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Sunday, 1 August 2010

BB11: Sam Fails Secret Task

Day 54: New housemate Sam will have to get used to wearing the ridiculous outfits provided by Big Brother after failing his Secret Task last night. Dave and the other housemates quickly rumbled Sam as he began prancing around in a pink tracksuit and a tu-tu during his task.

The other housemates reminded the newbie that Ben had to last six weeks without his suitcase and they would be on hand to lend the 21 year-old clothes and toiletries during his stay in the house. Sam has wasted no time in spicing things up inside the Big Brother house - jumping into bed with Josie, quizzing Josie about her relationship with John James. He was also in trouble with Big Brother for play fighting with the Bristol girl.

Expect sparks to fly during the coming days as Sam delivers his own brand of anarchy and opinion, he is expected to rub housemates up as he ruffles a few feathers inside the BB11 house.

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