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Thursday, 5 August 2010

BB11: JJ Romance With Corin Ends

Day 58: Corin was rather embarrassed after JJ turned down her advances and ended up going back into his own bed in the middle of the night, ending her hopes of a Big Brother romance with the boxing hunk.

Earlier today JJ had a conversation with Sam and Jo in the Garden, he made it quite clear that their relationship will not be going any further. After commenting that he 'wouldn't come in here and get it on with a girl', he began to defend his actions the other night with Corin. He claimed he 'only went in for a little cuddle'.

Sam got right to the point saying 'Corin fancies you'. JJ seemed surprised by this announcement, reminding the troublesome newbie that she has a girlfriend. He drew a line under the subject by stating 'It's genuinely nothing... on my side anyway'.

Corin hasn't been shy about her feelings for JJ in the House that's for sure. Will she get over her infatuation with the boxing boy? Only time will tell.......

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