to yourself. I hate rudeness or arrogance, so why should I speak to you?" He replied: "Because you're stuck in a house with me."

Sam could not be nominated this week, but you can bet your bottom dollar housemates will put the graffiti artist up next week. He is proving popular with viewers because of his style and controversial behaviour. He is bringing out a different side to Josie, who said that his face looks like "fire-damaged Lego men".

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